how to visit the plain of jars

The Ultimate 2019 Guide to visiting the Plain of Jars Laos - getting there, how to take a tour to the Jar sites and visit the Plain of Jars independently and easily.

The Plain of Jars Laos – How to Take A ...   Recently updated !

Vang Vieng in Two Days-11488

Two days in Vang Vieng - where we discover the tubing, drinking, watching "Friends" lifestyle and where we take a motorbike out to find the karst scenery

Vang Vieng in Two Days   Recently updated !

Vientiane – Two Days in the Capital-11487

Laos' capital city, Vientiane brings a French influence in the architecture, food and style - we visit Patuxai, Phra That Lung, the Buddha Park and the UXO rehab centre at COPE

Vientiane – Two Days in the Capital   Recently updated !

Si Phan Don – Four Thousand Islands-11486

Si Phan Don - Four Thousand Islands - in the mighty Mekong, we chill out, watch the world float by and miss out the party hard island of Don Det

Si Phan Don – Four Thousand Islands   Recently updated !

Saibadee Laos-11483

Traveling to Laos from Bangko was easy. A overnight train to Ubon Ratchathani, then a shared tuk tuk, and a VIP bus to Pakse. Saibadee Laos.

Saibadee Laos   Recently updated !