Laos food and drink fi

Laos food and drink combines fresh fruit and vegetables with sweet, sour and oodles of spice. Here's our 21 must try Laos Food menu items that will make your mouth water. There are regional varieties, drinks to try and where to find speciality dishes. We'll also recommend Laos recipes to try at home.

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The Plain of Jars – How to Visit-11482

The Plain of Jars and the related Jar Sites are a UNESCO World Heritage Site in central Laos - off limits for many years because of the UXO problem of the Vietnam War, they're off the beaten track and receive few visitors..

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Vang Vieng in Two Days-11488

Two days in Vang Vieng - where we discover the tubing, drinking, watching "Friends" lifestyle and where we take a motorbike out to find the karst scenery

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Vientiane – Two Days in the Capital-11487

Laos' capital city, Vientiane brings a French influence in the architecture, food and style - we visit Patuxai, Phra That Lung, the Buddha Park and the UXO rehab centre at COPE

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Si Phan Don – Four Thousand Islands-11486

Si Phan Don - Four Thousand Islands - in the mighty Mekong, we chill out, watch the world float by and miss out the party hard island of Don Det

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The Bolaven Plateau:  On a Motor Bike-11491

The higher (and cooler) altitudes of the Bolaven Plateau bring blessed relief, great coffee, new friends and beautiful waterfalls - as well as a numb bum...

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Saibadee Laos-11483

Traveling to Laos from Bangko was easy. A overnight train to Ubon Ratchathani, then a shared tuk tuk, and a VIP bus to Pakse. Saibadee Laos.

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