Travel Malaysia – What it Costs-11763

Malayisa: Here's what it cost us as we traveled through this marvelous country - by train, bus, boat - eating pretty much everything in sight.

Budget Travel Malaysia Costs

Kuching to Bali to Lombok-8673

Next stop Indonesia, Bali to be exact, well for a few hours, this is our volcano erupting trip from Kuching to Bali to Lombok

Kuching to Bali to Lombok

Bako National Park – Kuching-8652

Bako National Park - a public bus and boat trip from Kuching - where we spot wild pigs and probiscus monkeys as we hike, then fill up on our final bakso in Kuching.

Bako National Park – Kuching

Kota Kinabalu-11766

In Kota Kinabalu we eat seafood at the Muslim night market, then head for beers at the Australian Bar before booking a ferry off the island

Kota Kinabalu