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How to Avoid Chile ATM Fees – The ONLY fee free ATMs in Chile

When we travel we normally pay in cash where possible.  Our foreign ATM fee-free card makes this more than possible.  The only challenge is when foreign ATMs charge their own fee for taking cash out.  We found Chile’s ATM fees a big challenge. We’ve managed to find fee-free ATMs in many countries, Chile has been our biggest challenge to date.  So much so, that here, in this, expensive country on this trip, we have resorted to using a credit card.  It is, albeit a foreign currency fee-free credit card.

Using ATMs in Chile is an expensive business.  But we finally found a Chile ATM with no fees.  They are few and far between, but here is our guide to fee-free ATMs in Chile – and the costs of all Chilean ATMs that do charge a fee.

We include reader updates in the paragraph BELOW the table of ATM fee charges, so hop on down and find what’s the latest fees being charge (and which is NO longer charging!) – and then share with us (via the comments) what your experience is with fees and we’ll share it with our community. If you want to get these updates by email, Click Here and I’ll send them to you automatically.



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Key Things to Know About Chile, ATMs, and the Chilean Peso

  • The Chilean currency is the peso.
  • The Spanish word for ATM is Cajero Automatico – but most people will understand if you ask for an ATM
  • Chilean Peso notes come in denominations of 20,000, 10,000, 5,000, 2,000, and 1,000.
  • Chilean Peso coins come in denominations of 500, 100, 50, 20, and 10. There are some old and new coins in circulation.  Vending machines and laundry machines will only accept new coins.

Banks with ATMs in Chile

ATMs are everywhere in Chile – if you find a bank on a map, then it’s 99% likely that it will have an ATM.  However, the ATMs in Chile ALL (bar one) charge a fee for being used by international cards.

If you are a Santander customer, then you may be able to use ATMs in Chile without paying a fee, depending on the account that you hold.  Our Santander account enables us to withdraw from worldwide Santander ATMs with no fee.  However, when we used a Santander ATM in Chile we were charged the fee.  It was refunded to us when we complained via their online help.

chilean peso coins

Using your Cash Card or ATM Card the Most Cost-Effective Way in Chile

There are two types of fees charged on the use of a foreign ATM card (whether it is credit or debit).

  1. The fees charged by your bank or card provider for taking cash out in a foreign currency.  You have COMPLETE control over this.  If your provider currently levies a charge on taking cash out of your account in a foreign currency then you should get a new account ASAP.  It will save you a FORTUNE in fees. 
  2. The fees charged by the foreign bank either because they levy a fee on non-in-country cards or because they charge a fee to non-client cards. You have a MEASURE of control over this and that’s what this article is about – how to reduce the cost of using ATMs in Chile.

ATMs in Chile and ATM Fees

The main difference between all the ATMs in Chile is the amount of fee that they charge you to take cash from their ATM.  ATM fees in Chile are a flat fee regardless of how much you take out.  So if you only want 10,000 pesos, then you will pay the SAME fee as if you wanted 200,000 pesos.

chilean peso notes

How to find an ATM in Chile

ATMs are everywhere in Chile.  ATM’s in Chile are called “Cajero Automatico”.  Or Cajero.  You might see signs for Cajera too.    If you’re asking for directions, then this phrase will help you.

¿Donde esta un cajero automatico?”

How to Use an ATM in Chile

Unless they are inside a bank, an airport, or a shopping mall most Chilean ATMs are in a small self-contained room (where there’s likely to be air conditioning) with a door.  Using ATMs in Chile comes with some quirks.  Here’s our guide to Chile ATM usage.

When you insert your card you will usually be asked for your PIN immediately.

  • It is normal to leave your card in the machine for the duration of the transaction.
  • Select the option for the foreign card/Foreign currency. This is usually in the bottom left of the screen.
  • When you have selected this, you will be offered a language selection. As our card is from England we have always been offered English or Spanish.
  • Select the amount you wish to withdraw. All Chilean ATMs limit your withdrawal to 200,000 pesos when using a foreign card.
  • Always ask for a receipt.
  • Always put your card and your money away, and zipped back into your wallet and bag before leaving the ATM.

Fee Comparison of The Best ATMs to Use in Chile

We keep this table of ATM fees in Chile updated when we are provided with up-to-date information (as we do with our guide to ATM fees in Colombia, Lao, Japan, and Guatemala – drop us a line if you get updates, we’d love to hear from you.  Just make a note of how much you take out, what type of card (credit/debit, Visa/Mastercard/other, country of origin of the card, and where the ATM was as well as which bank it was!) – let’s try and keep Chile ATM fees for everyone down!  And let’s also try and share no-fee ATM locations.

Bank NameWithdrawal amount for foreign cardsFee per withdrawal
Banco Internacional200,0005,000 pesos (May 2023)
BICE200,0004,738 pesos
Itau200,0005,000 pesos
Scotiabank200,000ZERO FEES – April 2024
Banco Condell200,0005,000 pesos
Banco Security200,0005,000 pesos
BBVA200,0005,000 pesos
Banco Consorcio200,0005,000 pesos
Citi200,0005,000 pesos
Banco Estado300,000*5,500 pesos (May 2023)
Santander200,0008,500 pesos (May 2023)
Banco de Chile200,0008,500 pesos (May 2023)

*Certain Santander Bank accounts provide fee-free ATM withdrawals.  Check your terms and conditions carefully.

Reader Update: April 8th, 2024 – As for today, Scotiabank in Valdivia charges 7000 clp

Reader Update: April 5th 2024: April 2024 – no fee at scotiabank!

Reader Update: April 4th 2024: Scotiabank doesn’t charge any fees. Today I withdraw 200.000 pesos from my Revolut account without any fees. In the last step you’ve the choice credit card or savings account. I used savings and paid no fees.

Reader update: January 2024: charged 7000 CLP using a Scotiabank ATM in Rancagua

Reader Update: May 2023 Zero fees on withdrawals from Scotiabank in the last 2 weeks. Used them in Santiago, Vina del mar, and Chillan. Using a German debit card.

Reader Update: May 2023 Banco International ATM charged me 5,000 (using a USAA VISA debit from the US). Other fees I checked: Banco Estado charges 5,500 / Santander charges 8,500 / Banco de Chile charges 8,500 (as of May 2023)

Reader Update:  13 Jan 2020:  Banco Estado charging 5,500 pesos for 350,00 or 400,000 pesos in Pucon and San Pedro.

Reader Update:  27 Sept 2019 – Banco Estado charging 5,500 pesos for 300,000 (Citi debit card)

The only fee-free ATM withdrawals in Chile for Foreign Cards

The only Chilean ATMs with no fees for foreign cards are the ATMs provided by Banco Internacional.  You can find a list of their branch locations here.  Note that not all branches have ATMs.  That is unless you have a Santander account, which provides for fee-free foreign ATM withdrawals from a specific Santander account.   Or, of course, if you hold an account that allows you to get your ATM withdrawal fees repaid.

Note that this in December 2019 appears to charge SOME cards and not others.  The UK-issued MasterCard is free, others have been charged.

Map of fee-free ATMs from Banco Internacional ATM in Santiago

You can find the map of fee-free ATMs here.

Map of Banco International ATMs

ATMS on Rapa Nui / Easter Island ATMs

If you’re traveling to Easter Island, then you’ll need to know that there are two ATMs on the Island, one is Banco Estado and the other is Banco Santander.  Both are in the main town of Hanga Roa.  The fees charged at Easter Island ATMS are the same as on the mainland.  Many (most) restaurants accept credit cards on Rapa Nui with no extra charge and you can use your credit card at the supermarkets too.

Currency Exchanges in Chile

You’ll find currency exchanges in all major areas and even on the streets in border towns, but the exchange rate you get won’t be great, although it does make an easy option for using up “end of country cash” or making sure you have a few notes in your hand as you walk into a new country.

If you have traveled to Chile from Bolivia and need to change your Bolivian currency to Chilean DO IT ASAP.  If you’ve traveled from the Uyuni Salt Flats to San Pedro, then we recommend you find someone coming INTO Bolivia and attempt to change any left-over Bolivian currency with them.  If you try to change your Bolivian currency in San Pedro de Atacama you will lose approximately 30% (yes, thirty percent).

Additional Advice on Chilean ATMs and saving money in Chile

  • We always travel with the XE currency converter app loaded on our smartphones, it’s a quick and easy way to understand costs in your home currency.  You can download it here.
  • Take a fee-free credit card with you. You can use a credit card to pay for virtually anything in Chile.  Even a 1,500 peso empanada.  Without fees.
  • Looking to move money abroad or between currencies? We use Wise – the BEST and cheapest option – get your account here and sign up for a low fee Debit card.

Save Money on Accommodation in Chile

One of the ways you can save money on ATM fees is to pre-book and prepay your accommodation using popular sites.

Pay for Hotels and hostels in advance online

Booking and paying for your accommodation online means you’ll save the need for cash.  This meant using a booking site that allowed us to pay in advance on a credit card where possible.

We used Booking to get the best deals in Chile and also to book our rooms and pay for them before we arrived.


Save on Booking Transport in Chile

Your transport between places can be an expensive drain on your cash resources.  You can book transport between many locations in Chile using Bookaway. You can check all bookable routes here.

Booking Tours in Chile

Whatever tour you are taking, from wine tasting to seeing the top sights, book your adventure in advance and pay online and you’ll save on the need for cash.

If you’re traveling to other countries, then our guides to ATMs and ATM fees are here – Guatemala ATM fees, Colombia ATM fees, Laos ATM fees, and Japan ATM fees.

Travel Essentials for Chile

Final Words on ATM Fees in Chile for Visitors

We hope this article on Chilean ATM costs helps with your budgeting and travel experiences in Chile.  Let us know if your experience is different or if you have updates on the costs of cash withdrawals in Chile!

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