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Cuban Tourist Card – How and Where to Get Tourist Cards for Cuba

Entrance into Cuba requires the purchase of a Cuban Tourist Card. They’re valid for 30 days. Here’s how to get ...
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things to do before you go to cuba

Ultimate Things to do Before you Go to Cuba Checklist

Cuba is very different to any country that you’ll visit. The biggest difference that most travellers will find is that ...
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Arriving in Havana

Arriving in Havana Airport – Cuba – [All You Need to Know]

Arriving in Havana airport is pretty similar to arriving in any airport around the world. Except of course that it's ...
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Convertible classic car tour havana

Convertible Classic Car Tour Havana – How To Take A Tour of Havana

It’s an iconic way to see an iconic city. Taking a Convertible Classic Car Tour in Havana is a once ...
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Dive the Bay of Pigs

Dive the Bay of Pigs Cuba – Diving Playa Giron + Playa Larga

It’s a historic location, there’s amazingly clear water, an abundance of fish and it’s cheap. What better place is there ...
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Cuban Transport – buses, trains, taxis & colectivos in Cuba

Our normal modes of transport when we budget travel are trains and public buses. Cuba is a little different, and ...
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matanzas to havana

How to Get from Matanzas to Havana – [Taxi Colectivos in Cuba]

The day after we packed the relatives into a taxi to La Habana airport we decided to head from Matanzas ...
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Internet Access in Cuba

Internet Access in Cuba – Where to Find Cuban Wifi

It may be the first thing you question about travelling to Cuba. Is there Internet in Cuba for tourists? Is ...
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Viazul bus ultimate guide

How to Book the Viazul Bus in Cuba – [Viazul Bus Cuba Guide]

As a tourist in Cuba, your main mode of transport is likely to be the Cuba Viazul bus network. The ...
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Cuba Casa Particulars

Cuba Casa Particular – The Ultimate Guide to casa particulars in Cuba

Visiting Cuba is a unique experience and there’s no better way to make it even more special than by staying ...
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cuban cocktails

Famous Cuban Cocktails That Tell The History of Cuba

Cuban rum drinks are famous around the world, with Cuban rum being recognized as some of the best, if not, ...
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Cuban Travel Insurance

The Cuba Travel Insurance & Medical Cover Guide

Since 2010 the Cuban government has required that tourists and visitors obtain medical travel insurance before being allowed entry to ...
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cuban currency

The Cuban Currency & Money in Cuba Guide

The currency of Cuba can be a confusing situation. There are two units of currency in Cuba and have been ...
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Essential Things to do in Cuba

Best Things to do in Cuba – A Guide to Iconic Cuban Things to Do

Cuba is a world away from other places that you’ll visit. This revolutionary island that claimed independence underwent a revolution ...
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cuba cooking class

Experience Cuban Cookery – Take a Cuba Cooking Class

There’s no better way to experience Cuban culture than by understanding the food of Cuba. It’s an awesome way to ...
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Things to do in Vinales

Things to Do in Vinales Cuba – Take a Vinales Day Trip & Longer

Viñales Cuba is a small town nestled in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Vinales Valley. It’s here in ...
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Things to do in Trinidad

The Best Things to Do in Trinidad Cuba + Day Trips from Trinidad

The UNESCO World Heritage city of Trinidad, Cuba combines picturesque cobbled streets with a crumbling colonial architecture built on the ...
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