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It may be the first thing you question about travelling to Cuba.  Do they have Internet in Cuba for tourists? Yes, even in 2019.  The good news is that now in 2019 there are at least 635 places you can get internet and wifi in Cuba.  The bad news – it’s still government run, it’s not free and there are a few hoops that you need to jump through to get online in Cuba.  This guide will explain all about Internet access in Cuba and gives you the FULL list of all the wifi locations in Cuba.  You can access the internet via terminals in ETECSA Cuba offices or you can more commonly get wifi in Cuba.  There is no such thing as the internet cafe in Cuba.

In this guide we’ll answer all the questions you have about internet access in Cuba

  • Can you get internet in Cuba?
  • Can you get wifi in Cuba?
  • Where to buy internet access in Cuba?
  • How to logon to wifi in Cuba
  • Do I need to logout of Cuba internet access?
  • Where are the wifi hotspots in Cuba?
  • Can I get mobile internet in Cuba?

What's in This Article?

TLDR:  Internet in Cuba

It’s available.  For a cost.  You can easily buy access to get on the Internet.  It’s not fast, you shouldn’t rely on it (but heck it was like that for us New Zealand too!).   You will find internet access points in most towns and cities in Cuba now.  You should make sure you get yourself a VPN before you get to the country – to protect your personal data and ensure you can access all the sites that you want to:

    • Don’t know what a VPN is?  Read more in our Common Sense Guide to find out how it helps you.
    • Get the best VPN that we’ve found – that works very well in China, Turkmenistan & Cuba.


Internet access in 2019 is provided by a Government owned telecommunications company called ETECSA   (Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A).  ETECSA strictly controls where you can access the internet, although the number of locations is increasing quickly.


There are two types of service provided for Cuban internet access.  ETESCA provides for internet access ‘ temporary and permanent accounts.  Permanent accounts are only available to Cuban residents. However, you might end up using one (read on for more on this).  Temporary accounts are what the vast majority of Cubans and all tourists end up using.

Temporary Internet Access in Cuba for Tourists

A temporary internet account allows access to the internet through pre-paid non rechargeable cards.  You might hear these referred to as the Cuba Internet Card.  Cuba tourists need to use one to access the internet.  These are valid for 30 days from the first date of use. You do not have to use all the time purchased at one time.  This is the only legal way to get on the internet for tourists in Cuba in 2019.


Permanent Internet Access in Cuba

A permanent internet account isn’t really a permanent account, it’s an annual contract.  It gives access to SIGNIFICANTLY better rates for access than the temporary account.  However, that said, it won’t be available to you as a tourist unless you seek it out on the black market.  (see more below).

What’s the difference between ETECSA and NAUTA

You may hear others using the terms ETECSA and NAUTA interchangeably.  ETESCA is the company that provides Internet access in Cuba.  NAUTA is the name of both the permanent account and the temporary card that you buy to give you access to the Internet.

Where to Buy your NAUTA Cuba Internet Card

There are FOUR primary places to buy a NAUTA Cuba internet access card.

  1. ETECSA Office

This is where the Nauta internet cards will be the cheapest.  They will be the standard government listed price.  You will pay the same price in these offices as Cubans do.   There will always be a line to buy your cards here.  Mostly the line will be outside the office, as only a few people are allowed in at a time.   You WILL need your passport in order to buy the card.

Most ETECSA offices are open 7 days a week from 0830 until 1900, although there may be some differences as you move across the country.  You can find an up to date list of ETECSA offices locations on their website here.  There are several offices of ETESCA Havana and Varadero.  Note that while many ETECSA offices have PC’s where you can access the internet and many have wifi access at the office, not all of them do!  You can ask for a NAUTA internet access card, or NAUTA wifi card – it’s the same thing

We bought Nauta wifi cards from the ETECSA Varadero office and queued for 5 minutes.  Unfortunately they did not have wifi.  Varadero wifi spots included the Complejo Todo por Uno shopping mall.

Don’t forget to get the best VPN that we’ve found – that works very well in China, Turkmenistan & Cuba


  1. Hotels

Many hotels will sell you a NAUTA internet access card, simply ask the concierge.  You will NOT need your passport to buy a card.  As one of the hotels in Havana with wifi, the Hotel Sevilla in Havana, for instance, sells one-hour NAUTA cards for 4.50 CUC.  The hotel also has wifi access and their lounge is generally full of tourists accessing the internet.  The wifi here at the Hotel Sevilla can be accessed with ANY NAUTA card, not just one bought from the hotel itself.

Check out our recommended Casa Particulars to stay at in Havana – and book a room now

  1. ETESCA outlets

You’ll also find some ETECSA outlets, where customers can buy recharge for their mobile phones.  These places also sell NAUTA cards.  They will be more than the 1.00 CUC per hour, but usually not a great deal more.  We found one in Havana, that charges 2.50 CUC for an hour access card.

  1. The Black Market – i.e. buying a NAUTA card in the park

You’ll always be able to find someone willing to sell you a price marked up NAUTA card.  Cubans will go to the ETECSA store, buy their allowance of cards and then come to a wifi hotspot and look for tourists to sell them to.  It’s certainly simpler than finding an ETECSA store, and likely cheaper than the seriously marked up hotel prices.

You may also be able to buy Cuban internet access WITHOUT a NAUTA card.  This means accessing someone’s permanent account.  The cost differential between temporary internet access accounts and permanent internet access accounts is HUGE.  An hour of internet access with a temporary NAUTA card costs 1.00 CUC from an ETECSA office.  An hour of internet access with a permanent account costs 0.10 CUC to view local content.  It appears to cost 1.00 CUC to view international content.   Yes.  You read that right.  So if you’re offered internet access at a public wifi spot and the “vendor” needs to input a user name and password into your device, then you’re accessing their permanent account.  They’re paying 0.10 CUC (possibly) for the hour they’ll sell you.  And you’re paying whatever you negotiate.

The choice is obviously yours as to where you buy from and whether you want cheap or quick.

What does a NAUTA Cuba Internet Access Card look like?

There are two types of cards sold.  The first and older type looks like this.  There is a scratch off on the reverse of the card which contains your user name and password.

Internet Access in Cuba NAUTA card (1)

The newer Cuban Internet access card is similar to the way in which you receive a new PIN number for your debit/credit card.    You rip open the card – carefully – and your username and password are on a separate slip inside.

Internet Access in Cuba NAUTA card (2)

Cost of Internet Access in Cuba 2019

To get on the internet in Cuba you need to buy an ETECSA Cuba internet access card – the NAUTA card.  These cost

  • 30 minutes:  0.50 CUC
  • 1 hour : 1 CUC
  • 5 hours: 5 CUC

These are the 2019 prices from an ETECSA office.  Other locations, such as hotels, outlets and Cubans selling them on the black market will charge more.

We bought one hour cards for 1.50 CUC (ETECSA office) 2.50 CUC (Outlet in Havana) and 4.50 CUC (the Hotel Sevilla in Havana).

Some hotels, especially in tourist areas will charge up to 10 times the cost of the ETECSA fee to get online.  In most hotels, you will be able to use the NAUTA card that you have purchased elsewhere.

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Where to get Wifi & Internet Access in Cuba

As 2018, there are 635 wifi hotspots to get Internet Access n Cuba.  In September 2016 there were 200 locations.   Some ETECSA offices also provide “internet terminals” where you can log on using your NAUTA card and access the internet.  You can find locations of these rooms here. If you’re loking for a list of all the wifi hotspots in Cuba scroll to the bottom of the article – or subscribe and get a downloadable copy.  Be very wary about inputting your personal details into these PCs.

The ETECSA navigation/surfing rooms that are in telepuntos and service centres are open seven days a week from 0830 until 1900.  Other surfing rooms may have different opening hours that are displayed locally.

Increasingly as Cuba gets online internet access is being provided in hotels (and some Casa Particulars – although these are few and far between).

Where are Cuban Wifi Hotspots?

  1. Airports – Havana, Cienfuegos, Camaguey, Holguin, Santiago de Cuba and Varadero now provide internet access
  2. Hotels and Resorts – you can find wifi in Havana or Varadero in higher end resorts and hotels.
  3. Parks
  4. At ETECSA offices/stores.

There’s a FULL list of all the current (February 2018) wifi hotspots in Cuba at the end of this article.  You can also get a download of this list (and it’s updated every 30 days) by subscribing.

In some locations, you can sit in a café or a bar and access the Internet.  After you’ve squatted in a public park trying to get your email this feels incredibly civilised.   The further away from Havana and Varadero, we got the more pleasant the access got.

Great places to access the internet that we visited included

    • Matanzas Wifi Hotspot – Plaza La Vigia cafe in the square of the same name
    • Baracoa Wifi Hotspot– Cafeteria El Parque
    • Sancti Spitirus Wifi Hotspot – the Taverna Yayabo, overlooking the bridge of the same name and the river
    • Santiago de Cuba  Wifi Hotspot – Cerveceria Puerto Del Rey on the river

Where to get Internet Access in Cuba

The most accurate and up to date location to find details of where you can get Internet access in Cuba is the ETECSA website.  But, you don’t need to go there, this article is updated every 30 days with the full list of Cuba’s wifi hotspots.

When you’re in Cuba, we highly recommend that you take a full download of the Cuban maps on They’re excellent for finding your way around and they do mark SOME wifi hotspots (simply search for WIFI and you’ll get a list of places). We found it about 70% accurate. The list in this article is updated every 30 days for accuracy.

You will generally get wifi access at the main park in each town or city.

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How to get Wifi in Cuba.  Getting Online.

Getting online is simple

The screens are available in English and Spanish.

  1. Turn on Wifi on your device.
  2. Connect to the ETECSA wifi network, this will force open a browser window on your device and direct you to the login screen.
  3. If it does not then you can open a browser and attempt to search for anything, it will force a redirect to the above page.
  4. Input the username and then password from your NAUTA card.

Note that as soon as you logon, your one hour access starts counting down.  Your card is valid for 30 days from the first use.   When you disconnect the clock stops.  It only starts again when you log on again.

Each time you logon on the browser window will advise you as to how many minutes you have remaining on your card.

Using ETECSA.  Logout

There is now no requirement (2017 onwards)  from ETECSA to logout.  Simply shut down your ETESCA wifi connection.  (It will sve your battery anyways)  The clock will stop.  You will read many articles suggesting that you type in into your browser window and then press the logout button.  If this is only in Spanish, then it will say CERRAR.  (close).  ETECSA’s own advice on their website also says, JUST DISCONNECT FROM THE WIFI SIGNAL.

We did NOT have to logout at all during our Cuban travels, and we tested it several times.  We simply disconnected and had no problems.  The time remained the same on our cards.

Internet Speed in Cuba

We found Cuban wifi signal strength to be reasonably good in all locations.  We found internet speed in Cuba variable in different locations and also different times of the day.  Sometimes we were online and it disconnected and we could not reconnect.  Other times we simply could not connect.

We were able to use Skype.  Especially in Santa Clara, we saw many Cubans using Skype for voice communications and some video communications.

ETECSA says that each location, depending on the size of the connection should allow 50 consecutive users for smaller locations and 100 consecutive users for the larger locations.  It gives no details as to which locations are large and which are small.

The speed of connection in ETECSA offices, where you access via a cabled connection using one of their PC’s is up to 2MBps.  We found the connections over wifi in all locations to be slow but steady.

Security on the Internet in Cuba

On some occasions, we could NOT access sites with HTTPS enabled.  On other occasions, we could.  We were able to utilise our VPN > read more here about why you should use a VPN on public wifi networks.  The internet service is provided by a government organisation in Cuba.  I preferred that my content was not visible to them.  I would always use a VPN in Cuba.

Tips for Internet Usage in Cuba

Before you Arrive in Cuba…

    1. Don’t rely on getting internet service in Cuba.  Al sorts of things could go wrong.
    2. Prior to arrival in Cuba do all your research. Download Maps.Me and Cuban maps.
    3. If you use Tripadvisor, get the offline version of Havana.
    4. Print the list of locations where wifi is available if you know you’re going to need to connect – as a reminder you can download it from our subscriber content page.
    5. Get a VPN before you arrive in Cuba -Read our NEW Common Sense Guide to VPNS here – or get a VPN from US$8.32 a month with ExpressVPN

Wifi Access in Cuba

  1. Make a list of what you need to do online.  Be ruthless
  2. If you need to send information, then draft the information in a notes app, ready to cut and paste it into the relevant application.
  3. Immediately on connecting, set off the download for your email/documents you might need.
  5. Read what you need to read offline, draft replies in a notes app.
  6. Log back on. Copy and paste your responses.


The Internet in Cuba isn’t as bad as you think it’s going to be.  So long as you go in with the attitude that it’s going to be bad.  (she writes shrugging sitting here now with good, fast internet access).  You just need to plan ahead.  And assume that you won’t have any access at all, but we hope we’ve managed to outline the how, where and when of internet access in Cuba in 2019.

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Internet Access in Cuba

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Where to Find Wifi in La Habana Province

Where to Find Wifi in Arroyo Naranjo

  • Pabellones Central y 14 EXPOCUBA
  • Parque Santa Amalia, Arroyo Naranjo
  • Parque de Caballero y Pizarro. Arroyo Naranjo
  • Parque Isabel Sofia Parraga
  • Parque Aristides Viera Rpto Eléctrico
  • Parque de Lourdes y San Gregorio (Vibora-Park)

Where to Find Wifi in Boyeros

  • Parque José Martí, Santiago de las Vegas.
  • Parque de Calabazar. Boyeros
  • Parque Wajay
  • Parque Lugardita, Muncipio Boyeros
  • Parque de la Iglesia. Managua
  • Parque Río Cristal
  • Complejo Recreatur Fontanar

Where to Find Wifi in Centro Habana

  • Parque Fe del Valle (Galeano y San Rafael)
  • Parque Trillo
  • Malecón. Exterior zona Hotel Deauville
  • Malecón. Exterior Restaurant Castro Poll
  • Parque Infanta y Salud. Municipio Centro Habana
  • Parque Karl Marx. Centro Habana
  • Boulevar-San-Rafael
  • Parque Angeles-Estrella

Where to Find Wifi in Cerro

  • Parque Estadio Latinoamericano, Cerro
  • Parque Palatino, Cerro
  • Parque Manglar (Van Troi). Cerro

Where to Find Wifi in Cotorro

  • Parque 9 de Abril, Cotorro
  • Parque de Santa Maria del Rosario. Cotorro

Where to Find Wifi in Diez de Octubre

  • Parque Mónaco, Diez de Octubre.
  • Parque Cordóba. Diez de Octubre
  • Parque Asunción.
  • Parque Lawton. Calle B y 8. Diez de Octubre

Where to Find Wifi in Guanabacoa

  • Parque Viondi. Guanabacoa
  • Parque de los Martires de la Jata. Guanabacoa
  • Parque consejo popular La Gallega
  • Parque Nestor Aranguren (El Machaco)
  • Parque Infantil Sta Fe Gbcoa
  • Parque Infantil Dbeche

Where to Find Wifi in Habana del Este

  • Paseo de la Villa Panamericana
  • Parque Hanoi, Alamar
  • Centro Cultural Alamar
  • Parque de Campo Florido. Habana del Este
  • Parque de Guanabo. H. Este
  • Complejo Morro Cabaña
  • Parque Centro Comercial Camilo Cienfuegos
  • Parque del Rpto Guiteras
  • Hospital Naval
  • Ctro-Com-El-Progreso-Alamar
  • Parque-La-Guayabera
  • Rotonda-Guanabo

Where to Find Wifi in Habana Vieja

  • Plaza Cristo

Where to Find Wifi in La Lisa

  • Parque de 51 en La Lisa
  • Parque Punta Brava. La lisa
  • Centro Comercial 31 y 240-S.Agustin
  • Parque Cano Lisa
  • Parque Valle Grande

Where to Find Wifi in Marianao

  • Anfiteatro de Marianao
  • Hospital Militar
  • Parque 118 Anfiteatro Marianao
  • Parque 51 y76
  • Parque Marianao en 104 y 41

Where to Find Wifi in Playa

  • Centro Multiservicios Miramar
  • Parque Coyula. 19 y 30, Playa
  • Parque 13 y 76, Playa
  • Balneario Universitario 1ra y 42. Playa.
  • Recinto Ferial Pabexpo
  • Palacio_Convenciones
  • Teatro Karl Marx
  • Laboratorio KCHO
  • Parque Flores Playa
  • Parque-Genetica-Playa
  • Parque Juan Manuel Marquez Playa
  • Parque Nautico Playa
  • Parque Rincón Martiano
  • Parque Lázaro Cárdenas Kolhy
  • Parque Jaimanitas Playa
  • Parque Japones Playa

Where to Find Wifi in Plaza

  • La Rampa (Malecón hasta el cine Yara),
  • Parque Línea y L, Plaza
  • Parque Wilfredo Lam. Plaza
  • Sucursal Cimex Sol y Mar, Malecon
  • Malecón y Paseo
  • La Piragua
  • El Castillito
  • Centro Tecnológico. Hola Ola
  • Calle G y Malecon
  • Malecón. Exterior Centro HispanoAmericano.
  • Malecón. Zona Abadía
  • Parque Coopelia
  • Parque Linea y H. Municipio plaza
  • Parque Abel Santa María. Municipo Plaza
  • Pabellón Cuba
  • Parque Clandestinidad
  • Cacsa-La-Rampa
  • Casa-de-Las-Americas
  • P-Wifredo-Lam-Vdo
  • Cupet-23-y-Malecon
  • Icrt-La Rampa

Where to Find Wifi in Regla

  • Parque Las Madres, Regla

Where to Find Wifi in San Miguel del Padrón

  • Parque José Martí, San Miguel del Padrón
  • Parque La Curva. San Miguel
  • Parque de Los Chivos( Manuel Ascunse)
  • Parque Dolores

Where to Find Wifi in Pinar Del Rio Province

Where to Find Wifi in Pinar del Río

  • Parque Independencia
  • Parque Roberto Amarán
  • Parque Centro Comercial Hermanos Cruz
  • Parque Colón
  • El Renacer.Hermanos Cruz
  • Centro Comercial Alameda
  • CIMEX La Cristal
  • Parque La Coloma
  • Parque Las Ovas
  • Paseo Calle Martí
  • Parque José Martí
  • Parque Montequin
  • Centro recreativo Super Gol
  • Centro recreativo Criollo
  • Cabaret Restaurante Rumayor
  • Parque Hosp. Pediatrico
  • Parque Briones Montoto
  • Parque la Conchita
  • Plaza Hermanos Cruz
  • Parque Arroyo de Mantua
  • IPE Alameda
  • Parque de la Audiencia
  • Parque-10-Octubre-ARTEX
  • Parque-Capitan-San-Luis
  • Parque-Capó
  • Parque-Pedagogico

Where to Find Wifi in Consolación del Sur

  • Parque Antonio Maceo, Consolación del Sur
  • Parque Entronque Herradura.
  • Parque Herradura
  • Parque Pilotos
  • Parque Alonso Rojas
  • Parque Puerta de Golpe
  • Parque-Pueblo-Nuevo

Where to Find Wifi in Guane

  • Parque 26 de Julio. Guane
  • Parque Isabel Rubio
  • Parque-Combate-Teneria
  • Parque-Sabalo

Where to Find Wifi in La Palma

  • Restaurante y Parque La Palma
  • Parque San Andrés

Where to Find Wifi in Los Palacios

  • Pizzería 23 y 24 y Parque Los Palacios
  • Parque San Diego
  • Parque La Guira
  • Parque-Los-Palacios
  • Parque-Paso-Quemado
  • Parque-Paso-San-Diego

Where to Find Wifi in Mantua

  • Cafeteria CIMEX y Parque Mantua
  • Parque Arroyo de Mantua
  • Parque-Dimas

Where to Find Wifi in Minas de Matahambre

  • Restaurante y Area El Cobre. Minas de Matahambre
  • Parque Santa Lucia
  • Parque Sumidero
  • Parque Viejo Santa Lucía
  • Emincar (Santa Lucía)
  • Parque Pons

Where to Find Wifi in San Juan y Martínez

  • Cafeteria La Esquinita/Parque Martín Herrera. San Juan

Where to Find Wifi in San Luis

  • Parque San Luis

Where to Find Wifi in Sandino

  • Parque Centro Comercial Sandino
  • Parque Manuel Lazo. Sandino
  • Centro-Recreativo-Cortes
  • Parque-Las-Martinas

Where to Find Wifi in Viñales

  • Parque Viñales
  • Cafeteria Las Cubanitas. Viñales
  • Parque Puerto Esperanza
  • El Palenque. Viñales
  • Bar de Tapas. Viñales
  • Restaurante Las Brisas. Viñales
  • Parque Marina Azcuy . Viñales
  • El Moncada

Where to Find Wifi in Artemisa Province


Where to Find Wifi in Artemisa

  • Boulevard Artemisa
  • Parque de la Iglesia
  • Parque PCC Municipal Artemisa
  • Estadio-Artemisa

Where to Find Wifi in Alquízar

  • Parque Municipio Alquizar

Where to Find Wifi in Bauta

  • Parque y Restaurante el Cochinito. Bauta
  • Parque Central de Bauta
  • Playa Baracoa Parque

Where to Find Wifi in Caimito

  • Parque Caimito
  • CT Pueblo Nuevo

Where to Find Wifi in Guanajay

  • Parque Central Guanajay

Where to Find Wifi in Güira de Melena

  • Boulevard Guira de Melena

Where to Find Wifi in Mariel

  • Parque Central Mariel

Where to Find Wifi in San Antonio de los Baños

  • Parque Camilo Cienfuegos
  • Parque La Placita San Antonio

Where to Find Wifi in Bahía Honda

  • Casa de la Cultura Bahía Honda
  • Pizzería/Parque Bahía Honda
  • CT Silvio Caro

Where to Find Wifi in San Cristóbal

  • Fachada CTLP San Cristóbal
  • Fachada Coopelia. San Cristobal
  • CT Lopez Peña

Where to Find Wifi in Candelaria

  • Parque Central Candelaria

Where to Find Wifi in Mayabeque Province


Where to Find Wifi in Güines

  • Parque de Güines
  • Parque Catalina de Guines
  • El-Congo-Catalina

Where to Find Wifi in Batabanó

  • Parque Batabanó

Where to Find Wifi in Bejucal

  • Parque Bejucal

Where to Find Wifi in Jaruco

  • Parque Jaruco
  • Plaza Jaruco

Where to Find Wifi in Madruga

  • Parque de Madruga
  • Parque Aguacate

Where to Find Wifi in Melena del Sur

  • Parque y Cuatro esquina. Melena del Sur

Where to Find Wifi in Nueva Paz

  • Parque Nueva Paz
  • CT-Nueva Paz

Where to Find Wifi in Quivicán

  • Parque Quivican

Where to Find Wifi in San José de las Lajas

  • Boulevard de San José de las Lajas
  • Las Ruinas
  • Parque Camilo, San José
  • Tienda El Samurai
  • Parque Tapaste
  • Parque-San-Antonio-Las-Vegas
  • Joven Club Parque San José

Where to Find Wifi in San Nicolás de Bari

  • Parque San Nicolás de Bari
  • Correo-San-Nicolás

Where to Find Wifi in Santa Cruz del Norte

  • Parque y Malecón de Santa Cruz del Norte
  • Rapido-Sta-Cruz-Norte

Where to Find Wifi in Matanzas Province


Where to Find Wifi in Calimete

  • Parque municipio Calimete

Where to Find Wifi in Cárdenas

  • Parque José Antonio Echeverría, Cárdenas.
  • Complejo Todo en Uno, Varadero
  • Centro Convenciones Plaza América
  • Plaza las Morlas.
  • Centro Comercial Plaza Hicacos
  • Parque Boca Camarioca. Varadero
  • Centro-Artex-Varadero
  • Parque-Colón-Cardenas
  • Hotel Sol Palmeras
  • Centro de la música Varadero
  • Parque Santa Marta Varadero
  • Hotel Meliá América, Varadero
  • Parque Martí

Where to Find Wifi in Ciénaga de Zapata

  • Parque municipio Ciénaga de Zapata

Where to Find Wifi in Colón

  • Parque-La-Libertad-Colon
  • Boulevar de Colón

Where to Find Wifi in Jagüey Grande

  • Parque Jaguey Grande

Where to Find Wifi in Jovellanos

  • Parque Jovellanos

Where to Find Wifi in Limonar

  • Parque municipio Limonar

Where to Find Wifi in Los Arabos

  • Parque municipio Los Arabos

Where to Find Wifi in Martí

  • Parque municipio Martí

Where to Find Wifi in Matanzas

  • Parque La Libertad
  • Parque Peñas Altas
  • Parque René Fraga
  • Asociacion Cultural Artesanos
  • Centro Restaurant-Bar-Cafeteria Plaza La Vigia
  • Centro de Artes Escenicas
  • Parque La Catedral
  • Centro Tecnológico Narvaez
  • Parque Recreativo Monserrate
  • Paseo Martí
  • Parque Guanima
  • Instituto de Belleza
  • Parque-La-Estrella
  • Parque-Naranjal
  • Centro Tecnológico Universidad Camilo Cienfuegos
  • Sala de Turismo Hospital Faustino Pérez
  • Universidad de Ciencias Médicas

Where to Find Wifi in Pedro Betancourt

  • Parque municipio Pedro Betancourt

Where to Find Wifi in Perico

  • Parque municipio Perico

Where to Find Wifi in Unión de Reyes

  • Parque municipio Union Reyes

Where to Find Wifi in Cienfuegos Province


Where to Find Wifi in Abreus

  • Prado. Municipio Abreu
  • CT-Yaguaramas-Abreu

Where to Find Wifi in Aguada de Pasajeros

  • Prado Aguada de Pasajero
  • Ranchón Aguada Pasajero
  • Primero de Mayo

Where to Find Wifi in Cienfuegos

  • Parque Martí
  • Rápido Punta Gorda
  • Parque Villuendas
  • Parque Imago
  • La Bolera
  • Parque La Aduana
  • CEN
  • Librería Prado-San Fernando
  • Correo-Rpto-Pastorita
  • Parque-de-la-Circunvalacion
  • RCM-Malecón

Where to Find Wifi in Cruces

  • Parque del Municipio Cruces

Where to Find Wifi in Cumanayagua

  • Boulevar de Cumanayagua

Where to Find Wifi in Palmira

  • Parque de Palmira
  • Prado-San-Fdo-Camarones

Where to Find Wifi in Rodas

  • El Paseo del Prado, Rodas
  • Parque-14-de-Julio

Where to Find Wifi in Santa Isabel de las Lajas

  • Prado del Municipio Santa Isabel de las Lajas

Where to Find Wifi in Villa Clara Province


Where to Find Wifi in Caibarién

  • Parque Caibarien
  • Parque-Nguyen-Van-Troi

Where to Find Wifi in Camajuaní

  • Boulevard Camajuaní
  • Parque Central Vueltas

Where to Find Wifi in Cifuentes

  • Parque Cifuentes
  • Parque-San-Diego

Where to Find Wifi in Corralillo

  • Parque Corralillo
  • Rancho Veloz

Where to Find Wifi in Encrucijada

  • Parque Encrucijada

Where to Find Wifi in Manicaragua

  • Parque Manicaragua
  • Parque-Guinia-Manicaragua

Where to Find Wifi in Placetas

  • Parque Placetas

Where to Find Wifi in Quemado de Güines

  • reas Policlínico Municipio Quemado de Guines

Where to Find Wifi in Ranchuelo

  • Parque Ranchuelo
  • Parque-La-Esperanza

Where to Find Wifi in Remedios

  • Parque-Buena-Vista
  • Parque-Zulueta

Where to Find Wifi in Sagua la Grande

  • Parque Sagua
  • Parque Calabazar. Sagua
  • Parque-Isabela

Where to Find Wifi in Santa Clara

  • Parques Leoncio Vidal
  • Parque Remedio
  • Parque de los Framboyanes
  • Parque y Áreas del Estadio Sandino
  • Parque de los Mártires.
  • Reparto José Martí
  • Plaza Ernesto Guevara
  • Complejo Gastronómico Vista Hermosa
  • Parque Temático Sandino
  • Jardin Zoologico Camilo
  • Parque Audiencia
  • Biblioteca Provincial José Martí
  • Patio Bar del centro Cultural ARTEX
  • Centro Recreativo Los pinos
  • Parque-Base-Aerea
  • Rápido-8-de-Marzo
  • Boulevard Santa Clara
  • Círculo Juvenil Somos Jovenes
  • Parque América Latina

Where to Find Wifi in Santo Domingo

  • Parque Santo Domingo


Where to Find Wifi in Sancti Spíritus Province


Where to Find Wifi in Cabaigúan

  • Parque Cabaiguan
  • Paseo Cabaiguán
  • Parque José Martí de Guayos
  • Parque Santa Lucía

Where to Find Wifi in Fomento

  • Parque Fomento
  • Centro-Cultural-El-Pedrero

Where to Find Wifi in Jatibonico

  • Paseo Jatibonico
  • Parque Arroyo Blanco

Where to Find Wifi in La Sierpe

  • Parque La Sierpe

Where to Find Wifi in Sancti Spíritus

  • Parque Serafín Sánchez
  • Plaza Cultural Yayabo
  • Paseo Colón
  • Complejo Gastronómico Mar y Cielo
  • Complejo Gastronómico Pío Lindo
  • Casa de la Guayabera
  • Paseo Norte I y II
  • Facultad Ciencias Médicas
  • Paseo-Coppelia

Where to Find Wifi in Taguasco

  • Parque Taguasco
  • Parque José Martí de Zaza del Medio

Where to Find Wifi in Trinidad

  • Parque Céspedes de Trinidad
  • Casa de la Música. Trinidad.
  • Clínica Internacional de Trinidad
  • Parque-Casilda-Trinidad

Where to Find Wifi in Yaguajay

  • Parque Yaguajay
  • Parque Mayajigua
  • Parque-Meneses

Where to Find Wifi in Ciego de Ávila Province


Where to Find Wifi in Ciro Redondo

Where to Find Wifi in Baraguá

  • Paseo Gaspar
  • Parque-Baraguá

Where to Find Wifi in Bolivia

  • Parque de Los Martires. Bolivia

Where to Find Wifi in Chambas

  • Paseo de Chambas
  • Paseo-Varona

Where to Find Wifi in Ciego de Ávila

  • Parque Martí
  • Parque Máximo Gómez
  • Paseo Calle D. Ciego de Ávila.
  • Paseo Jicotea
  • Estadio José Ramón Cepero
  • Parque Edad de Oro
  • Micro Ortiz
  • Paseo-Calle-K

Where to Find Wifi in Florencia

  • Boulevard de Florencia
  • Paseo-Tamarindo

Where to Find Wifi in Majagua

  • Parque Marti Majagua

Where to Find Wifi in Morón

  • Parque Morón
  • Parque de Las Madres, Morón
  • Rápido Turiguanó
  • Parque-Bautista

Where to Find Wifi in Primero de Enero

  • Bullevard. Primero de Enero
  • Paseo-Velazco

Where to Find Wifi in Venezuela

  • Centro Cultural Auraca. Venezuela

Where to Find Wifi in Camagüey Province


Where to Find Wifi in Camagüey

  • Parque Agramonte
  • Plaza del Gallo
  • Plaza de los Trabajadores
  • Complejo Lago de los Sueños
  • Cafetería El Legendario
  • Complejo Mercado La Caridad
  • Parque 28 de Septiembre
  • Centro Cultural recreativo Casino
  • Recinto Santa-Cecilia
  • Centro Tecnológico, Camagüey
  • Callejon de los Milagros
  • Parque del Amor

Where to Find Wifi in Carlos Manuel de Céspedes

  • Parque Céspedes

Where to Find Wifi in Esmeralda

  • Parque Esmeralda
  • Parque Batey Jaronú
  • IPS-Turismo-Brasil

Where to Find Wifi in Florida

  • Asociación Hermanos Saiz
  • Parque Florida

Where to Find Wifi in Guaimaro

  • Parque Guaimaro

Where to Find Wifi in Jimaguayú

  • Parque municipal Jimaguayú
  • Parque ETECSA Jimaguayú

Where to Find Wifi in Minas

  • Parque Central Minas

Where to Find Wifi in Najasa

  • Parque Najasa

Where to Find Wifi in Nuevitas

  • Parque Maceo Nuevitas
  • Plaza Residencial Santa Lucía
  • Parque Cañon

Where to Find Wifi in Santa Cruz del Sur

  • Parque Santa Cruz del Sur

Where to Find Wifi in Sibanicú

  • Parque municipio Sibanicu

Where to Find Wifi in Sierra de Cubitas

  • Parque Sola Sierra Cubitas

Where to Find Wifi in Vertientes

  • Paseo Vertiente
  • Parque Central Vertientes

Where to Find Wifi in Las Tunas Province


Where to Find Wifi in Amancio Rodríguez

  • Parque Las Madres. Amancio

Where to Find Wifi in Colombia

  • Parque Las Madres. Colombia

Where to Find Wifi in Jesús Menéndez

  • Parque de Jesús Menéndez
  • Parque El Palín

Where to Find Wifi in Jobabo

  • Parque José Martí. Jobabo

Where to Find Wifi in Las Tunas

  • Telepunto Las Tunas
  • Plaza Martiana
  • Tanque de Buena Vista.
  • Parque Antonio Maceo
  • Complejo las Antillas
  • Casa Piedra
  • Parador El Cornito
  • Ranchón La Arboleda
  • Zona Edificio 12 Plantas
  • Terminal Omnibus Nacional
  • Universidad VI Lenin
  • Parque Temático
  • Boullevard Buena Vista
  • Parque Casa-de-la-Musica
  • Ctro-Prov-Artes-Plasticas
  • Mercado-Telegrafo
  • Parque-Bartle
  • UJC Municipal Las Tunas
  • Plaza-Mercado-Rio
  • Universidad Lenin Sede 1
  • Parque Calle 7

Where to Find Wifi in Majibacoa

  • Parque Francisco Vega. Municipio Majibacoa
  • Parque Las Parras
  • Parque Omaja

Where to Find Wifi in Manatí

  • Parque Manatí

Where to Find Wifi in Puerto Padre

  • Parque Emiliano Salvador, Puerto Padre
  • Parque José Martí. Puerto Padre
  • Cremería El Rapidito. Puerto Padre
  • Parque Antonio Guiteras. Tunas
  • Parque Vazquez

Where to Find Wifi in Granma Province


Where to Find Wifi in Bartolomé Masó

  • Parque Bartolomé Masó
  • Parque Caney de las Mercedes
  • Campismo La Sierrita
  • Las Mercedes
  • Providencia

Where to Find Wifi in Bayamo

  • Parque Cespedes. Bayamo
  • Boulevard Bayamo
  • Parque del Amor
  • Plaza de la Patria Bayamo
  • Complejo Las Novedades
  • Reparto El Valle
  • Parque Camilo Cienfuegos
  • Parque Ciro Redondo
  • Pedro Pompa
  • Retablo de los Héroes
  • Biosaludable Polígono
  • Parque El Horno
  • Parque Latinoamericano
  • Micro 5
  • Las Caobas
  • Casa de la Fiesta
  • Expoferia Granma
  • Cabaret Bayam
  • Parque Juan Clemente Zenea
  • Parque Rosa la Bayamesa
  • Restaurante La Cubana
  • Parque Fco Vicente Aguilera
  • TRD La Defensa
  • Centro Cultural Mi Tumbao
  • Café Serrano
  • Terminal Omnibus Nacionales
  • Restaurante El Luanda

Where to Find Wifi in Buey Arriba

  • Parque Ignacio Agramonte. Buey Arriba
  • Plaza San Pablo Yao. Buey Arriba
  • Parque Bueycito

Where to Find Wifi in Campechuela

  • Parque 24 de Febrero. Campechuela
  • Parque San Ramon

Where to Find Wifi in Cauto Cristo

  • Boulevard Cauto Cristo

Where to Find Wifi in Guisa

  • Parque Calixto García. Guisa
  • Jardín Botánico Cupaynicú
  • Ctro Recreativo El Meson

Where to Find Wifi in Jiguaní

  • Parque de Jiguaní
  • Parque Santa Rita
  • Parque WiFi Jiguaní
  • Parque Cautillo
  • Chaco Redondo
  • Parque 13 de Marzo

Where to Find Wifi in Manzanillo

  • Parque Céspedes. Manzanillo
  • Malecon Manzanillo
  • Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina
  • Parque-ICP-Manzanillo
  • Parque Valle Espín
  • Terminal de Cruceros
  • Calicito
  • San Francisco
  • Troya
  • Pesquera

Where to Find Wifi in Media Luna

  • Parque de los Martires. Media Luna
  • Calle Nuevo Media Luna

Where to Find Wifi in Niquero

  • Parque Niquero

Where to Find Wifi in Pilón

  • Parque José Martí. Pilón
  • Plaza Marea del Portillo
  • Sevilla

Where to Find Wifi in Río Cauto

  • Boulevard Río Cauto

Where to Find Wifi in Yara

  • Parque Carlos Manuel de Céspedes. Yara
  • Boulevard Yara
  • Parque Veguitas

Where to Find Wifi in Holguín Province


Where to Find Wifi in Antilla

  • Parque Antilla

Where to Find Wifi in Báguanos

  • Mercado Indutrial Tacajó
  • Avenida Báguanos

Where to Find Wifi in anes

  • Parque de Banes
  • Deleyte
  • Flamboyanes
  • Parque-El-Bosque-Banes

Where to Find Wifi in Cacocum

  • Cine Antonio Maceo. Cacocum

Where to Find Wifi in Calixto García

  • Parque Calixto García
  • Estadio Calixto García
  • Boulevard-Buenaventura.

Where to Find Wifi in Cueto

  • Parque de Cueto

Where to Find Wifi in Frank País

  • Parque Municipio Frank País

Where to Find Wifi in Gibara

  • Plaza de la Cultura Gibara
  • Parque Uñas. Gibara

Where to Find Wifi in Holguín

  • Parque Julio de Peralta
  • Parque infantil Rubén Bravo
  • Loma de la Cruz
  • Los Framboyanes.
  • Club Bariay
  • Reparto Emilio Bárcenas
  • Parque el Quijote
  • Parque San José
  • Sitio Viviendas Militares
  • Reparto Villanueva
  • Patana Mayabe
  • Castillito Mayabe
  • Parrillada Mayabe
  • Parque Clinica Manuel Angulo
  • Expo-Holguín
  • Boulevard-Holguín
  • Terminal-Viazul
  • Parque-1ro-de-Enero
  • Plaza-La-Central

Where to Find Wifi in Mayarí

  • Parque Mayarí I
  • Parque Mayarí
  • Parque Guatemala. Mayarí
  • Tienda el Minero Levisa. Mayarí
  • Arroyo Seco. Mayarí
  • Plaza Guaro. Mayarí
  • Hotel 90 Habitaciones
  • Parque Felton
  • Alto-Cedro

Where to Find Wifi in Moa

  • Parque Las Auroras. Moa

Where to Find Wifi in Rafael Freyre

  • Boullevard Rafael Freyre
  • Plaza Pesquero.

Where to Find Wifi in Sagua de Tánamo

  • Sitio Sagua de Tánamo
  • Calabaza de Sagua de Tánamo
  • Naranjo Agrio. Sagua de Tánamo

Where to Find Wifi in Urbano Noris

  • Boulevard San German.

Where to Find Wifi in Santiago de Cuba Province


Where to Find Wifi in Contramaestre

  • Parque Central Baire
  • Parque Central Contramaestre

Where to Find Wifi in Guamá

  • Parque Chivirico.

Where to Find Wifi in Julio Antonio Mella

  • reas Emisora Radio Titán. Mella

Where to Find Wifi in Palma Soriano

  • Parque José Marti. Palma Soriano
  • Parque Juvenil Palma Soriano

Where to Find Wifi in San Luis

  • Parque San Luis
  • Parque Dos Caminos

Where to Find Wifi in Santiago de Cuba

  • Centro Multiservicios Parque Céspedes
  • Parques Céspedes
  • Parque Ferreiro
  • Plaza de Marte
  • La Alameda
  • Parque Palma Soriano
  • Centro Tecnológico Enramada
  • Enramada Final
  • Areas Supermercado Versalles
  • Galería René Valdés Cedeño (Caguayo)
  • Cafetería ON
  • Restaurante Siboney
  • Centro Multiservicio Versalles
  • Parque Cobre
  • Consejo Popular Cristo
  • Cafeteria NP El caney
  • Centro urbano Abel Santa Maria
  • Escuela Inter Armas Santiago de Cuba
  • Parque Abel Santamaría
  • Centro Comercial Distrito José Martí
  • Cine Capitolio
  • Cine el Cobre
  • Parque Boniato
  • Cine el Cristo
  • FerroCaribe
  • Anfiteatro
  • CM-Distrito-José-Martí
  • Cpjo-Recreativo-Algarrobos
  • El Cayo
  • La Claqueta Rialto
  • Placita SantoTomás

Where to Find Wifi in Segundo Frente

  • reas de Biblioteca Enma Rosa Chuy. Mayarí.

Where to Find Wifi in Songo la Maya

  • Parque La Maya
  • Parque Songo

Where to Find Wifi in Tercer Frente

  • reas Cine III Frente. Cruce de lo Baños

Where to Find Wifi in Guantánamo Province


Where to Find Wifi in Baracoa

  • Parque Central Baracoa
  • Cafeteria El Parque
  • Sitio Río Toa
  • Parque El Jamal Baracoa

Where to Find Wifi in Caimanera

  • Parque Central Caimanera
  • Area Boquerón

Where to Find Wifi in El Salvador

  • Parque Municipio El Salvador
  • Parque Costa Rica
  • CT Carrera Larga
  • CT Costa Rica

Where to Find Wifi in Guantánamo

  • Parque Martí
  • Avenida Camilo Cienfuegos.
  • Parque Máximo Gómez/ Centro Comercial Caribe
  • Complejo Comercial Reparto Obrero
  • Parque 24 Febrero
  • Plaza 28 de septiembre
  • Plaza Pedro A. Pérez
  • Parque Faustino Perez
  • Parque Sur Isleta
  • OBE San Justo

Where to Find Wifi in Imías

  • Parque Imías

Where to Find Wifi in Maisí

  • Parque La Máquina

Where to Find Wifi in Manuel Tames

  • Parque Municipio Manuel Tames
  • Parque Jamaica

Where to Find Wifi in Niceto Pérez

  • Parque Municipio Niceto Pérez

Where to Find Wifi in San Antonio del Sur

  • Parque San Antonio del Sur

Where to Find Wifi in Yateras

  • Parque Municipio Yateras (Palenque)
  • CT Felicidad


Where to Find Wifi in Isla de la Juventud Province


Where to Find Wifi in Isla de la Juventud

  • Boulevard Nueva Gerona.
  • Parque Estudiantes /Cotorras
  • Parque La Fe
  • Parque El Lucero La Demajagua
  • Parque Cine Caribe
  • Parque Ahao
  • Parque-La-Victoria
  • Parque Delio Chacón
  • Estadio Cristobal Labra


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3 thoughts on “Internet Access in Cuba – Where to Find Cuban Wifi [2019]

  • Frank

    Nice to meet your blog, like you we’ve been full-time travellers since 2014 (but temporarily residing in Croatia).

    We were in Cuba in 2011 and sure sounds like things have improved internet-wise since then. Back then we had to go to internet offices where there were a whole bunch of employees basically doing nothing. No customers and the speed sucked. So it’s nice to know they have wifi now in selected places. Still doesn’t sound ideal but much improved and makes it possible for slow-travellers to keep in touch (though I take it streaming netflix is out of the queston…)

    Frank (bbqboy)

  • Dave Howe

    Would you be interested in selling our product?

    Timetel’s prepaid phone card to Call from Cuba to the US for 1.70/min

    • $85 for 50 minutes
    • Include this product in your travel package, or sell it separately
    • Calls from their hotels to the US, if internet service is available
    • Can use their cell phone or call from a landline
    • No extra carrier charges, roaming charges, no hidden fess and no daily fees, just no extra fees. The only fee would be what the hotel charges to use their system, most hotels charge by the hour
    • No rental phones or SIM cards needed
    • 100% guarantee or your clients pay if there is a problem with the hotel service to use the card
    • If they have a balance on their cards when they return to the US, they can use the balance to Call Cuba for .80/minute
    • If they need more minutes you can text them the $85 dollar pin, you collect the money and pay Timetel your cost
    • We offer free sample pin, so you can try it out

    Contact TimeTel at [email protected] and we will email information on the service, locations to call from within Cuba and a test pin to try the service