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5 Sublime Hot Tub Sea Views in England

If there’s one thing that the past couple of years has taught me, it’s that we have to make the most of the now.   We’ve had to explore closer to home.  And we’re more appreciative of simpler pleasures.  And there is nothing better than the joy of a great view and enjoying it with your loved ones.   There is something more than a little luxurious about relaxing in front of a stunning sea view.  And what makes relaxing easier? And more luxurious?  Well, that would be taking in that amazing coast view from a private hot tub.  Yep, that’s right.  Today we’re exploring sublime hot tub sea views and for these, there’s no need to hop on a plane to find them. 


Holidays are about chilling out and doing something different that you wouldn’t do at home.  They’re about exploring new places and new experiences.  And there’s nothing like that sense of well-being that you get when you have truly left the hassle and stress behind.   That we’ve seen the combination of a gorgeous view and a private hot tub is no surprise, as both lead to such a sense of well-being (and there are other proven health benefits too – but more of what I know you want to see – heavenly hot tub sea views.

5 Sublime Hot Tub Sea Views

So if you’re into watching the sun go down while having a chilled glass of fizz as you relax in a hot tub, then you’re in the right place.  I know I am.  So these incredible hot tub sea views have me dreaming of the next escape that I’m planning.  So here are 5 divine hot tub sea views to inspire you to explore, while I explain why this combination is so good for us and how and where you can experience these views.


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1. Whitsand Bay Cornwall Hot Tub Sea View

Nature has a calming effect on stress levels.  And proximity to the sea is associated with many positive health benefits.  So there’s little wonder that combining the benefits of a hot tub with ocean views is an absolute dream.  I can think of nothing better than hiking a bit of the 600-mile plus South West Coast Path and returning to watch the sunset while the heat of the hot tub relaxes my exertions of the day.     This glorious sea view from the hot tub at Rame is part of the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and it is quite beyond compare.

Rame head sublime hot tub sea view

2. St Michael’s Mount Hot Tub Sea View

Hot tubs and great views don’t just have to be for couples, they’re a great treat for the entire family, especially when they come in areas like West Cornwall.  What could be better for relaxing than a luxurious safari tent, complete with a luxury hot tub and views of St Michael’s Mount?   I imagine relaxing in the hammock with a good book, while the more energetic ones take on the trampoline, climbing frame, and football nets.

sublime hot tub sea view Mount Horizon Cornwall

3. Lamorna Cove Hot Tub Sea View

The area of Lamorna Cove is best known for the plethora of post-impressionist artists who flocked here in the early twentieth century.  The cove here has a harbor, quay, and small pebble beach and the views here are sublime.  The cove itself lies at the bottom of a quiet wooded valley between the villages of Mousehole and Porthcurno – home to one of the best views in Cornwall.   I can think of nothing better than spending time here – wild swimming, walking along the beach, and heading back to a luxurious peaceful escape under the stars.  This sea view from the hot tub comes with a wood-fired tub, where the view of the ocean is preceded by the glorious Lamorna Valley.  Perfect!

sublime hot tub sea view lamorna cove buttercup

4. Starry Night Skies and Sea Views from the Hot Tub

Many of the best sea views that you get from hot tubs are because these glorious sea views that I’ve picked are from idyllic sites with plenty of space around them.  This one is no exception.  It’s set in 30 acres of glorious, glorious rolling hills.  In the foreground, you have the rolling hills of Cornwall, with the ocean in the distance.  But you’ll have to share this stunning view I’m afraid.   Regular visitors to this spectacular location are roe deer, rabbits, and squirrels.  And you’ll also have to deal with the noise.  Cope if you can with birdsong and rustling trees.  What a life! It rather reminds me of waking up in the Laos rainforest, just us, in a treehouse with wild black gibbons singing.

sublime hot tub sea view foxy loxy

5. BONUS Hot Tub Water View

I said 5 sublime sea-view hot tubs.  Which I think you’ll agree, are pretty darned uplifting.  But it’s not just sea views that enhance our relaxation.  Water and nature views do too.  And I couldn’t resist this final bonus view from the tub for you.  And for this one, you’ll need to head to Somerset, which is never a hardship.   Your glorious view from the hot tub in the Lady’s Well Shepherds Hut comes in the form of a deep pond that’s fed by a natural spring.    For added romance – this is a favorite retreat for romantic weeks away – this oasis of calm has uninterrupted views of farmland, woodland, and, yes, in the very distance, the sparkling sea.

sublime hot tub sea views ladys well

Sea View Hot Tubs aren’t just for Summer

While I’m writing this I’m imagining sitting in a hot tub with an amazing sea view during the summer months.  It doesn’t, however, just have to be the summer when you do this!  Many of the great hot tubs with sea views that you can rent are available year-round.  And what could be better than sitting in a gloriously warm hot tub on a crisp clear night?  (I’m thinking of watching the stars, drinking a crisp glass of fizz).    And there are a variety of options available to rent these days – whether that’s for a romantic getaway, a family holiday, or a group trip.  One of the best options is glamping accommodation with hot tubs – many of the cabins, huts, and quirkier options have cozy wood burners as well as hot tubs and of course the obligatory great views!  We were lucky enough to spend 5 months of 2020 (ah lockdown, we were very lucky!) as the sole occupants of a luxury woodland glamping site.  I can attest to how glorious that was. 

Why a Hot Tub with a Sea View is good for you

The proven well-being benefits of using hot tubs are well documented (there’s more detail here), but suffice it to say that there are specific health benefits to hot tubs, that’s what gives us this sense of well-being when we’re in them.  The heat from the water brings loosens tight muscles (perfect if you’ve been out for a day of hiking) at the same time that the buoyancy of the water takes the weight off any painful joints.   They also help you to sleep better.  Not, that I’d need much rocking off to sleep after a day of hiking, but the muscle easing would be just perfect!

And what about the views and specifically sea views?  Well yes.  Interacting with nature is a proven de-stressor.   Research has also shown that spending time by the sea is good for your well-being.  The color blue, for instance, is associated by many with feelings of calm and peace.   Combine that with sea air (which contains extra electrons in places near the sea and waterfalls), and which contributes to a further soothed state, and, well, you’re onto a winner. You just have to look at some of the uses of hot springs around the world to understand this more. The Koreans love their Hot Springs (and here are 8 of the most amazing Korean Hot Springs). And there are entire towns in Japan, like Kinosaki Onsen, where public onsens are extremely popular (and absolutely fabulous to go to). And then there’s our adopted hometown of Bansko, Bulgaria, which has a series of both free and paid-for hot springs around the area.

So there you are.  The science behind why these beautiful hot tub sea views are a must in your (and my) future!

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Final Words on Hot Tub sea views

Whether you choose to have an active break or a truly, completely relaxing break, there are a few things that we all want from a holiday.   Relaxation, amazing food, remarkable views, and great company.   And we don’t have to travel far from home for these great things.  Combine those with the luxury and health benefits of a hot tub with a sea view and you have the perfect blend.  Come on in and find your perfect sea view hot tub!

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