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The Best Things to do In Seahouses, Northumberland

Known as the Gateway to the Farne Islands, Seahouses is a colorful fishing village on the coast of Northumberland between Bamburgh and Alnwick.  Seahouses is a great place to base yourself for a holiday in Northumberland to maximize your time here.   You can head off on a trip to the Farne Islands, spend days on the wide golden sandy beaches, hike the Northumberland Coastal Trip or spend the time doing day trips from Seahouses.  This friendly village has lots going for it.  Great holiday cottages and apartments, Northumberland food specialities and there are heaps of activities and things to do in Seahouses to make a memorable holiday in Northumberland.


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Best Things to do in Seahouses

Whether you’re staying in Seahouses or nearby there are some great things to do in this small but rather lovely town in Northumberland.  There are miles of gold sandy Northumberland beaches, old-world charm and a fabulously friendly atmosphere.  Here’s our pick of the top things to do in and around Seahouses.

Visit the Farne Islands from Seahouse

Visiting the Farne Islands is a truly unique experience.  It is by far the best thing, the number one thing to do in SeahousesThis group of 15-20 islands off the coast of Northumberland host huge numbers of puffins and other birdlife as well as grey seals throughout the year.  The islands are anywhere from 1 ½ miles to 4 ¾ miles from the shore and virtually all trips there go from Seahouses.  It is only possible to land on SOME of the Farne Islands so some boat trips do not.  There’s an extra charge for landing on the islands.

things to do in seahouses visit the farne islands

If you’re in Seahouses and the weather is good we SERIOUSLY recommend you take this trip.  It is stunning.  (and I type that having spent 3 weeks in the Galapagos in recent years).   If birdlife is interesting, but not your be-all and end-all I recommend taking the trip that allows landing on Longstone Island in order to visit the Longstone Lighthouse which was the home of Victorian Era heroine Grace Darling, who, along with her father led a rescue from the wreck of the steamship the Forfarshire to save 9 people from certain death.  The museum of her life is in Bamburgh and you should visit there before visiting Longstone.

You can arrange trips to the Farne Islands from Seahouses and we recommend Billy Shiels trips.

Have a Day on the Beach at Seahouses

There’s nothing better than spending a day at the beach when you’re in an English seaside town and Seahouses has some fabulous beaches to both the north and south of the town.  The most popular beach I Seahouses is to the north.  With Bamburgh Castle in the background, the dunes behind you and miles of wide sandy beach in front of you.  When there’s a good swell and a good wind (face it, this is the North Sea and the northeast coast, so there’s a good chance of that), then it’s popular with surfers, kite surfers and windsurfers.

things to do in seahouses beach visit

If you do spend the day on the beach be sure to secure your valuables. We use and recommend portable travel safes – here’s our guide to the best travel safes.

Walk Part of the Northumberland Coastal Walk from Seahouses

While there are hundreds of miles of public footpaths through Northumberland it’s a rather special long-distance path that runs through Seahouses. The Northumberland Coastal Path covers 100 kilometres (62 miles) of some of the most beautiful coast in Europe and runs from Berwick Upon Tweed (check our awesome guide of what to do in Berwick here)  in the north to Cresswell in the south.   There is an especially lovely part of it that heads from Seahouses up to Bamburgh.   Why not walk up the coast, have something to eat or a pint at one of the pubs in Bamburgh and then catch the bus back?  Arriva North East is where you can find the timetables.

To keep us on track when we’re walking in England we use an Ordnance Survey Map – although we prefer the digital version – you can download offline maps with the OS Map from £2.99 a month > try it for free for a week here.

Go Diving at Seahouses

It might be cold but the water is seriously clear here for diving.  Popular spots to dive are the wrecks in the rocks of the Farne Islands, but the marine life here is also interesting.  You’ll likely find some of the Atlantic Grey Seals that breed on the Farne Islands coming to say hello.

You can get more information on diving in Northumberland at Sovereign Diving and Billy Shiel’s Company also has a dive boat and either runs trips or can be chartered.

Go Fishing from Seahouses

Seahouses has a great harbour and some fabulous opportunities to take a trip and so sea fishing.  You can take trips from 3 to 6 hours.  Unity Fishing Trips run a fabulous operation out of Seahouses – and are best contacted through their Facebook Page (they’re very responsive!)

things to do in seahouses go fishing

Play Golf at Seahouses

Northumberland is one of the best places to play Golf.  There are lots of really rather good golf courses in the area and Seahouses is one of them.  The course at Seahouses Golf Course was 9 holes from its foundation in 1913 until 1976 when it was increased to 18 holes.  It has one of the top 50 par three holes in the UK according to Today’s Golfer.  There are special holiday packages for green fees available.

Go Surfing at Seahouses, Northumberland

St Aidan’s Beach, the one that’s to the north of town is a great place for watersports and it has particularly good waves for surfing.  The Northside Surf School is a mobile school and provides lessons and tuition for beginner and more experienced surfers.  If you’ve never surfed before you can start with a beach lesson right here on the beach at Seahouses and move up from there.  Surfing courses in Seahouses start at 2 hours and can run through to 5 days in length.  John Nolan has more than 25 years of surfing experience and has been a surf instructor for 12 and operates private and group lessons 7 days a week, 12 months a year.  There are also stand up paddleboarding lessons available too.  Courses can take place at Seahouses, Beadnell Bay, Bamburgh and on some rivers too (for SUP). Get more info or book your course with John now.

Go Horse Riding at Seahouses

If you’re an experienced rider you can go riding on the beach from Seahouses (I mean, how awesome is that?  Riding along with Bamburgh Beach above the dunes ahead of you?).  Less experienced riders can take lessons in an all-weather area or head out through bridlepaths and country lanes.  Horse Riding in Seahouses can be arranged in advance at Slate Hall Riding Centre and there’s more information here.

Eat Smoked Kippers from Seahouses

Kippers have been smoked in Seahouses since 1843 and the methods to smoke fish are the same now as they were back then.  Smoked Kippers are a traditional Northumberland food (and you can also get them from L Robson in Craster).  Swallowfish, however, is based in Seahouses using the same smokehouses from 1843.  Traditional oak sawdust is used to smoke the fish.  Buy your smoke kippers, salmon or haddock as well as fresh fish from the Swallowfish online shop or head to their delicatessen.   The shop is open from 0900 to 1630 from Monday to Friday and from 0900 until 1300 on Saturdays.  Swallowfish is closed on Sundays.  You can find Swallowfish at the Fisherman’s Kitchen, 2 South Street, Seahouses, Northumberland, NE68 7RB.  Check out other great Northumberland food and drink suggestions here.

things to do in seahouses eat smoked fish

Things to do near Seahouses, Northumberland

There are some great holiday cottages and holiday parks near Seahouses, so it’s a great place to base yourself for a visit to Northumberland and then take day trips from Seahouses to some other fabulous, but close places, here’s our picks of the best spots near Seahouses to take a trip to.

Visit Bamburgh and Bamburgh Castle from Seahouses

It takes less than 10 minutes to drive from Seahouses to Bamburgh and you’ll want to visit this gorgeous village.  There’s a stunning castle, fabulous village cricket in the centre and a superb museum about the heroine of the area, Grace Darling.  A visit to Bamburgh Castle can take most of the day, so pack a picnic, or head to the tea room there for lunch – check out what else to do in Bamburgh here. 

Explore Alnwick and Alnwick Castle from Seahouses

Alnwick is a great day out from Seahouses.  Alnwick is just a 30-minute drive from Seahouses, but if you’re planning on visiting the castle then you’ll likely want to allocate the who day to the castle because there is a LOT to do there!  Alnwick is the second largest castle in England – after Windsor Castle and remains the home of the Dukes of Northumberland.  Most people know it because of its starring role in the Harry Potter movies, Downton Abbey and Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves!  Read more about Alnwick Castle in our guide to Northumberland Castles here. 

See the Chillingham Wild Cattle from Seahouses

There’s a castle at Chillingham, home of the Wakefield Family, but for us, the star of the show here are the Chillingham Wild Cattle.  These cattle are rarer than Giant Pandas and they’re descended from the herds that once roamed the ancient forests of Britain.  You can see them at Chillingham Castle.  Seahouses to Chillingham Castle takes about 35 minutes in a car.

Visit Holy Island on a Day Trip from Seahouses

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne is just 35 minutes’ drive from Seahouses – tides depending of course.  This glorious island of sanctuary just off the coast of Northumberland is connected by a tidal causeway – so you’ll want to be very clear when the causeway is clear as the tides are dangerous here.  Holy Island makes for a fabulous day trip from Seahouses (longer stays are even more special!) with a ruined priory in the location where Christianity came to the North East, a glorious Castle and walled garden and some stunning walks around the island – read more about what to to do on Holy Island here. 

Visit Dunstanburgh Castle from Seahouses

Dunstanburgh Castle is located on a headland on the Northumberland Coast between the villages of Embleton and Craster.   There is only pedestrian access to the castle and its easiest to park in the village of Craster and walk the 1.3 miles from there.  It’s an easy, but uneven walk.  The castle is ruined, but the views of it from the shoreline are stunning.  It’s a great opportunity to take part of the Northumberland Coastal Walk.

things to do near seahouses visit dunstanburgh castle

Final words on the top things to do in Seahouses

Seahouses is a traditional fishing village on the Northumberland coast with a colourful lively harbour and several gorgeous Northumberland Beaches.  Find yourself a cosy cottage, or an awesome apartment here and enjoy everything that Seahouses has to offer.  The village is a perfect location for exploring the other areas of Northumberland while experiencing some of the great things to do in Seahouses.

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