How to Take the Ferry from Grenada to Carriacou [Timetables, Prices]



Grenada is one of the most beautiful Caribbean Islands, with a stunning capital in St George.  However, if you want to experience a little more laidback style on an island where there are fewer people and where everything definitely operates on island time, then you’ll want to head to Carriacou.  Carriacou is one of the three inhabited islands that make up the country of Grenada and it’s easy to visit.  While it is possible (and quicker) to fly from Grenada to Carriacou most visitors take the ferry from Grenada to Carriacou and here’s all you need to know about the trip.

How to go from Grenada to Carriacou

There are 3 ways in which you can travel from Grenada to Carriacou.  You can fly, you can take an inter-island ferry to Carriacou from Grenada or you can sail.    The cheapest and most popular way to travel is to take the ferry.

Flying from Grenada to Carriacou

There are daily flights from Grenada Maurice Bishop International Airport to Lauriston Airport on Carriacou.   This is the fastest way to travel to Carriacou from Grenada and the flight only takes 20 minutes.

You’ll a varied timetable for flights to Carriacou from Grenada and returns – so if you’re travelling on business, or simply want a quick day trip to Carriacou from Grenada, then flying is your best option.  This is the most expensive way to travel between the two islands.  Flights between Grenada and Carriacou are operated by SVG Air and you can book online here.

Taking the Ferry from Grenada to Carriacou

The ferry to Carriacou from Grenada is the most popular way to travel.  You can even send parcels and packages on the ferry to be collected at the other end!   The journey takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours and 30 minutes.  There is standard pricing for this ferry trip and there’s no discount for buying a return ticket, you just pay 2 x the fee.

The Full Details on Taking the Ferry from Grenada to Carriacou

The ferry from St George’s Grenada to Tyrell Bay, Carriacou is operated by Osprey Ferries.  The ferries are modern, well maintained and have both outside seating and inside air-conditioned seating.

Osprey Ferry from Grenada to Carriacou

Ferry operator from Grenada to Carriacou

Osprey Ferries operates the route to Carriacou from Grenada.   The ferry route leaves St Georges, makes a stop in Carriacou and continues to Petit Martinique, and then returns on the same route.

Osprey Ferries have an office in the Geo F Huggins building on the Carenage in St Georges.  If you want to buy tickets BEFORE your day of travel, this is where to go.

Ticket from Grenada to Carriacou Osprey Ferry

Grenada to Carriacou Ferry Timetable

The regular timetable for ferrues to Carriacou from Grenada is as follows:

  • Depart Grenada at 0900 from Monday to Saturday.
  • Depart Grenada at 0800 on Sundays

Note that holidays and carnival times may have different timetables, please check their website for up to date information

Carriacou to Grenada Ferry Timetable

The regular timetable for ferrues to Grenada from Carriacou is as follows:

  • Depart Carriacou at 1530 from Monday to Sunday

If you’re looking to go onwards from Carriacou to St Vincent – check our article here on how to go from Carriacou to Union Island and onwards.

Our guide to how to get from Union Island to St Vincent is here.

How far is it from Grenada to Carriacou on the Ferry?

The ferry takes a direct route from Grenada to Carriacou and the journey is around 50 kilometres (31 miles)

How long does the ferry from Grenada to Carriacou Take?

The journey between Grenada and Carriacou takes between 90 minutes (very, very hopeful) to 2.5 hours.  The average time is 2 hours.

Cost of Ferry from Grenada to Carriacou

The cost of a single ticket on the ferry to Carriacou from Grenada is EC$80.  A return ticket is EC$160.  You can pay in Eastern Caribbean dollars or US dollars.  The cost of a ticket on the ferry to Carriacou from Grenada in US dollars is US$31 for a single ticket.  A return ticket costs US$62

Do I need to buy tickets for the Grenada to Carriacou Ferry?

While the Osprey ferry office suggests that you buy tickets ahead of time, it’s not necessary.  You can buy tickets before your day of travel to Carriacouf from Grenada or buy them on the day of travel.

Where can I buy tickets for the Ferry from Grenada to Carriacou

If you want to buy your tickets for the trip from Grenada to Carriacou before you travel, then you can go into the Osprey Ferries office in St George.  The Osprey Ferries office is located in the Huggins building on the Carenage in St George on the Carenage.

Boarding starts around 45 minutes to one hour prior to the departure time and a line will start to form at this time.  You are VERY unlikely to not get a seat.  Just arrive an hour beforehand and join the informal line, buy your ticket from the pop-up ticket desk right in the ferry departure area.

What to Expect on the Grenada to Carriacou Ferry

Ticket purchase and check-in open about 45-60 minutes before the departure time.

The ferry is air-conditioned and there are seats facing forwards and backwards inside the A/C cabin.  There are also seats under cover at the back of the boat.  There are seats on the top deck, with no sunshade.  There are also a small bar and café on the boat at the back.  The food served is hot dogs.  There are cold drinks available.

Interior cabin Osprey Ferry

What’s the scenery like on Grenada to Carriacou ferry?

You are only likely to see anything if you sit on the top deck.  The windows down below in the air-conditioned cabin have curtains against the sun, but there’s also a lot of waves splash onto them, so seeing out is somewhat blurry.

Top Deck Osprey ferry

Will you get sick on the Grenada to Carriacou Ferry?

It depends on the weather.  In the winter months (i.e. November – March) the seas are rougher, and once you leave the shelter of the island of Grenada, the seas are very rolly.  The ferry pitches a LOT.  The summer months are supposed to be much calmer, but you should bear in mind that once you leave the shelter of the top of the island of Grenada the last body of land that the seas were constrained by was Europe.  So there’s likely to be a lot of swells.

We took the ferry from Grenada to Carriacou in mid January and it was calm until we came out of the lee of the island.   At this point 90% of the travellers on the ferry that we took from Grenada to Carriacou were sick.  Sarah was and Nigel wasn’t.  (Sarah isn’t usually seasick).  The staff are well prepared and have stocks of plastic-lined sick bags and napkins.  They wear plastic gloves and go round and check that people are ok.  If you ever get queasy on a boat then you’re likely to feel sick on this top.

Where does the Grenada –Carriacou Ferry leave from?

The ferry to Carriacou from Grenada leaves from the main ferry dock in St George’s Grenada.  This is near the Fire Station  The ferry usually leaves from an area called the Queen’s Jetty.  This may change if there is a smaller cruise ship moored here, but the ferry is easy to spot if this is the case and it will be very close by (it’s not going to be round the other side of the harbour!).  View from the departure point in St Georges looking onto the Carenage.

The Carenage St Georges Grenada

Map for Grenada Carenage Ferry Departure Point

Where does the Grenada to Carriacou ferry arrive

The ferry from Grenada to Carriacou arrives into Tyrell Bay.  It USED to arrive in Hillsborough, the capital of Carriacou but moved in recent times to Tyrell Bay, where it is safer.  The Hillsborough Postal Pier receives a lot of swell and isn’t as safe for docking or passengers as Tyrell Bay.

How to get from Tyrell Bay to Hillsborough, Carriacou.

Tyrell Bay is 5 kilometres (3 miles) from Hillsborough.  Taxi drivers are allowed onto the port side and you’ll get a few half-hearted asks if you want a taxi.  A taxi from Tyrell Bay to Hillsborough will cost around EC$25.

You can walk directly outside the port area onto the road and you’ll either find a bus waiting, or you can wait there and flag down a bus – they pass regularly.  The buses on Carriacou are the same as Grenada, small 12-14 person minivans.  The route from Tyrell Bay to Hillsborough costs EC$3.50 per person, or EC$4.00 on holidays and Sundays.  If you’re staying somewhere slightly out of town, just ask the bus driver to drop you there.  For instance, for an extra EC$1 per person you can get dropped off the Carriacou Grand View Hotel, saving you a 20-minute walk uphill) from the bus station.  The bus station is in central Carriacou and easy to find.

We recommend the Carriacou Grand View – stunning views, fabulous pool and comfortable rooms too > check rates here

Carriacou GRand View Hotel

Map of Tyrell Bay, Hillsborough and the Hillsborough Bus Station Carriacou

Final Words

This trip was easy to arrange, we bought our tickets a few days before, as we were in St George’s anyway.  Any taxi driver or bus driver in Grenada knows where the “ferry to Carriacou’ goes from and it is easy to spot when you’re in St Georges. The ferry is comfortable (apart from the obvious sea sickness issues), took 2 hours on the day we took it and taking the bus from Tyrell Bay to Hillsborough was both easy, cheap and friendly.


How to go from Grenada to Carriacou



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  • Bob

    As a merchant marine engineer.I visited Grenada in 1955 or ’56. One of my colleagues and I were invited by the pilot to see the island. In his Anglia car we traveled all the way around te island. A gorgeous island ! Somewhere on a small tropical road a man appeared leading a donkey loade up with copra!
    He didn’t really walk, but he danced and sang at the top of his voice ! I had never een a scene like that…
    Women doing their laundry in a little stream….
    At sunset we sat at a place called Santa Mar.a. The “I” was missing yet, because they had just shot a movie there: “Island in the Sun”! We watched the tropical sunset, sipping a rum-punch…
    Many years later I remembered that island and went there to vacation ! There was a charter outfit where you could charter a big sailing yacht ! “Grenada Yacht Services”.
    We sailed the Grenadines several times since ! A great adventure…. From Grenada to Bequia… and back… Anchoring at a different place each night !
    Today Grenada is much more developed, more and bigger hotels, Santa Maria is gone… The old layed back island style is gone…, Too bad,but that is progress for you !
    I was lucky to be invited by the old pilot !