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Hong Kong and Macau Costs

It’s not been a cheap trip here but here’s our round up of Hong Kong and Macau costs.


We spent a week in Hong Kong, collecting contact lenses, waiting for the iPhone to be repaired and picking up our visa for Vietnam- where we’ll meet family in November – and we took a day trip to Macau.

MACAU: Casinos and Portugal in a day
Our trip to Macau is counted as part of the costs of Hong Kong, (we decided it was too expensive to spend the night in Macau, which is why we did this as a day trip). The quick ferry trip is expensive though, our outbound trip cost HKD$159 each (US$20.51, GBP 12.54) and the early evening return – prices go up after 6pm – cost HKD $184 each (US$23.74 GBP 14.51).


We took the free casino bus to the Venetian, spent HKD$10 and then won HKD $92 on the slots, but then took HKD $9 each of that to have a famous Lord Stow Bakery egg tart and used it to augment the HKD $110 each we spent on getting a taste of Portugal with a late lunch of Bacalhau Com Natas, Sardinhas and Super Bock beer.


We’d staved off lunch and the hunger pangs until later in the day by wandering from Leal Senado up to the Ruins of St Paul’s taking advantage of all the free samples available – from caramelized pork to Macau cookies.


A final HKD $5 each got us a bus back to the ferry terminal, the rest of our day in the old town was free.

Total cost for a day trip to Macau: HKD$ 425 each – (US $54.83, GBP 33.51)

Hong Kong Costs
When it comes to Hong Kong, our accommodation, despite us being based at the Chungking Mansions (renowned as cheap, cheap, cheap for backpackers) in Kowloon was an average of $31.24 a night for the room – $15.62 each. We stayed in the same place all 7 nights and spent a total of $219.37, or $109.69 each on a place to rest our head, shower and get good Internet access.

The rest of our costs in Hong Kong were minimal. We ate cheap, including fabulous samosas for HKD $5 from various places in the Chungking Mansions. Transport is very cheap, we used the fabulous Octopus card for convenience more than saving money. The world famous Star Ferry, which we took from Kowloon to Hong Kong island and back several times costs us HKD $2.50 during the week and HKD $3.40 at the weekend. We numbed our bums on the wonderful tram, which runs almost the length of the island and back for $2.50 each way. We rode across the island to Aberdeen and then to Stanley and all the way back to Kowloon for around HKD $22 (about USD $ 2.84 GBP 1.76) on three separate buses.


Our biggest expense was taking the peak tram to Victoria Peak, wandering up to the Sky Terrace for a 360 degree view (it’s only slightly better than the free view from the nearby shopping centre – yes there is a shopping centre, well two actually, at the peak) at a massive HKD$88.

2014-09-19 18.47.56

We blew HKD$6 each on an egg tart at the top, made famous by being the favorite of ex Hong Kong Governor, Chris Patten.

2014-09-19 17.11.04

We had a night at the races for HKD $10 each, squandering HKD$30 between us on three bets. We came last, second last and in the last race we bet on, I swear the horse was going backwards.


Total average for a week in Hong Kong, including a day in Macau?
$50.24 each, having us getting on a plane out of Hong Kong heading to Seoul, South Korea, with the trip as a whole at an average of $62.25 a day each.

I think that $50.24 each deserves a little “woo hoo”, it was unexpected, so perhaps, a bigger “woo hoo”.

We’re taking the Hong Kong Express flight directly into Seoul where we’ll be spending somewhere between 10 and 14 days doing our best to have a budget Korean experience – see you there!





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