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5 things to eat in Jaipur [Unique Foods to Eat in Jaipur, India ]

We can’t leave Jaipur without telling you about some of the food and drinks to try here, because this glorious Pink City has some specific food and drinks that you really should try. So here we go, here are your 5 things to eat in Jaipur.


5 Things to Eat in Jaipur

I feel that we have a list for everything. There’s a list of places to see, things to do and there is definitely a list of things to eat everywhere. Here in Jaipur, we had a very specific list of things to eat. So here you are. Our tip 5 things to eat in Jaipur.

1. Eat Onion Kachori in Jaipur

There’s a Jaipur food institution called Rawat Mishtan Bandar.  They’re famous for their sweet lassi and some specific savory dishes.

The first stop is the payment counter, where they’re really friendly, and obviously used to people not quite knowing what they want.  Don’t worry, they’ll direct you, although you’ll probably end up with more than you bargained for.

Buying Onion Kachori in Jaipur

The onion kachori is what they’re famous for and they cost 25 INR each.  Deep-fried onion tasty.  Nom nom.

Rawat Mishtan Bandar Onion Kachori and Samosa
Hirch Bada at Rawat Mishtan Bandar

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This is worth your while coming for this alone, but while you’re here, be sure to try the veg samosa and the Hirch Bada. The Hirch Bada is a deep-fried, big green chili with veg stuffing, it’s tasty, but not too spicy.

2. Saffron Flavoured Lassi

Saffron-flavoured creamy lassi here at Rawat Mishtan Bandar is 40 INR each.  They’re served with a spoon and if you don’t have a huge sweet tooth then we’d suggest that you share.  The saffron flavoring is delicate and worth a try.

Saffron flavored lassi from Jaipur

3. & 4 Dhal Fry and Chapatis

It’s worth coming to the Doors restaurant opposite the Raj Gandiv cinema for the price of the food alone. Mind you, the taste is darned good too!  The fabulous chapatis cost 5 INR each.  That’s 6 UK pence, or 7 US cents.  So fill yourself up.

Chapatis from the Doors restaurant

The fabulous dhal fry was just 45 INR for a half portion and more than enough for one person!

Dhal Fry from Jaipur

5. Lassi from a Lassi Wala

Jaipur is famous for her Lassi Wala’s.  Wala just means seller.  And there are lots of them.  You’ll find them on the MI road, close to the junction with the Bhagwant Das road.  They’re all alongside each other. Once you spot the bins of empty clay pots you’ll know you’re in the right place.

Used Lassi Clay pots Jaipur

The one to go to is shop 312, It’s been in business since in 1944.  Our first attempt to acquire lassi failed miserably, as we’d arrived there at 17:30.  The Lassi sold out hours ago.

At 10 am the next day we were more successful.    This is where you buy lassi in a handle-free clay pot.  It’s fabulous and sour.  (We love the sour or salt lassi).  It’s tasty, with a little hard curd skin to chew on.  No, seriously, it’s good.  But, possibly not as good as the amazing creamy lassi we found in Amritsar, while we were exploring Punjabi Food

Lassi Walas at Shop 312 in Jaipur
Lassi in a Clay Pot Jaipur

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Final Words on 5 Things to Eat and Drink in Jaipur

This wasn’t all we ate, just some of the highlights.  But these absolutely are 5 things you should put on your list to eat in Jaipur. Each of the different areas and cities of India has some amazingly different options for food. And they’re well worth traveling for.

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