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Incredible India – New Year, New Country

It’s New Years Day.  We’re in India.  Incredible India as the tourist office keep telling us.


We woke up this morning in the kitchen. Oh, yes, I know that’s probably a not unfamiliar tale for a lot of revellers. For us, we’re at a homestay in Fort Kochi, India and our bed is quite literally in the kitchen.

The working surface is still in place, the old hob has been boxed in, but the back splash is still there. There are electric sockets galore. But only one works. This must have been a pretty good kitchen.

As a bedroom it’s not scoring well for me. The bed is 4 feet wide. Maybe. That’s for both of us.  The windows don’t close and although there’s mosquito netting over them, the other vents in the room don’t have that. And there’s no provided mosquito net. The curtains are mere scraps of light colored material that enhance the light as it comes through the grills. The “available everywhere” Wifi is available as far as the outside of the door to the room.

Luckily, we’ve been carrying a mosquito net since Shanghai and a little jury rigging of bag handles, washing lines, two belts and some hastily bought string means that we assume the sleeping position with some barrier to bites.

I’m determined to not let it get me down. Incredible India and all that.

Yet everything I’m reading from other blogs, and the three separate lots of folks we met on the bus from the airport yesterday tell us that India will break us. We will hate it. But maybe love it too. We had a love hate relationship with Delhi too.

That our month in Sri Lanka was very gentle compared to what India will be like.

I am telling myself that we will be different.  That this is Incredible India.

I have a cut on my hand too. It’s the first injury in 8 months of road and rail travel. It’s semi-self inflicted. Walking back from dinner last night, an enthusiastic young lad in a crowd wished me a Happy New Year by groping me. So I slapped him. He was apparently grinning too much before he realized he was getting a slap and his teeth raked the palm of my hand. Now I wish I’d punched him. And kneed him in the groin.

I am determined to enjoy Incredible India. Even if I have to punch my way through. But first, I’m going to stop and revel in the thought that we have six months to see the country and we’ll take a little down time to figure out our route first!


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