We spent hours looking for just the right products to take away with us. Whether that’s the best backpacks, walking shoes, water bottles or even a new wallet. Here you’ll find our reviews of the best products to take travelling. We’ll share our criteria for buying the best gadgets, travel gear and electronics. When we don’t like something we’ll tell you about that too.

We buy all our own gear, none of these items are sponsored by manufacturers so you’ll get the warts and all stories behind what we do and don’t like.

If there’s something that you’re looking for that we haven’t yet written about, then drop us a line, chances are we’re already bought it and used it a hundred times over.  We’d be happy to share which we think are the best options for you!.

Best Travel Gear Reviews

  • Help secure your gear when travelling or at the beach – or even the gym – here’s how to pick the Best Portable Travel Safes
  • Best Travel Towels – check out our indepth coverage of travel towels, which has been 4 years in the making!
  • Best Filter Water Bottles – want to drink water from any source?  Save the environment by not buying disposable plastic bottles.  You need this guide.
  • The Best Travel VPNs – take a look at our reviews of the best VPNs for travel – we compare the best!
  • Why we really picked our filter water bottle – and how we use it – this is the full filter water bottle review.

Come back soon to check out our Best Head Lamps and Best Head Torches, the Best Budget Small Laptops for Travel, Best Day Backs for Long Term Travel and much more.