The Most Awesome Things to Do in Malaga



Guide to the most awesome things to do in Malaga, Spain. Find the top activities in Malaga, Malaga’s best museums, amazing walking tours and fabulous food.  Home of flamenco and Pablo Picasso Malaga has an ancient history and an intriguing cultural mix.  Whether you send a day in Malaga or try and see Malaga in a week, we think that there are so many awesome things to do in Malaga that your only regret will be not coming for longer.

We’ll explore the history of Malta and how this has influenced the architecture of the old town as well as the major attractions in Malaga.  Malaga is known as the museum city – and we’lll cover all the major museums of the city as well as when you can visit them for free.  Malaga is also, for us, the city of tapas – there are hundreds of tapas bars within the old town and we’ll share with you where to find the best of them!

Top things to do in Malaga

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Visit Gibalfaro Castle



The Roman Theatre

Malaga Cathedral

Malaga Market

Walk the Harbourfront in Malaga

Relax on Malaguena Beach

Eat Sardines on the Beach in Malaga

Eat Tapas

Where to Drink Wine in Malaga

Best Museums in Malaga to Visit

The Malaga Wine Museum

The Picasso Museum

Festivals in Malaga

Semana Santa

Feria d’Agosto


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