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Our Filter Water Bottle Review – [Travel Tap, Fill2Pure, Seychelles]

Travelling makes you very aware of the things that you rely on at home.  Probably the biggest eye-opener to use in our 6 years of travel has been about drinking water.  Or should I say safe potable water?  Many places around the world don’t have safe drinking water.  Even in those places where is its deemed as safe, it contains minerals and salts that your digestive system may not be used to, and may cause you to get sick.  In this filter water bottle review, I’ll cover how we use our filter water bottles, what we use them for when we use filter water bottles and what our water experiences have been.


Why filter water bottles are essential in your travel kit

We’ve been travelling for 6 years now.  We’ve carried filter water bottles for virtually all of that time.   I’ve been sick twice in the 6 years because of bad water and the only two times I was sick was when I relied on water that hadn’t come through my filter water bottle.    On both occasions, I was assured that the water had been purified and filtered. The first time I was sick for weeks on end, swallowing rehydration salts like they were going out of fashion, saw 3 different doctors and I even spent several days in hospital in India as a result.

We believe that there are four primary reasons for using filter water bottles, and it makes sense to start with the health situation.  I’m going to list them here and then cover them in more detail later.

  1. Use a filter water bottle for water safety
  2. Use a filter water bottle to reduce single-use plastic consumption
  3. Use a filter water bottle to save money
  4. Use a filter water bottle so the water tastes better!

Why We Chose our Filter Water Bottle Design

In our filter water bottle reviews overview post we went through the leading filter water bottles.  All of them had to be capable of filtering water from streams and filtering out not just taste, but also bacteria and all the nasties.  In that post I go into HUGE detail about the technical information of filter water bottles and the whys and whatfors, so head on over there if that’s what you want.

In this post, I’m going to focus on what REALLY, REALLY sold us on the filter water bottle that we chose and why.

We chose the Drinksafe Systems Travel Tap because it met all our criteria, plus it gave us EXTRA options.  However, the Travel Tap is only available in the UK & Europe, so we found similar designs for other territories.

Benefits of the Drinksafe Travel Tap / Fill2Pure /Seychelles Design

Our filter water bottles were bought in the UK and are the Drink Safe systems Travel Tap – the same style of design is found in Australia and New Zealand as the Fill2Pure and in the USA as Seychelles.

How the Travel Tap helps us drink more fluids

All the other filtered water bottles that we reviewed require you to drink the water from the bottle.  The bottle design that we chose allows us to SQUEEZE the bottle and thus push the water out into another receptacle.  We use this ALL the time.

Honestly its that simple.  It meets all the technical requirements, but it’s this design that makes it SO, SO, SO usable.

We use our Steripen (and TBH we only add this step because Sarah is paranoid about getting sick from bad water again), then squeeze water through the filter and into a separate bottle, and then – guilty secret time – add Kool-Aid or Flavor Aid or Tang to it.  And yes, it makes me drink more fluids, lots more.   You can’t drink flavoured water through the filter water bottle because it’s going to strip out the flavour, because that’s what it does… – and by the way yes we tried it, it clogs the filter and ends its life much quicker if you do this.  Check Steripen options here

Generally we will use our Steripen to purify water if we’re putting it in the kettle for hot drinks or for cooking pasta or rice.  Boiling water does get rid of nasties, BUT you need to boil for 3 minutes – and also if you’re at altitude the timings are different.

We even use this process (the steripen + filter water bottle) to make ice, because a G&T isn’t the same without a couple of cubes of ice (but I’m not going to get sick from the ice in my G&T!)

6 GREAT benefits of the Travel Tap / Fill2Pure /Seychelles design?

  1. There’s no wait for the water to drip through with this design. You simply open the spout and squeeze the bottle.
  2. You do NOT need to tip the bottle up – so if anyone you know has neck problems, then this is perfect for them. Just raise the spout to your mouth and squeeze.
  3. The ability to squeeze makes it really easy to use the water for, say washing your hands, or washing out a wound with safe water.
  4. The filter is good for about 1600 litres of water – but you can replace the filter –you don’t have to buy a new bottle.  When the filter gets to the end of its life it stops sending water through, so you know when it needs replacing because you can’t drink through it.  It’s a great failsafe.
  5. If you’re in an area where you trust the water – then you can still use the bottle, you get a handy piece of plastic tubing and you can remove the filter, saving it for when you really do need it. So there’s no need to buy a separate bottle for those “good water countries”.
  6. The design doesn’t leak. It tips over when I’m on a plane, or on a bus and doesn’t leak.  The handy robust strap keeps it attached to my day pack so it doesn’t get lost or drop out of my pack.

So How Do We Use Filter Water Bottles While Travelling?

Use Filter Water Bottles for Water Safety

Unsafe water is one of the biggest causes of disease and death worldwide, yet if you come from a western country you usually take it for granted.  Drink straight from the tap, brush your teeth with water from the tap, use it in all your cooking and so on.  If water is untreated or contaminated it can contain Giardia and Cryptosporidium which can cause nasty gastrointestinal diseases.  Some experts even claim that chlorine and fluoride, which are often added to treated water sources to cause an increased risk of cancers.

I don’t know what the water contained that made me sick.  None of the tests were conclusive, I just know I was particularly sick.  But I’m much more cautious now.

Even in places where the tap water is safe to drink, if I’m not boiling it, I use a Steripen and then put it through my filter water bottle – different minerals and salts in the waters around the world can upset stomachs and ruin holidays and travel plans.  It’s not worth the risk to me.

Use a filter water bottle because we all should reduce single-use plastic

One other thing that you become increasingly aware of when you travel is how much recycling is NOT done in the world.  And how much single-use plastic there is.  Just wander along a beach in South East Asia, or even in the Caribbean and you’ll see the problems.  Between 8 and 12 million tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans on an annual basis.  Watch Blue Planet from the BBC. 

If you can’t access the BBC from your country consider a VPN to allow you to bypass georestrictions (more in our article on how that works here)

Use a filter water bottle to save money.

I need water to survive.  That doesn’t mean I need bottled water to survive.  We did the numbers.  Over 14 months we saved about Us$1000 by using filter water bottles.  That’s US$1000 that we can spend on something else.   If you want to know how much bottled water costs your pocked, then check out these figures from Numbeo

We take empty filter water bottles through airport security in EVERY AIRPORT WE TRAVEL THROUGH and then ask at a restaurant or café if we can use their tap water to fill them up.  If there’s no café then we use the taps in the toilets if there are no drinking water fountains.  This more than anything else will save you a fortune and stop you being held hostage to airport security and the megabucks that a bottle of water costs after security.

Use a filter water bottle to make the water taste better

I’m pretty sure I used to laugh when people said water had a taste.   But it does.  And it’s different in different places around the world.  That said I find drinking water seriously boring.  I would definitely prefer to drink sparkling water.  And I definitely drink more liquids if it tastes of something (and that is one of the reasons why we chose the filter water bottle that we did because it makes it really easy to add flavour to it and keep my fluid intake up!)

Where Can you Buy this Design of Filter Water Bottle?

The easiest place to buy this style of filter water bottle is on Amazon – whichever Amazon you use

FAQS on Travel Tap / Fill2Pure /Seychelles

Are the Fill2Pure and Travel Tap and Seychelles the same product?

No.  They’re not the same product, so there may be some differences in the filter technology, but the design and style are the same.

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