how to select & assess tech for travel

Choosing the Right Technology for Your Travels

Every budding travel writer needs to have at their disposal, an artillery of equipment that will help them get the best from their trip, keep them connected, and allow them to create. Finding the right technology for the job can be tricky, as there are several factors to consider.


Firstly, you’ll need a shopping list. You’re going to need a laptop so that you can write and access your website. You’ll need a phone – it’s great to disconnect on holiday occasionally, but for the professional travel blogger, it’s not always an option. There is always lots to plan, so having your phone with you, and turned on is helpful. You will also need a decent camera. While your phone will no doubt have one, and the quality of the photos you can take with it might be pretty high- for professional standard images, to go on a popular website, you’ll need the best photos you can take.

You’ll also need to think about taking some additional memory cards, as well as emergency phone chargers.

Take Light Weight Technology Traveling

Whenever you fly, you’ve got to consider the weight of everything you take. Picking products with a few grams variance can make all of the difference when it comes to packing. Look at the weight of a piece of kit before you buy it.

Keep It Compact for Easy Technology When Traveling

Having lightweight items can keep you from exceeding your baggage allowance, but keeping your tech small will help you fit everything in.

If you’re out and about lots, you’ll probably want to work as you go. Having smaller items will make it much easier to take things with you wherever you go.

Look For Reliability

Think about getting products that are known for their quality. The last thing you want when you’re overseas is for your laptop to break. Obviously, you’ll make sure it’s covered by insurance. But it would be a huge inconvenience that would cost you your ability to work if things broke down.

Look For Battery Life

There is nothing worse than being miles from anywhere, when your battery dies, with no charger or spare. Look for devices with extra-long battery life. If there are options for interchangeable batteries, buy spares. Emergency chargers will come in handy too.

Make Access Easy

You’ll want quick access to your information on the go, so find out how to turn off two-factor authentication. Though, it’s useful to know (and we recommend this!) how to turn it on if you are worried about security.

Use cloud-based applications to save space on your hard drive. You’ll be able to access your files from any device then too, just in case the worst does happen. (we recommend services like Dropbox and use them ourselves too).

Think about setting up a VPN that you can use while traveling. Don’t know what a VPN is? Our common sense guide to VPNs for travel is here.

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Don’t Forget Insurance

If your devices get lost or stolen while you are traveling, it can be devastating. If your work is reliant on your technology, it is even more so. Shop around and get the best policy for you. Look at the terms that you are being offered, and make sure that the excess suits your needs.

What worries you about tech and travel?  Let us know in the comments or drop us an email!

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