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You can promote your brand to tens of thousands of travellers each month with the help of ASocialNomad.

ASocialNomad is a travel brand with a reputation for detailed, informative travel advice around the world – from Japan to Cuba, South East Asia to Europe and South and Central America.

Our travel content is informed, researched and detailed.  We cover from which buses to take, to what ATMs will give you the best rate and how to experience the best local experience.  Our site is always about the location and the experience, not us.

The ASocialNomad website, our social media channels and the thousands on our email list is a great way to reach travellers interested in experience cultural, food, drink and outdoor activities.

We can help you to promote your brand to our audience.

About Us

We are a Gen X couple who love to travel in a local style and experience the food, outdoors and culture of a location.  Our content is focused on making travel available to all.

We have previously run large teams, written detailed technical content and worked with all budget levels.  We are ex Project Managers and heads of sales and marketing.  We understand what makes brands tick because we’ve been there and we produce our content based on extensive personal research and experience.  You can read more about us and our background here.

What ASocialNomad can do for your brand

We can help promote your brand to more than 15,000 travellers and travel planners each month.   Our current pageviews are 25,000 in July 2019 and increase steadily on a monthly basis.

How you can Work with ASocialNomad

There are many ways you can work with ASocialNomad – from affiliate marketing to sponsored posts to product views, press trips to advertising.

Here are some of the common ways brands choose to work with us, but we are open to other activities.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Reviews
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Advertising
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Speaking Engagements

Affiliate Marketing with ASocialNomad

If you have a product or service that you want to direct specific customers to, let us know about your affiliate scheme and if you fit with our travel style we’ll work together.

Product Reviews with ASocialNomad

We can promote your physical, digital or activity products.  We are available to write reviews and promote your product and our review.  This can help you to

  • Gain additional brand awareness, and increased visibility and brand awareness.
  • Increased search traffic and search engine rankings
  • Ongoing content marketing. Our reviews and articles remain on our site forever.

All products and services that we review and write about must reflect our travel values and style.

Sponsored Posts with ASocialNomad

We can promote your brand, destination or attraction by writing an article about it and our travel.  This can help you to:

  • Gain additional brand awareness and increased exposure
  • Increase footfall and traffic to your service and attraction

We will only work with sponsored content that reflects our usual style of travel and activities.

Advertising with ASocialNomad

We can promote your brand via advertising on  Your advert can be placed anywhere on our site, with our agreement.  This can help you to:

  • Gain increased brand awareness and increased exposure.
  • Gain additional click-throughs to your site

Press and FAM Trips

We love seeing new places and experiencing new activities.  We then share them with our readers, so they can take trips too.  Our content always reflects our experience of a location and our feelings but is always focused firmly on the experience or the location.

Our partners will verify that readers take action after reading our content.  They visit locations, take hikes and book experiences.  Our content on off the beaten track locations, accommodations and experiences rank highly and quickly in search engines.

Invite us to your location, on your experience and to your attraction and we’ll write good quality content, take photographs that reflect the experience and then share it all on our blog, through our mailing list and across our social platforms.

Brand Ambassadorships

We can’t stop telling our readers about brands that work for us.  Whether it’s a backpack, clothing, way to save money or stay secure on our travels.   If you’re a brand that we know, love and use in our lives we’d love to promote you on a regular basis across our site and on our social platforms.

What you gain:

  • International brand awareness and increased exposure
  • Association of your brand with our brand
  • Regular and continued exposure


Our Vital Statistics

  • Monthly Active Visitors: 15,000+
  • Monthly Pageviews: 25,700+
  • Average Session: 01:47
  • Domain Authority: 40
  • Email Subscribers: 1100+


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Interested in working with us?  Send us an email [email protected] and get in touch with your projects and we look forward to working with you.