How to Go Peruvian Wine Tasting – Pisco Distilleries in Ica



Ica, Peru is the centre of the Peruvian Pisco industry.  It’s also where you’ll find the best opportunity to taste Peruvian wine, which has been made here since the Spanish colonized the country.    There are a variety of Peruvian vineyards and wineries here – all of whom also distil the countries most famous export of Pisco.

Whether you visit the Ica wineries from Huachachina or Ica, there are great opportunities here to check out the emerging Peruvian winemaking industry and also to taste the different pisco liquors on offer.

In this article, we’ll cover

  • The history of Peruvian Wine
  • The Origins of Pisco
  • What is Pisco
  • Peruvian Pisco versus Chilean Pisco
  • How to take a Peruvian wine tour from Ica
  • How to take a pisco tasting tour from Huachachina
  • Which bodegas should you visit in Peru?
  • Which Ica wineries should you visit?
  • How to drink Pisco
  • Where to find the best Pisco Sour in Peru

Most people visit the area around Ica to stay at the desert oasis of Huachachina, to go sandboarding, dune buggying and to scout out a hot of the famous Peruvian oasis.  Ica, though, the city closest to Huachahina is famous for being the largest products of Peruvian wine and wine in the country.  It’s also recognized as being the best.

More well-known for delivering pisco to the world than its neighbour, Chile, Peru’s most famous export is made here in huge quantities, but it’s the emerging wine production that we were drawn to.

Most of the bodgeas that you are able to visit here close to Ica and Huachahina produce both wine and pisco.  Many allow tours and tastings as well as discounted retail sales.  There are large industrial bodegas, like Tacama (which could give Napa wineries a run for their money), the smaller, boutique, but rather nice Bodegas Vista Alegre and the family-run operations like Bodegas Lazo.  Whichever pisco distillery or Peruvian winery you choose to visit, there are a variety of ways to get there, and some great opportunities to taste the produce from this unique area.

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