Skavsta Airport to Stockholm

How to go from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm

Most visitors to Stockholm will arrive at the airport and then need to transfer into the city.  We were no different, but also had to work out how to get between Stockholm Central and the airport as well.  First of all, there are four different airports in Stockholm.  So your route to and from Sweden’s capital depends on which airport you fly into.  This guide covers whether you’re going from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm or Stockholm to Skavsta Airport as you’ll need to know the best way to travel between these two destinations.  You have a variety of options for transport between Skavsta Airport and Stockholm, but what’s the best way to go from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm?  And what are the options for traveling to Stockholm from Skavsta Airport?  Here’s our guide on how to get to Stockholm from Skavsta Airport.



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Easiest Way from Skavsta to Stockholm

Taking the bus from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm is a great option to get you to Stockholm Central. We took this bus and it’s comfortable and easy to use.

Where is Skavsta Airport?

Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city is about 110 kilometres (68 miles) north of Skavsta Airport.  The airport is near Nyköping, which is in Södermanland County.  There are 41 airports in Sweden and Skavsta is now the fifth largest – it is a popular airport with budget airline Wizzair.  Skavsta airport is connected to Stockholm by the main E4 motorway.

How to Go from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm – Transport Options

In this guide on how to go from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm, we’ll cover the fastest way to travel go from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm, the easiest way to go to Stockholm from Skavsta Airport, and the cheapest way to get to Stockholm from Skavsta Airport.

If you’re planning a road trip around Sweden, the Scandinavian countries, or the Nordic countries then you’ll want to collect your rental car AFTER exploring Stockholm.  Parking is at a premium in the city and costs a lot.  Add to that there’s also a green charge to enter the city, so you’re best trying to use a car as little as possible in Stockholm itself. My guide to renting a car in Sweden is here.

You can take several buses, private transfers or you can pick up a rental car and drive from the airport at Skavsta to Stockholm.  The best way to go depends on your budget, the time you have available, and where you want to arrive in Stockholm.  If you’re having a short break in Stockholm you’ll want to maximize your time, so pick a quick route into the city, and check out our 2 perfect days in Stockholm itinerary.

Skavsta Airport Terminal

How to get to Stockholm from Skavsta Airport

For transport from Stockholm to Skavsta Airport, then you have several options.  You can take an airport bus from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm, you can take a bus and then the train from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm, rent a car at the airport and drive or you can take a private transfer or taxi to Stockholm from Skavsta Airport. 

Buses from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm

It’s about 110 kilometers (68 miles) by road from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm and the airport buses from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm are one of the easiest ways to go from Stockholm Skavsta to Stockholm Central. 

Flybusssarna Buses at Skavsta Airport

Buses to and from Skavsta Airport and Stockholm are operated by Flybussarna AND FlixBus.  The cost is the same for both bus operators and they depart and arrive from the same place at the airport and in the city.  You can choose between the two based on the times they depart.

There are many more departure times with Flybussarna than with Flixbus.  The ticket that you buy directly with Flybussarna is valid at any departure time for three months.  If you buy the Flixbus ticket you can select a seat, but your ticket is only valid for a particular date and time.

FlixBus Interior Sweden

It takes about 90 minutes to go from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm by airport bus and the buses generally arrive to meet arriving and departing flights. Your bus ticket includes a bag in the luggage compartment, WiFi, and a seat (although someone did stand on our bus as well).  Bus tickets from Skavsta to Stockholm cost from 159 SEK per person for adults.  You can book a ticket here, directly with Flybussarna, or with 12go and select your chargeable currency.

You can even buy tickets on the Skavsta Stockholm bus if there are still seats available.  You CANNOT pay for your bus ticket with cash on the bus though, it is a cashless purchase.

You don’t need to print a ticket for buses from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm, you can use an electronic ticket from your online booking from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm.

There’s also an airport bus service to Stockholm from Skavsta with Flixbus, where you can select the specific seats that you want.  Flixbus runs less frequently than Flybussarna, but they are a good and comfortable option – we used them to travel on this route between Stockholm Central and Skavsta.

We prebooked our tickets online – and simply walked from the arrivals lounge to the bus, joined the line, and got on the next leaving bus.   We bought our tickets as we were walking from the arrivals to the bus, using the free airport WiFI (I of course fired up our VPN to put in my Wise card details, making sure that I was both secure and saving money while making the purchase. 

We always get a local SIM card for WiFI when we’re traveling, so that we can make changes to our plans on the fly. The BEST local SIM for Sweden is this eSIM, which means that you’ll be online as soon as you leave the plane.

If your phone doesn’t take eSIMs, then my guide to SIM cards for Sweden is here. If you prefer to buy in country, then its best to buy one before leaving the airport.

Another thing to check before you leave the airport is that you have the right power adapter for Sweden, as this is best place to pick on up. It is, however, always better to buy from home. My guide to Swedish power adapter requirements is here.

Flybussarna charges in Swedish Kroner, so you’ll want to make sure that you have a card that doesn’t levy international charges. (Read my guide to the Wise travel card ).

If you prefer an option that charges in your local currency, then you can book the Flixbus here


Wise card

Get a Fee Free Card to Use

Get a WISE Card to take to on your travels. Two free ATM withdrawals per month, plus free to use to pay by card with zero foreign transaction fees.

FlixBus Skavsta to Stockholm

Local Buses and Trains from Skavsta Airport

If you want to get to Stockholm as cheaply as possible from Skavsta, then you can take the local bus from the airport to Nyköping, and then take either a bus or a train.  Here are the details.

Local Bus from Skavsta to Nyköping

You can take a local bus – the 515 from Skavsta airport, but it only goes as far as the Nyköping city center.  From Nyköping you can take either a bus to Stockholm or a train.  The 515 is a cashless bus, but you can pay with a card. 

The 515 bus from Skavsta airport to Nyköping takes 10 minutes to Nyköping bus station and a further 5 minutes to the Nyköping train station.

A ticket for the 515 bus will cost 26 SEK

You can also buy tickets for the 515 bus at the Pressbyrån shop at the Airport.  You can find the timetable for the 515 bus here.

Once you’ve arrived in Nyköping you’ll need to take either a bus or a train to Stockholm.

Bus from Nyköping to Stockholm

Once you’ve arrived in Nyköping you can take the Flixbus to Stockholm, you’ll need to check where in Stockholm the bus terminates, as while some will have their final stop at Stockholm Cityterminalen, others go to Solna and some go to Liljeholmen.  If you’re going to the City Terminal, then it will take about 85 minutes.  This combination of the 515 bus to Nyköping and then Flixbus from Nyköping to Stockholm is the cheapest way to go from Skavsta to Stockholm – but that assumes that you are traveling at the cheapest time, and prebooking and that you have the time.  (it feels like an awful lot of hassle and time-wasting!)

Train from Nyköping to Stockholm

You can take a regional train from Nyköping to Stockholm that takes around an hour – prices start at around 115 SEK for adults, although the price of train tickets is NOT fixed in Sweden, so you’ll have to check the prices for the time that you want to travel.  If you have children, however, this may work out as the cheapest way to travel (although the hassle factor may put you off).  Two children under the age of 16 can travel for free with each paid adult ticket – which could be a considerable saving!  You can check the prices HERE, to see if it works for you.

Driving from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm

If you opt to drive, then rent your car here and once you’ve collected your rental car, you’ll follow the E4 motorway which takes you directly to Stockholm.  The parking garage for rental cars at Skavsta is less than 3 minutes walk from the terminal building.

Entrance to Car Rental Garage Skavsta

Sweden has some toll roads, toll bridges, and city center charges for cars, so you’ll want to confirm with your rental car company that they will automatically charge you for these.  (That’s the usual way it works, although you should bear in mind that there is ALWAYS an administrative surcharge from the rental company on top of the tolls and you cannot avoid it).  It will take you around 75 minutes (with no traffic holdups) to drive to Stockholm from Skavsta Airport.

Private Transfer or Taxi from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm

Taking a private taxi to Stockholm from Skavsta Airport takes around 75 minutes to get into the city. 

Taxis in Sweden use a meter to calculate the fare and a taxi to the city from Skavsta airport will cost you around 1700 SEK.  You can pay by card for EVERYTHING in Sweden, it’s a very cashless society.  The rate will vary slightly, depending on traffic conditions, the only way to confirm the price is to prebook.  You can get a rate for a transfer to Stockholm from Skavsta here.

A taxi or private transfer from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm is however the most comfortable way to travel, and depending on where you are staying it can be the most convenient. 

Our trip between Skavsta and Stockholm Central

We arrived at the Stockholm central terminal and still had a 30 minute walk to our fabulous and quirky accommodation on the lake at the Rygerfjord Hotel Boat . You can check prices for Skavsta Airport to Stockholm taxis and you can prebook a private transfer to Stockholm from Skavsta here.

Airport Hotels at Skavsta Airport

Need a hotel at Skavsta?  The Connect Hotel has some great room options – from budget with shared bathrooms (all including a fabulous breakfast), to private family rooms, the hotel is at the airport, so if you have an early flight home, then it’s a great option.

Connect Hotel Skavsta Airport

We stayed at the Connect Hotel at Skavsta airport for this reason and it’s a fabulous brand and great option.  And yes, the breakfast is really good!

Check availability at the Skavsta Airport Connect Hotel here.

The quickest way to get from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm

The time it will take you to get to Stockholm from Skavsta Airport ranges depends on which mode of transport you decide to take.  The quickest is to take a private transfer.

The easiest way to go to Stockholm from Skavsta Airport

The easiest way to get from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm is to take a private transfer, but this is also the most expensive option.  Either of the airport buses, which meet the inbound flights are also easy options to transfer into Stockholm.  Buses and trains arrive at the Stockholm City Terminal and the trams, subways, and city buses are easy to access from there.

The cheapest way to go from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm

The cheapest way to get to Stockholm from Skavsta Airport is to take either the Flixbus or the Flybussarna bus – reserve your seats here for Flixbusor here for Flybussarna

The best way to go from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm

Well, now this depends.  I love traveling on trains, but our trip to the Nordic countries is going to blow the budget, so we opted for the Flixbus Airport bus. We bought our tickets online before flying. 

Travel Tips for Sweden

Final Words on How to Go from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm

Going between Skavsta Airport and Stockholm Central is an easy trip and there are a variety of options from the quick transfer to the longer, but cheaper local bus and train service.   You’ll need to plan in whereabouts you’re going to in Stockholm and what makes sense for your onward transport too.

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