best budget hiking boots for men

The Best Budget Hiking Boots For Men

In this article will look at some of the best budget hiking boots for men available on the market. These cheap hiking boots will provide you with the absolute best in comfort without having to break the bank.  They’re a great way to get into hiking in comfort and safety.  With an ever-growing number of people starting to enjoy the great outdoors again, it is more important than ever to find the right pair of hiking boots for you. This list of the best hiking boots for under 100 dollars is a great place to start!


Hiking is one of the best ways to exercise while exploring the natural world.  However, many hikers make the costly error of not using a pair of comfortable and sturdy hiking boots, sticking to those old worn-out sneakers or trainers instead.  Here’s our guide to the best budget hiking boots for men.

Why You Need Good Hiking Boots or Shoes

Hiking boots are such a vital outdoor necessity because not only do they protect your feet from the damage of walking on rough terrain, but they also ensure you maintain the correct posture and stay comfortable during the entirety of your hike.  To me, they’re essential no matter the length of your hike.  I once had to put on a new pair of hiking shoes the morning of a 3-day hike, as the sole of my older ones had detached itself from the shoe.  Three days and 80 kilometers (50 miles) later, I didn’t have a single blister – thanks to the combination of good hiking shoes and good socks.

So, to help you get equipped for your next great outdoors mountaineering adventure, we have put together a list of the best budget hiking boots.  All of these boots protect your feet, provide traction in rough terrain, and are perfect for any eager outdoor adventurer on a budget.  Be sure to have the right socks when hiking. I’m a big fan of seriously good socks – and only ever wear Bridgedale socks when hiking. 

The Best Budget Hiking Boots for Men

These are the best budget hiking boots for men that you can get your hands on easily and quickly.  I’ve looked at the price, comfort, and availability as well as deliverability too.  I’m going to start with my top pick, the Newton Ridge from Colombia.

Columbia Newton Ridge Hiking Boots

Columbia is a born and bred American company headquartered in Portland and they’ve been making phenomenal outdoor sportswear for nearly 83 years.  (I love their ski gear and the women’s hiking pants are amazing and I include them in my overland packing list here).  Their Newton Ridge hiking boots for both men and women are no exception to this and these are by far some of the best hiking boots for under US$100 on the market.  Check the latest prices of Newton Ridge boots here.

Newton Ridge boots are made from water-resistant suede leather which has been treated with an anti-scuff protectorate, meaning you can be confident of their sturdiness in pretty much every terrain.  Colombia’s budget hiking boots feature a metal framework with a seam-sealed outline that makes this hiking boot durable enough to withstand the most brutal hits and all the while protecting your feet in even the roughest landscapes.  The lace-up front and adjustable ankle padding on these men’s hiking boots mean you can set these incredible value boots as tight as you need, improving your posture and protecting your ankles from strain. 

Columbia’s Newton Ridge boots also include a multi-terrain Omni grip traction system designed to provide impressive grip and function on both mountainous pathways as well as winter surfaces like ice and snow.

The dual-season design of the Columbia Newton Ridge boots makes them great all year round and their sleek and comfortable design is why these are some of the best hiking boots available on a budget. You can check delivery times and prices here.

Hi-Tec Skamania

One of the best budget choices of hiking shoes comes from Hi-Tec.  This shoe and hiking boot brand was founded in 1974 in the appropriately named Shoeburyness, England. Hi-Tec has been making fantastic outdoor shoes like the Skamania hiking boots ever since.  The Skamania budget hiking boot is made entirely of leather and textile material, providing a robust surface that is waterproof and damage resistant.

This budget hiking shoe features a rubber sole that helps to provide the hiker with an impressive all-terrain grip, especially good for intense uphill hikes.  The Hi-Tec Skamania budget boot also features a padded collar as well as an easy slip-on loop, meaning you can be confident of comfort while enjoying long-distance treks. You can see more reviews of the Hi-Tec Skamania budget hiking boot here.

There are secure metal lace clips that mean you can maintain a tight fit, keeping your ankles protected and improving your mobility and posture.  As one of the most reliable brand names in the world, these Hi-Tec hiking boots are great for all types of hikes while also using an ankle protection design that guarantees comfort and longevity when out on the trails, making them one of the best budget hiking boots. Check current pricing and delivery times for this great budget hiking boot for me here.

NORTIV 8 Hiking Boots

One of America’s most trusted hiking brands, these Nortiv 8 hiking boots are one of the best all-rounder brands for just over 50 dollars.  You’ll want to check the latest pricing of these budget hiking boots here.  Designed with a Norti-TEX membrane composition layered between the rubber sole and shoe, this ensures a water-resistant design that is also breathable.  These budget hiking boots from Nortiv feature a rubber toe cap with a reinforced heel design that helps to reduce damage from surface collisions.  And for both hot and cold weather hiking, these hiking boots include soft suede leather material designed to be comfortable and breathable in summer and heat-retaining in winter.

For even more comfort, they come with removable compression insoles that provide arch support and bring all-day comfort by absorbing contact shock. Check prices and delivery times on these awesome men’s hiking boots here.

Complete with a reinforced design and water-repellent material, these Nortiv 8 hiking boots are excellent for all types of rough environments, and their shock absorption is akin to walking on air. Read more reviews of the Nortiv 8 Hiking boot for men here.

Wideway Men’s Tactical Army Boots

The perfect lightweight boots for outdoor explorers that love the tactical style and durability (and the boots used by many long-time hikers). Wideway provides hiking boots of military-grade quality within a fantastic budget range.  Wideway tactical boots use full-grain cowhide leather and nylon cloth to ensure their boots are firm, water-resistant, and resilient.  The breathable padding, dual vents, and cushioned inserts help to ensure these boots will feel cool and comfortable in even the hottest climates. Check out more details on them here.

The Wideway tactical boots are designed to be effortless to clean thanks to their easy wipe technology and polished leather front.  These budget hiking tactical boots have a reinforced rubber sole with trench grooves that provide exceptional traction on even the steepest of terrains. 

Thanks to their stylish tactical design, versatile material, and breathable design, the Wideway tactical boots are some of the best mid-budget boot options on our list of the best men’s hiking boots under $100. These lightweight hiking boots offer style and durability at a great price!  You can use these for the beach, hiking in the jungle, climbing mountains, and even yomping around city streets! Get up to the minute delivery times on these budget men’s hiking boots here.

Foxelli Hiking Boots

One of the more premium options on our list (but still under $100 – although you’d best check up-to-the-minute prices here), Foxelli excels at everything great outdoors and their hiking boots are no different! These boots are sturdy and stylish, working to make hiking look, well, almost elegant!  These stylish budget hiking boots are made from leather suede and incorporate a breathable mesh that makes them comfortable and stylish in design.

The waterproof hiking boots feature a padded collar, ankle cushioning, and foam innersoles and are built for long-distance treks thanks to their shock absorption technology.  You’ll also find that these hiking boots include reinforced rubber soles that provide outstanding traction on even the muddiest terrain, while the built-in arch and ankle support work to improve your posture.

Foxelli also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a one-year buyer’s warranty, providing you with the assurance to purchase without worry.  Check them out here.

The Foxelli boots are by far some of the best budget hiking boots thanks to their striking suede leather design, comfortable yet integral shock absorption, and sturdy under-sole design, ensuring you can hike with confidence no matter the terrain. You can buy Foxelli Hiking boots here.

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Final Words on the Best Budget Hiking Boots

Any of these phenomenal men’s hiking boots will have you powering through the roughest of terrains in absolute comfort and confidence. Their sturdy design, quality material, and stylish aesthetic are why these are some of the best budget hiking boots on the market.  We’ve selected them for their durability, price, and value for money as well as how quickly you can get hold of them.

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