10 reasons to visit istanbul

10 Reasons to Pack Your Bags and Visit Istanbul – Turkey

Istanbul is one of the most famous cities in the world and has been ever since the Romans established it as a critical base after the fall of Rome. Although the Roman Empire would never again come to dominate the Mediterranean, Istanbul came to serve as a bastion of civilization throughout the dark ages – a time in which the majority of Europe fell into economic stagnation and violence.

Istanbul from the Bospohorous


Where to Stay in Istanbul

There are some great places to stay in Istanbul– here’s our pick of the luxury places to stay in Istanbul, mid-range places to stay in Istanbul, and budget accommodation in Istanbul.

Sultanahmet Palace Hotel, Istanbul: The luxury Sultanahmet Palace Hotel is situated in central Istanbul, perfectly located within this popular neighborhood surrounded by some of Istanbul’s main attractions. This four-star Istanbul hotel has rooms with a central heating and cooling system, a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom with a hairdryer, a mini-bar, an in-room safe, and a complimentary WiFi connection. The luxury Istanbul hotel has an in-house restaurant with a view of the sea, serving both delicious and healthy options. The Sultanahmet Palace Hotel offers top-notch services and is an ideal high-end place to stay when in Istanbul. See room rates and availability here.

Atlantis Royal Hotel, Istanbul: Situated in central Istanbul, the Atlantis Royal Hotel is an ideal place if you want a great central location for exploring Istanbul. This three-star Istanbul hotel has rooms equipped with air-conditioning, a seating area, a private bathroom with a shower, an iron and ironing board, and an in-room safe. 24-hour room service is available along with laundry and ironing services. A free WiFi connection is also available throughout the accommodation as The Atlantis Royal Hotel is a great place to stay in Istanbul. Check out room rates and available dates here.

Divas Silver, Istanbul: The Divas Silver Hotel is located close to central Istanbul and a few meters away from popular landmarks like the Column of Constantine. The Divas Silver’s rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom, and air-conditioning, and select rooms have either a view of the city or a view of the sea. There is a restaurant and a bar at this budget Istanbul Hotel, and there’s a WiFi connection is available throughout the property as well. The Divas Silver is a great budget-friendly accommodation when staying in Istanbul. See rates and availability here.

Today, Istanbul is decidedly Turkish and spans the gap between Europe on one side of the river and Asia Minor on the other. As you might expect, Instanbul is a meeting of cultures, with substantial Christian and Muslim influence throughout the city. Check out these 10 reasons to visit Istanbul.

Experience Kumpir in Istanbul

To the Turkish, kumpir is just traditional street food. But to tourists, it’s a delight for the tastebuds, providing a deep insight into the local cuisine.

Kumpir in Istanbul

A kumpir is a loaded potato. Vendors can top the potato with all kinds of things, from beans to sausages to pickles, peas, and even bulgar. It’s an amazing snack to keep your energy levels high while you tour the sites, although you might end up in a food coma if you fully load your kumpir.

Istanbul is Vegetarian-Friendly

Travelling as a vegetarian can be a challenge at times. In some cultures, the notion of not eating meat is profoundly alien, and very few people practice abstention. However, in Istanbul, the local diet is predominantly plant-based according to http://www.hip-hikers.com meaning that it’s relatively easy to grab a quick meal if you give meat a miss. Numerous restaurants offer classic pitta with hummus, but there are plenty of other options too, including many dishes that include beans and the fantastic lamachun – Turkish pizza.

Enjoy Boat Tours Of The Istanbul’s Bosphorus

The Bosphorous is the main river that runs through Istanbul, separating east from west. Views of the city from the river are stunning, especially at night, making it perfect for going on boat tours. From the river, you can see practically all of Istanbul’s major tourist attractions and architectural delights, including the Rumeli Ruins and the Maiden’s Tower. What’s more, boat tours are remarkably inexpensive for what you get. Just make sure that you agree on a price in advance: Turkish merchants are prone to jacking up prices without telling you.

Check out these Bosphorous boat tours that we recommend

  • Hop on – Hop off and visit all that Istanbul has to offer on the river – great prices, book now!
  • Push the boat out and get dinner and entertainment on this evening dinner cruise – book now!

Istanbul is A Great City For Tea-Lovers

If you love tea, then Istanbul is the perfect place to go. The Turkish locals have a tradition of drinking tea from tulip-shaped glasses. You first boil the water in a separate pot and then use another container to brew the tea once boiled. Finally, you transfer the tea into the tulip-glass once it’s strong enough for your taste.

You Can See Some Of The Finest Architecture In The World

The Little Hagia Sophia also called the Church of Saints Sergius, and Bacchus (to use its Eastern Orthodox name) is one of the most beautiful and impressive religious monuments in the world. The church is a miniature version of the full-scale Hagia Sophia in which the original architects experimented with their ideas. The cool thing about Little Hagia Sophia is how you can see the development of new ideas from the prototype to the real thing. The designers were human, and just like us, benefiting from practising their craft before putting it into action and going ahead with the build.

Why not book ahead and organize your tour of Hagia Sophia and skip the line!

Get All The Turkish Delight You Want

Turkey is a big sugar-eating nation, and that should come as no surprise. Not only are these dates aplenty in Istanbul, but plenty of Turkish Delight too.

One of the best places to go to sample Turkish Delight is at Hafiz Mustafa. This place sells practically every variety of Turkish delight imaginable, from traditional rose to mint and cinnamon. You can buy fruit flavours too, including strawberry and pomegranate.   For the ultimate experience in Turkish food book yourself on an Istanbul food walking tour with a local

Get An Authentic Turkish Shopping Experience At The Grand Bazaar

If you’re used to genteel western shopping malls and polite customer service assistants behind every counter, then you’re in for a rude awakening at The Grand Bazaar. The Grand Bazaar is one of the largest shopping destinations in Turkey and is home to more than 3,000 independent retailers spread over some sixty streets.

Istanbuls grand bazaar

The Bazaar is full of traditional Turkish merchants, all desperate to strike a deal with you. If you visit the Bazaar, expect to be accosted by numerous sellers, all trying to flog their wares until you negotiate down the price. Remember, these merchants will do whatever they can to get you to part with more money than you should, so keep your game face on. You’ll need it.

You can buy all kinds of things from the Grand Bazaar, including food, silverware, and ceramics. It’s about as close to an authentic middle-eastern market as you’re likely to come.

You Can Visit Istanbul For Less Than You Think

Istanbul might be a premier tourist destination, but sites like NetVoucherCodes.co.uk make it cheaper to visit than you might think. Not only are there numerous opportunities to save money on flights, but also plenty of scope to get discounts on accommodation too. Istanbul might be prestigious, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

You Can Eat A Doner Kebab Without Feeling Terrible About Your Life

Kebabs in Istanbul

Doner kebabs in Istanbul are not like doner kebabs in certain other parts of the world. Here they’re a celebrated cultural food, made from spit-roasted lamb and accompanies with quality ingredients. Doners are a part of the culture, and for that reason, you’ve got the green light to go ahead and indulge yourself.

Enjoy Istanbul’s Museums

Being a place full of history, Istanbul has many exciting and unusual museums. Among the most famous are the Istanbul Archaeological Museums. The Archaeological Museums comprise three separate buildings, each with a different focus. One focuses on archaeology, another on the ancient orient, and a third on Islamic art. The great thing about all the museums is that you’re able to get up close and personal with the exhibits and, in some cases, touch them with your hands.  Save time and money with a 5 day Istanbul skip the museum pass here.

Do you fancy making the trip to Istanbul? It’s a beautiful city with a rich culture and great food.  Let us know your favourite places in the city that straddles east and west!

Travel Tips for Exploring Turkey

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