How to go from Brunei to Miri

How To Go from Brunei to Miri, Malaysia

Getting from Brunei to Miri is not so easy at the moment The pre-Covid direct bus is NOT running at this time, so you have to take a little of a convoluted route to go from Brunei to Miri. Your options in June 2023 will include taxis to and from borders, buses, and walking a way too. Here are all the current details of how to go to Miri from Brunei.

Note that I’m updating this article with all comments from readers, so if you have an experience that will help another traveler, please drop me an email [email protected] or drop a note in the comments.


Brunei to Miri in July 2023

The direct bus run by PHLS from Bandar Seri Begawan is NOT running again yet and it looks like that it won’t run again, so until another service starts up here’s how to go to Miri from Bandar Seri Begawan. If there’s a direct bus that starts up again, I’ll update this article. And, as ever, if you can help out a fellow traveler with your experiences, drop a note in the comments and I’ll include the details.


UPDATE: July 2023: The price is now BND$40 per person.

UPDATE: APRIL 2023 – this from Pauline at FIND ME LOGISTICS – they are running a car service from Brunei to Miri to Brunei. They offer car shuttle services from Miri – Brunei via Brunei – Miri cost BND35/pax. Custom checkpoint open from 6am – 10pm daily. That may help for those who want to travel to Brunei/ Miri for now.

Anyone interested may contact us via Whatsapp at +6010-3773743 or Brunei Number +673-7336377

If you take Pauline up on this PLEASE let me know how the service is and I’ll keep everyone up to date!


Back to the buses:

Primarily you’re going to be catching a series of buses, or taxis. START EARLY – don’t try and do this crossing late afternoon. Leave BSB in the morning.

Thanks to Noah, Andrew, Jake, Camila, and Lukas for the updates on their successful border crossings during March 2023. Here’s how to do this border crossing in March 2023.

Get from BSB to Kuala Belait

Take a Minibus from the corner of Kianggeh Rd & Jln Pemancha (outside the Brunei Hotel) that heads to Seria.

The first bus goes at 6 am and then every hour. Buses from BSB to Seria cost 6 BND per person.

There are details on all the public bus services in Brunei here.

It’s a local minibus and you’re going to want to go to the end of the line, to Seria. Go earlier than you need to as these buses stop everywhere and for everyone. Jake, Camila, and Lukas left BSB at 7am and were in Miri by 11:30 in March 2023.

Alternatively, if you can find an express bus to Seria or even better Kuala Belait take that.

If you’ve taken the minibus from BSB to Seria, then you need to get on the bus to Kuala Belait. you get this bus from the same place that you get off the minibus from BSB.

The bus from Seria to Kuala Belait costs 1 BND per person.

Buses from Seria to Kuala Belait stop at around 4 pm. Go early to do this trip.

The bus to Kuala Belait finishes in a parking lot and across the road from that is a covered parking lot, you’ll recognize it by the fact that there’s a barbers shop there.

Going to Kuala Belait to the Border

From this parking lot, there’s a taxi that goes to Miri. Again you’ll need to go early, you’re unlikely to find the taxi here much beyond 4 pm.

If you don’t find a taxi there, then just ask at the barber shop for a private car to go to the border. The going rate is $20 BND You can ask if someone will take you to Miri if you want to make it a lot easier.

Exiting Brunei at the Border

When you get to Customs and Immigration you’re going to stand in the line with all the cars. This isn’t a border that people normally walk over, so you’ll be something of a curiosity.

Make sure you’ve got all the required paperwork or electronic documentation to exit Brunei and enter Miri. There’s no WiFi here and if you have a Malaysian SIM card it isn’t covered here.

Walk Across No Man’s Land

Once you’ve exited Brunei you need to walk across no man’s land to Malaysia. Again START THIS JOURNEY EARLY. You don’t want to be walking across no man’s land in the dark. It’s not that it’s dangerous, it’s just that it’s dark!

Go Through the Malaysian Immigration

If it’s not obvious where to check in when you get to the Malaysian entry point, then someone will help. If you’re happy to grab a lift with someone to Miri, just look lost, and hopeful, and ask someone. Folks are generally pretty friendly here. Give them some money for the gas. In two recent reports, travelers have had success just asking someone for a lift and giving them some cash.

Getting from the Border to Miri

Otherwise, if you can find a ride, then after customs and immigration you’ll want to head to the LEFT at the big roundabout. After about 1 kilometer there’s a toll booth here and you should be able to find a ride from there.

It’s likely to be 10 kilometers or so before you get internet access if you have a Malaysian SIM, and so you can arrange a Grab to pick you up and take you to Miri.

Alternatively, if anyone that you find at the border has Grab, or can “loan you some internet” ask them to order you a Grab (which might convince them to take you to Miri themselves and make a few dollars.

You will have a MUCH easier time doing this crossing earlier in the day. Want to know what to do in Miri? Our guide to Miri is here.

Where to Stay in Miri

There are some great places to stay in Miri– here’s our pick of the luxury places to stay in Miri, mid-range places to stay in Miri, and budget accommodations in Miri.

Pullman Miri Waterfront, Miri: The Pullman Miri Waterfront is ideally located right in the center of Miri, conveniently surrounded by the main attractions of the city. Each sleek room at this luxury Miri hotel is equipped with a flat-screen TV, high-speed internet connection, a mini-bar, a mini-fridge, a private bathroom, a desk, a seating area, and a view of the bustling city. . The fitness center has a Jacuzzi, and steam and sauna rooms are also available. The Pullman Miri Waterfront is a luxury Miri hotel in Miri City. You can check room rates and availability here.

MCity Inn, Miri: The MCity Inn is situated in central Miri. Rooms at the MCity Inn have a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom with a shower and hairdryer, a view of the city, air-conditioning, and access to a WiFi connection. The mid-range Miri hotel has a coffee shop and room service. MCity Inn is a great place to stay when visiting Miri. Read more reviews and check rates and dates at this great Miri mid-range hotel option here.

Ajang Hotel, Miri: The Ajang Hotel is located in the Commercial Center in Miri. Each room at this budget hotel in Miri features air-conditioning, a flat-screen TV, a fridge, a private bathroom, an iron and ironing board, complimentary water, an in-room safe, a coffee/tea maker, and a complimentary WiFi connection. The budget Miri hotel has a coffee shop and room service. The Ajang Hotel is a popular place to stay in Miri. You can find out more about this in-demand accommodation in Miri and also check dates and rates here.

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Final Words on Going from Brunei to Miri in 2023

Unfortunately, the PHLS direct bus is no longer running, and that made this border crossing super easy. Now you’ll have to either get yourself a taxi to the border, walk across the border and then get another taxi down to Miri, or you can take a bus to Kuala Belait and then grab a ride to the border. You *may* score a taxi from Kuala Belait to Miri – read the details, best of luck and let me know how you get on!

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