Thulusdhoo Island Maldives

12 Reasons to Visit Thulusdhoo Island Maldives

As we continue on our trip to the Maldives, we’re visiting the third local island on our itinerary, it’s the fourth island overall as we’ve spent time on a resort island too.   Thulusdhoo is most famous for its surfing, but neither of us are surfers, so we’re looking for the glorious clear waters and white sandy beaches that the island is also celebrated for.  It’s another island with unpaved roads and sandy trails, but it also has something that no other Maldives island has.  Want to know what?  Read on.  These are our 12 top reasons to visit Thulusdhoo Island, Maldives.


Out of the 187 inhabited islands in the Maldives, Thulusdhoo is the only one that has a Coca-Cola factory!  That’s not what you were expecting eh?  No, me either.   But hey, it’s got to go somewhere!  Thulusdhoo is most well known for its surfing, and as it’s on the Kaafu Atoll, it’s relatively easy to get to from the capital city of Male too.  We’re spending several days here exploring.

Where is Thulusdhoo Island, Maldives?

Thulusdhoo is the capital of Kaafu Atoll, just 28.81 kilometers (17 miles) from the Maldives capital of Male.  There’s a population of around 1,200 here on an island that measures 1.58 kilometers  (0.982 miles) in length by just 680 meters (0.423 miles) wide.

It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get here from Male on the public ferry, or a much quicker 30 minutes by speedboat.   My guide on going from Male to Thulusdhoo is here.

We arrived here on Thulusdhoo on the public ferry from Male.  We’ll be leaving here and going onto Dhiffushi, on the public ferry.  We visited Thulusdhoo on a 2 week itinerary to the Maldives, you can see how to do this itinerary here.

12 Top Reasons to Visit Thulusdhoo Island, Maldives

Neither Nigel nor I surf (well after a failed attempt to learn in the freezing cold and unforgiving waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Pacifica, California some years back), but we can’t ignore the fact that the reason that many people come to Thulusdhoo is to surf.  And that is the number one reason why people come here.

1.     Go Surfing from Thulusdhoo Island

Thulusdhoo is home to some of the best surfing spots in the Maldives.   The two best surf breaks are Cokes and Chickens, and while you can surf from Thulusdhoo all year round it’s best between April and November.  

Surfing in the Maldives

Cokes is named after the Coca-Cola factory that you’ll find here on the island.   Chickens was named after a Chicken farm that no longer exists.   Right, and that’s the extent of my surfing knowledge, so for more on surfing Thulusdhoo head on over here.

2.     Visit the Coca-Cola Factory on Thulusdhoo

Thulusdhoo is the only island in the Maldives with a Coca-Cola factory on it.  I’d argue you probably only need one, but it’s a reason to come to Thulusdhoo.  It’s also the only Coca-Cola factory in the world that uses desalinated water.  The Coca-Cola factory on Thulusdhoo was built in 1980 and nowadays bottles Coca-Cola, Coca‑Cola Zero, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Fanta Strawberry, and Schweppes ranges, all branded “Made in the Maldives”.  Coca-Cola is one of the major employers in the Maldives, with more than 330 employees.

The Coca-Cola factory on Thulusdhoo is located close to the pier on Thulusdhoo (I’ve marked it on the map for you) and you can take a factory tour.  They operate (usually) twice a day, at 09:00 and 14:00 and you’ll need to get your hotel or guesthouse to call to arrange your visit.  You’re not allowed to take photos inside, and any personal items have to be left in the office before you go in, but you will get a free can of Coke after your visit.  It’s definitely a unique reason to visit Thulusdhoo!

3.     Snorkel the House Reef on Thulusdhoo Island

While you can swim just off Bikini Beach on Thulusdhoo Island, the better place to snorkel is just outside the boat entrance.   The beach is protected by concrete blocks and an artificial harbour which they’ve been extending in 2023 and 2024.  You’ll want to snorkel towards the outer edge of this.  There isn’t a huge amount of boat traffic around here, but there are Jet Ski rentals, so PLEASE wear a high-visibility Life Jacket and be very aware of the marine traffic around you.

You can snorkel the house reef at Thulusdhoo for free.  Don’t forget to bring your own snorkel gear, or stay at a hotel or guesthouse that provides equipment for free.

Thulusdhoo Island Beach

4.     Snorkel from Thulusdhoo Island

You’ll need to take a boat trip to get to the best snorkeling spots from Thulusdhoo.  There are two nearby worthy of your time.  And you can arrange a boat trip either at your hotel or from the vendors on Bikini Beach.  The two main snorkeling spots by boat from Thulusdhoo are:

Coral Garden:  You’ll likely see turtles and clownfish here, as well as decent coral. 

Shark Point:  This snorkeling spot is about 30 minutes by boat and you’ll visit it on the same trip as the one to see Coral Garden.  And yes, as per the name, this is the best point to see sharks from Thulusdhoo. 

5.     Go Diving from Thulusdhoo Island

If you want to truly explore the Maldives, then you’ll need to get underwater.  99% of the Maldives is underwater, and here on Thulusdhoo, you can explore with Feenaa Dive.  They provide packages that include shore-based and boat-based diving and you can also take Discover Diving packages with them, so you don’t need to be PADI certified.

6.     Take a Sandbank Tour from Thulusdhoo

If you truly want the sandbank experience while you’re visiting Thulusdhoo, then you’ll need to take a tour – again your hotel or one of the vendors on the beach will be able to organize this for you.  The sandbanks around Thulusdhoo sit in gloriously clear water and are of powdery white sand.   You’ll find several sandbanks within about 30 minutes of the island – Asdu, Chikana, Infinity, and Gasfinolhu are the nearest.

7.     Learn to Paddleboard on Thulusdhoo

Whether you’ve tried it or not, there are several surf shops on Thulusdhoo where you can take a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) lesson or rent boards to head out on your own.  It’ll cost you about US$20 an hour or US$35 for the whole day if you’re just renting. 

8.     Head to Bikini Beach on Thulusdhoo Island

If you want to wear a bikini, shorts, or a swimsuit, while you’re on the beach, then you’ll need to come to Bikini Beach for that.  The Maldives is 100% Muslim and there are some strict modesty laws here. 

Bikini Beach Thulusdhoo

They differ slightly on each island, but wearing your swimsuit or bikini or just swim shorts while walking around the island, or on a beach that isn’t designated as a Bikini Beach is not allowed.  Bikini Beach on Thulusdhoo is rather nice, there are places to sit where there’s shade, and there are sun loungers too.   There are also café’s and restaurants very close by if you make a day of it here.

9.     Island hop to the neighbouring Huraa Island

The two closest islands to Thulusdhoo are Dhiffushi and Huraa, However, I recommend if you want to island hop for the day that you head to Huraa.  This is because the public ferries work in your favour and you’ll get a decent number of hours to explore Huraa.  The public ferry leaves Dhiffushi every day apart from Friday at 06:30 and arrives in Thulusdhoo at 07:05 (You’ll miss your breakfast, but you will be able to buy some in Huraa).  You’ll get to Huraa by 07:35.

And then you’ll have until 15:35 to explore Huraa.  The ferry from Male to Dhiffushi arrives in Huraa at 15:35 and you’ll be back on Thulusdhoo by 16:00 (ish) in time to freshen up and head to Sunset Point.  It’s a great way to island hop using the public ferries in the Maldives. You should read my guide to Public Ferries in the Maldives here to understand more about how they work.

And if you want to head to Dhiffushi (which I think you should), then read my guide to Dhiffushi here, it’s well worth staying for a few days.

10.  Explore Thulusdhoo by Bike (or Walk)

The last island we were on was a resort island – the Malahini Kuda Bandos island (you can read what we thought of it here) and we could swim all the way around it, or walk around in about 30 minutes.  Thulusdhoo is a bit bigger than that.  We walked around the island on each of the days that we were here, but it’s a good enough size that renting a bike to explore would be a good thing to do.  When we headed out for sunset we would have been glad for a bike as it was quite a hike to Thulusdhoo’s sunset point and back.

11.  Watch the Sunset at Sunset Point on Thulusdhoo Island

While we had a fabulous sunset (or two) when we were on Fulidhoo Island, the sunset here on Thulusdhoo was also rather lovely. The island was pretty quiet when we visited, and while we were passed by a few people cycling towards sunset, as we walked, we were easily able to have no one around us at sunset. 

Sunset Point Thulusdhoo Island

If you do head to Sunset Point, you’ll want to make sure that you have some mosquito repellent with you for your return.  Yes, that’s right there are mosquitoes in the Maldives.  And while here on Thulusdhoo they weren’t that bad (there was a decent breeze a lot of the time we were here), they are a general problem (as in the rest of Asia).  There’s no malaria here in the Maldives, but you should be aware of the other issues caused by them.  I’ve written about mosquitoes in the Maldives here.

12.  Dine on the Beach at Thulusdhoo Island

Thulusdhoo has a good variety of places to eat.  From high end to budget.  Our hotel, the Batuta Surf View has a restaurant and we had a great breakfast there each morning that was included in our room rate – and it really set us up for the entire day, so we could skip lunch.  Just along from the Batuta Surf View is the Fusion by Canopus restaurant, right on the beach.  And it’s lovely. 

Fusion by Canopus

The perfect place for a romantic dinner.  The menu is varied and the prices are reasonable.  They also do a fabulous Mashuni Roshi (tuna, coconut, and chilies with flatbread), that they serve all day and not just as a breakfast item.

Mashuni Roshi

What is Thulusdhoo Island Known for?

Thulsdhoo Island is known primarily for two things – surfing and the Coca-Cola factory here.

Where to Eat on Thulusdhoo Island

It’s always best if you’re visiting the Maldives on a budget, to book a hotel or guesthouse that includes breakfast with the room rate.  Many of them do.  Breakfasts will tend to set you up for the day, so you can have a light meal at lunchtime or go straight through until dinner.

There are several stores here on the island so you can buy snacks or noodles, but the cafes here on Thulusdhoo are reasonably priced.  Generally speaking, if you go into the interior of the island the food is cheaper than on the beach.

The RG restaurant does a great tuna pizza and noodles that are well-priced.  Fusion by Canopus is a good choice too, and Indulge Thulusdhoo serves great Western food.

There’s no alcohol served on Thusludhoo, if you want a beer or a glass of wine, then you’ll need to take a trip out to the “booze boat” aka Thulusdhoo’s floating bar.  A beer costs around US$7 and your return boat transfer out to the boat will cost about US$10.  You can WhatsApp for timetables and their opening schedule.  (their number is +960 787 4917)

I’ve included their details below.  The transfer boat to the Booze Boat leaves from Thulusdhoo’s Bikini Beach.

Thulusdhoo's Floating Bar

Where to Stay on Thulusdhoo Island

Most of the places to stay on Thulusdhoo are clustered around the Bikini Beach area.  You’ll pay more for a balcony, or sea view room.  We stayed at the well-priced Batuta Surf View, and had a view of the stairs rather than the ocean, but once I closed my eyes it didn’t matter!  The room was comfortable, the A/C good and while the bathroom was basic, the shower worked well.  The breakfast was excellent and came with a superb view too.  You can check rates here.

Batuta Surf View Breakfast

If you want to be right at Bikini Beach, then head to the Reef Edge, it gets superb reviews and most rooms have a fabulous view too.  For a rooftop pool with a stunning view, then you should head to Season Paradise. It is quite simply incredible.

All the accommodation on Thulusdhoo has Wi-Fi and they usually include breakfast.  However, for a generally faster (and more reliable) internet connection get yourself an eSIM for the Maldives – this is the best option.

I’ve written more about SIM card options for the Maldives here too.

And don’t forget that you’ll need a power adapter for the Maldives, here’s my guide on travel adapters for the Maldives.

All accommodation will meet you at the pier (so you need to tell them when you’re arriving), and as Thulusdhoo is reasonably large, they usually have a small truck that you’ll ride in the back of.

How to Get to Thulusdhoo Island

It’s just 30 minutes on the speedboat from Male to Thulusdhoo.  If you want to take the speedboat, then it’s best to arrange through your hotel, once you make a booking they’ll contact you and ask how you’re getting there – they need to know to pick you up but also if you want a speedboat to Thulusdhoo, then this is how to book it. 

The public ferry takes from Male around 90 minutes and doesn’t run on Fridays. After Thulusdhoo the ferry goes onto Dhiffushi where it terminates. 

If you’re taking the public ferry to Thulusdhoo, then you’ll need to buy the tickets from the ferry terminal in Male, doing this on the day is fine.  Tickets are 22 Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR).  You’ll need to pay cash.  So read our guide to cash and ATMs in the Maldives here.

All boats, ferries, and speedboats, arrive at the same place in Thulusdhoo, it’s the main harbor (NOT where the day trips go from on Bikini Beach).  I’ve marked it on the map below.

What infrastructure is there on Thulusdhoo?

Basic medical services are provided on Thulusdhoo by a small health center and there are trained medical staff here as well as a pharmacy.   As Thulusdhoo is known for its surfing there are several surf shops that provide lessons and rent boards and surfing equipment.

Harbor on Thulusdhoo Island

As I mentioned there’s one harbour here.  It’s where you’ll arrive on Thulusdhoo whether you take the public ferry or speedboat.  There’s a small hut here that provides shade for you while you’re waiting for the ferry or speedboat when you leave.  Day trips leave from Bikini Beach.

Thulusdhoo Island Ferry Waiting Hut

ATM on Thulusdhoo Island

There is an ATM on Thulusdhoo Island, and it takes foreign cards, I’ve marked it on the map below. 

ATM on Thulusdhoo Island

If you’re paying cash, then US dollars are generally accepted here on Thulusdhoo, although food prices tend to be displayed in Rufiyya, and for tours and trips in US Dollars.  You’ll be able to pay in either currency.

Shopping and Stores on Thulusdhoo

There are a couple of stores on Thulusdhoo, where you’ll be able to buy snacks, bottled water, and small provisions.  However, your hotel usually provides bottled or filtered water for you each day. 

Mosquitoes on Thulusdhoo

There are mosquitoes here on Thulusdhoo, like all of the local islands.  They found us after a rain storm, and I got a few bites in the early evening because I hadn’t put on DEET-based repellent quickly enough.  Don’t forget if you’re using anything DEET-based to shower before bed and wash it off also before you go into the Ocean.


Best Mosquito Repellent

Effective bug spray deters mosquitoes, gnats, and ticks. This pump spray is good for protecting you against bugs and contains 40% DEET.

Map of Things to Do in Thulusdhoo Island, Maldives

You can also see full map for things to do in Thulusdhoo  here.

Map of Things to see and do on Thulusdhoo island Maldives

Tips for Traveling the Maldives

Final Words on our 12 top Reasons to Visit Thulusdhoo Island, Maldives

You don’t need to be a surfer to enjoy Thulusdhoo Island in the Maldives.  It’s a great island with a local vibe. There are some lovely places to stay and it’s a super laidback island.  If you just want to come here to snorkel the house reef, or lie on Bikini Beach, then it’s a great option for visiting a local Maldives Island too. Thulusdhoo is easy to get to and hard to leave.

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