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Power Adapter for Maldives –[Maldives Plug Adapters & Sockets]

We’re going to be here in the Maldives for 2 weeks, and there are several things that always appear on our list when we’re traveling to a new country.  There’s internet of course, and if we can expect to get any.  There’s what food to eat, how to get around, and of course, importantly electrical power.  One of the rules of traveling is ABC.  Always be charging.  So knowing what the power sockets are like, and if we’ll need a plug adapter for the Maldives is important.  So here’s all you need to know about Maldives power adapters.  I’ll cover the plug adapters for Maldives, whether you need an adapter for Maldives, and Maldives electric adapter requirements too.



SK Ross

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We’re stopping here a little longer than in our last country, Saudi Arabia, where we spent a fabulous 3 days on the great Saudi Transit Visa, however, we will need to charge cameras, phones, laptops, and Kindles.  Our research tells us some good news.  The power sockets in the Maldives are very familiar to us, however, our challenge is that we have plugs from all over the world – as we tend to replenish electrical equipment when we’re on the road.

Never mind.  The TLDR for power sockets in Maldives is that it’s complicated.  And you can expect just about anything, but you are MOST likely to find Type G sockets.

What’s the Electricity Supply like in Maldives?

In Maldives, the electricity supply is 230 volts.  The voltage in Maldives is the same as in the UK, and Central Europe, 230 Volts.  Australia uses 220-240 volts and New Zealand uses 230-240 volts. The USA uses 120 volts, as does Canada.

Luckily ALL our devices are either UK or US devices and are ALL dual voltage.   We carry a hot water boiler with us that we bought in Sri Lanka 8 years ago, and is necessary for having a cup of tea when there’s no kettle.  (It also heats water if we end up somewhere with no hot water!)

And, as we have multiple devices we also carry a 3-way extension (it came from Mongolia of all places and has been brilliant to date).  However, now it’s got a US plug on it.  So, even as Brits on the road it was a good job that we had our SK Ross worldwide travel adapter!

This SK Ross travel adapter supports the Maldives and another 204 countries.  The good news is that in the complicated electrical environment that is the Maldives, it means we can convert our myriad plugs to be able to charge in Maldives.

NOTE:  The SK Ross travel adapter does NOT convert voltage.  However, most devices that you’ll take on vacation will be dual voltage, and will not need a voltage converter.  Appliances like hair straighteners might need a voltage converter, so if you’re carrying one of those or a similar device, you should definitely check. A voltage adapter is heavy and expensive and I don’t know any regular traveler who carries one.

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You’ll only usually need a voltage converter if your electrical devices have a heating element, like a hairdryer or those hair straighteners.  If your hotel in the Maldives does NOT have a hairdryer in your room and you need one, then usually asking will get one delivered to your room.

The Maldives Electrical Standards

Electrical plugs and sockets are usually identified by letters of the alphabet, so here’s what you need to know about power and electrical details for Maldives.

  • Electric socket types C, D, G, J, K, and L (see the photos)
  • Electric plug types C, D, G, J, K and L
  • Voltage 230 volts
  • Frequency 50Hz

This is a HUGE variety of plugs and sockets that can be used in the Maldives and it boggled my mind to think that we could expect ANY of them.  However, in the 6 local islands and one resort island we visited we had a Type G (UK Style) socket in all of our rooms.

Our resort island hotel, the Malahini Bandos Resort had a plug converter already in the room that was designed to take just about any plug type.  We didn’t see these converters in hotels on the local islands.

Multi Way adapter at Malahini Bandos

The Type G plug is found in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Malaysia, Singapore, Malta, and Hong Kong as well as Bahrain, Belize, Botswana, Brunei, Dominica, Ghana, Gibraltar, Grenada, Iraq, Kenya, Macau, Nigeria, Oman, and Qatar.

The Type G plug has three rectangular prongs. 

What plug adapter do I need in Maldives?

Generally, a Type G plug and socket are used in the Maldives, although there may be other plug and socket types, which could be C, D, J, K, and L.  If you’re traveling to a resort island you can expect the sockets to be a Type G socket.

 If your devices do not have a Type G plug, or you want to be absolutely sure that your devices will charge, then you can use the SK Ross adapter in the Maldives

The Plug Type G has three rectangular prongs or pins.  A Type G plug looks like this

Type G plug

And a Type G socket looks like this

Type G socket

What types of sockets are used in Maldives?

A Type G socket is mainly used in the Maldives.  You may also find C, D, J, K, and L sockets, and here’s what they look like

Types of sockets

Does Maldives use the same plug as the USA?

No.  Maldives sockets and plugs are different from those in the USA, the sockets in the Maldives are mainly like those you’ll find in the UK.  Unless you have an adapter your American devices will NOT fit in a Maldives electric socket.  You will need an adapter that converts from the US Type A or B to charge your devices in Maldives.

Do I need a plug converter for the UK to Maldives?

No.  Most of the sockets in Maldives are the same as in the UK, the type G – which is used in multiple countries. 

Some sockets in the Maldives may be types C, D, J, K, and L, although we did NOT experience this.

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Do you need a voltage converter in the Maldives?

Whether you need a voltage converter for your trip to the Maldives depends on what you’re taking with you, but the vast majority of travelers will not need a voltage converter in the Maldives.  Check your electrical equipment.  We travel with a phone, a camera, an ebook, or perhaps a laptop and simply use a plug adapter

What type of plugs are used in Maldives?

You will most likely only need a Type G plug in the Maldives. 

What is the recommended plug adapter for Maldives?

Our recommended power adapter for Maldives will ensure that your plug fits into the sockets in Maldives.  We’ve used SK Ross devices around the world for more than 9 years now, and this power adapter has covered us in all the 110 countries, that we’ve traveled to, including the Maldives.

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Tips for Traveling the Maldives

Final Words on Maldives Power Adapters

While you can find multiple plugs and sockets in the Maldives, most of the hotels and guesthouses that you’ll experience in the country will have a Type G socket.  The second most likely socket you’re likely to see is Type D, which you’ll see in India.  Plugs from the United States or Canada will need a plug converter to be able to charge.  There are no other plugs that will work in a Type G or a Type D socket.

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