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Power Adapter for Saudi Arabia – [Saudi Arabia Plugs & Sockets]

It’s our first trip to Saudi Arabia and while we’re here for a short time there are a couple of things we can’t do without and the first is power.  And so that started the searches. “What are the power sockets like in Saudi Arabia?” And will we have to use the converter?  Or buy a new converter? So here’s all you need to know about Saudi Arabia power adapters.  I’ll cover the plug adapters for Saudi Arabia, whether you need an adapter for Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabian electric adapter requirements too.



SK Ross

Best Travel Adapter

This fabulous adapter will cover you no matter where you’re from. And it’ll cover you wherever you’re going to.

We’re here in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah to be exact, on the fabulous Saudi Transit visa, (which I wrote about here) for 3 nights.  Well, it’s more like 2.5 nights, as we will be getting up at 02:30 to get to the airport for our flight out to the Maldives on our last night.   The good news is that the power sockets are very familiar to us.  The bad news is that we have plugs from all over the world on our devices (as our travel bag tends to be replenished in whatever country we’re in when we need something new!).

And as recently we’ve been in the USA and Tunisia, with just a short stopover in the UK (our country of residence), then there’s a lot of scope for difference!

The TLDR for power sockets in Saudi Arabia is that being from the UK it’s completely familiar.  It’s a Type G socket and plug, aka the British Plug and Socket.

What’s the Electricity Supply like in Saudi Arabia?

In Saudi Arabia, the electricity supply is 230 volts.  The voltage in Saudi Arabia is the same as in the UK, and Central Europe, 230 Volts.  Australia uses 220-240 volts and New Zealand uses 230-240 volts. The USA uses 120 volts, as does Canada.

Our devices are either UK or US devices and are ALL dual voltage.  Well, we also have a hot water boiler which came from Sri Lanka, but that’s by the by.    The problem is that we’ve changed the plugs on many power cords over the years, and that includes on our 3-way extension, which currently has a US plug on it.  So, even as Brits on the road it was a good job that we had our SK Ross worldwide travel adapter!

This SK Ross travel adapter supports Saudi Arabia and another 204 countries.  While we haven’t quite made it to 205 countries yet, we have used it in many countries.  And yes, it means we can convert our myriad plugs to be able to charge in Saudi Arabia.

It’s important to note that voltage conversion is not something that the SK Ross travel adapter does However, most of your devices will likely be dual voltage and won’t need that.  If you do need to convert the voltage (often for items like a hair straightener), then you’ll need a voltage adapter.

A voltage adapter is heavy and expensive and I don’t know any regular traveler who carries one.

I don’t carry one, and I wouldn’t carry it in my backpack.  You’ll only usually need a voltage converter for electrical devices that have heating elements, like hairdryers or hair straighteners.  All the hotels that you’ll generally stay in will have hairdryers!

Checking if you need a Voltage Converter

All devices that you have bought in recent years will have voltage information stamped on them – something like – “INPUT: 110-240V”. So Saudi Arabia, at 230 Volts is within this range.  So you will just need a travel adapter for Saudi Arabia if you’re visiting from North America, Europe, or Australasia.

The Saudi Arabia Electrical Standards

Electrical plugs and sockets can be identified by their description and by letters of the alphabet, so here’s what you need to know about power and electrical details for Saudi Arabia.

  • Electric socket type G (see the photos)
  • Electric plug type G
  • Voltage 230 volts
  • Frequency 60Hz

The Type G plug is found in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Malaysia, Singapore, Malta, and Hong Kong as well as Bahrain, Belize, Botswana, Brunei, Dominica, Ghana, Gibraltar, Grenada, Iraq, Kenya, Macau, Nigeria, Oman, and Qatar.

The Type G plug has three rectangular prongs. 

What does it mean that the voltage is different in Saudi Arabia from the USA?

Most devices these days are designed to be used at a range of volts – usually from “Voltage 100 volts to 240 volts”.  If your device is new then you’ll find the details on a label on the device.  If it’s old, and doesn’t have a label, PLEASE CHECK WITH AN ELECTRICIAN before you travel with it, or even plug it in at home!

If your device is either NOT dual voltage, voltage ranged, or different from the voltage in Saudi Arabia, then you should use a voltage converter to use it safely.

What plug adapter do I need in Saudi Arabia?

You’ll need a Type G plug in Saudi Arabia.  If your devices do not have a Type G plug, then you can use the SK Ross adapter in Saudi.

The Plug Type G has three rectangular prongs or pins.  A Type G plug looks like this

Type G plug

And a Type G socket looks like this (this was in our hotel BUT many sockets did not have USB outlets)

Type G Socket

What types of sockets are used in Saudi Arabia?

Type G sockets are used in Saudi Arabia

Does Saudi Arabia use the same plug as the USA?

No.  Saudi Arabian sockets and plugs are different from those in the USA.  Unless you have an adapter your American devices will NOT fit in a Saudi Arabian electric socket.  You will need an adapter that converts from the US Type A or B to Type G to charge your devices in Saudi Arabia.

Do I need a plug converter for the UK to Saudi Arabia?

No.  The sockets in Saudi Arabia are the same as in the UK, the type G – which is used in a number of countries.

Do you need a voltage converter in Saudi Arabia?

This depends on what devices you’re taking and what their voltage requirements are.  Check your electrical equipment.  We travel with a phone, a camera, an ebook, and perhaps a laptop all of which allow a voltage range and we simply use a plug adapter

What type of plugs are needed in Saudi Arabia?

You’ll need a Type G plug in Saudi Arabia, although if you are only traveling with devices that charge directly from a USB cable, then some hotels (like the Crown Town in Jeddah, which we stayed at and recommend), provide USB charging sockets in the Type G sockets.

What is the recommended plug adapter for Saudi Arabia?

Our recommended power adapter for Saudi Arabia will ensure that your plug fits into the sockets in Saudi Arabia.  We’ve used an SK Ross adapter for our devices around the world for more than 10 years now, and this power adapter has covered us in all the more than 110 countries, that we’ve traveled to, including Saudi Arabia.

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Final Words on Saudi Arabia Power Adapters

No matter how long you’re visiting Saudi Arabia it’s likely that you’ll need to charge your devices and unless you’re traveling from one of the countries, like the UK, that uses the Type G plugs and sockets, then you’ll need a power adapter for Saudi.  If you’re traveling to Saudi Arabia from the USA or Canada, then check the voltage requirements on your devices, as the voltage is very different here.

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