how to go from shenzhen to hong kong

How to Go From Shenzhen to Hong Kong – Walking out of China

We are leaving China the same way we entered, by walking across a river. Only it’s a different river. This time we’ve just got off the Guilin – Shenzhen train and we’re walking across the station, following the signs for Hong Kong. Now we have to walk from Shenzhen to Hong Kong.


It’s that easy. Literally, follow the (English) signs for Hong Kong. 40 minutes after getting off the train in Shenzhen we were in Hong Kong, just by following signs. Good old British organization eh?

Walking to Hong Kong
Immigration at Shenzhen Hong Kong

It was all very simple. Exiting China, then walking over a bridge across a river, although this time it was air-conditioned. You can read about our entry to China from Vietnam at Lao Cai to Hekou here.  Then we complete the Hong Kong immigration form and spend 5 minutes in a queue.  There are a couple of pieces of paper in my passport (not even a stamp) and we’re in. For six months if we want. But that might blow the budget even more than it already is blown.

Entry Form to Hong Kong

Once you’re through immigration there’s a welcome sight. Officers in good old colonial-style uniforms.

ATMs abound and we change our leftover Yuan. And there’s a sign for the MTR (the Hong Kong Metro).  We buy our tickets down to Tshim Sha Tsui in Kowloon, although we have to go to the counter.

The automatic machines don’t accept HKD$100. There are about 12 HKD$ to the GBP at the moment, but it still feels expensive saying that it’s going to cost us HKD $39 ( that’s only £3 or US$5) to get to our hotel.  And that’s ordinary class, not first class.  Who knew eh? That there would be first class on the metro either.

It’s hot. And humid. But, we have a metro map we can understand and follow.

On the Hong Kong Metro

And that’s it. We’re in Hong Kong and I can’t help it, but each time I think I’m in Kowloon, I think that sounds incredibly exotic.  Even more so than saying I’m in Hong Kong.

Right, we have a hotel to find and a whole new Special Administrative Region to explore.

Travel Tips for Exploring China

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