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How To Visit Parque Arvi Medellin – Day Trip to Parque Arvi

Parque Arvi is a nature preserve covering more than 39.5 acres located just outside Medellin. It is easily reachable as a great option for a day trip from Medellin and as the park is located on a plateau between 2,200 and 2,600 metres above sea level it’s a great cool place to hike. There are villages here within the Parque Arvi reserve, an ecological reserve, natural forests and more than 54 kilometres (33 miles) of walking trails. As Arvi Park is connected to the Medellin metro system, it’s easy to visit Parque Arvi Medellin for a day or longer.


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Why visit Parque Arvi

The climate of Medellin is superb.  European spring-like temperatures mean that it’s a pleasant environment, as the city is located at 1500 meters above sea level.  However, it’s an enormous city and when you want to escape and spend time in nature, Parque Arvi is a great option.

It is free to visit Parque Arvi – aside from your travel costs – so when you’re looking for a chance of scene from Medellin, hop on the metro system (there are full details later in this article on how to get to Parque Arvi), bring a picnic and spend the day in the park.

When to Visit Parque Arvi

The park is open every day apart from Monday unless Monday is a public holiday and then the park is open.  We also recommend avoiding Saturday and Sundays – i.e. weekends, for a quieter time!

Parque Arvi Maps

There are maps of Parque Arvi available at the ticket desk, they are free.  They’re not great, but here’s a copy of them below.

maps of parque arvi
Parque Arvi Map
Parque Arvi trail maps
trails at parque arvi

What to do in Parque Arvi

The area of Parque Arvi is enormous and while you can come here to just spend time at a higher altitude and to experience the metro cable route, which is stunning in itself, you’ll want to plan what you’ll spend your time on.  Here are our recommendations on what to do in Parque Arvi Medellin.

Explore Parque Arvi

Most visitors to Parque Arvi come to explore the higher altitudes, escape from the city and to have a walk in a natural environment.  And that’s exactly what we did.   When we travelled to Parque Arvi and Medellin, the trails were only open to guided hikes, so we spent our time exploring the roads, the market, the cultural centre and enjoying the relative peace and quiet from Medellin.

Bring a picnic, spend a little time up here, or take one of the organized and guided tours of Parque Arvi and you’ll learn a whole lot more about the park and the flora and fauna of the area.  There’s a lot to do up here!

Parque Arvi ticket counter

Visit the Parque Arvi Market

Located at the entrance/exit to the cable car, this market is specifically to highlight regional craft people and farmers.  You’ll find artesanal foods, drinks and handicrafts.  Anything you buy here will be directly helping the rural communities that live and work here in the Parque Arvi area.

Parque Arvi market

Hiking in Parque Arvi

There are a host of trails that you can hike in Parque Arvi – and you can check out the individual trails here.  – note that while we visited Arvi, all the trails were only accessible with a guided tour.

Parque Arvi hiking trail entrance

Guided tours cost COP$25,000 for foreigners, and can be booked from the ticket office as you arrive off the cable car.   Most, if not all of the guided tours of Parque Arvi will be conducted in Spanish.

Hiking Parque Arvi

If you’d like to take a guided tour of Parque Arvi and would like it to be in English, then we recommend the following tours:

Night Hiking in Parque Arvi

Night hiking tours of Arvi include transport to and from Medellin to Santa Elena, where the tours start.  You’ll get hot drinks and water, and understand the fauna and flora of the area.  Your guides will share with you stories and legends of the park and you’ll also get refreshments and marshmallows to roast on the campfire.  Two glasses of wine are also included as well as a guide and interpreter.  Book directly with Parque Arvi tourism. – or ask at the ticket counter.

Parque Arvi ticket office for hiking and activities

Biking Parque Arvi

You can rent bicycles in the park and cycle around Parque Arvi – there re plenty of reasonable roads here.  If you bring your own bike, then be aware that you’re only allowed to take bikes on the Medellin metro lines A and B from 2000 – 2300 from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 1600 to 2300.

Park management provides guided bike tours on one of the trails through the park as well as on the road. Tours last from 2-3 hours, and you can decide to just rent a bike yourself and explore yourself, or take a tourist guide with you.  You can book your bikes and tours online directly with Arvi tourism.

Extremely keen cyclists might want to join Colombia cycling on a tour of not just Parque Arvi, but also the surrounds – check the tour here

Bird Watching in Parque Arvi

There are 70 species of birds to be found in Parque Arvi, including the Arvi bird that the park is named after. You can organize a specific bird watching trip with the management of Parque Arvi – it includes your transport from Medellin and a return.   There’s more information  here.

Where is Parque Arvi Medellin?

Parque Arvi is located in the region of Santa Elena, a rural community above Medellin.

How to get to Parque Arvi

The easiest way to get to Parque Arvi is to take the Medellin metro system.  This is also the cheapest way to go to Parque Arvi.  From Poblado metro station it will take you around an hour to get to Parque Arvi.

Of course, you can take a taxi from Medellin to Parque Arvi – the length of time it takes and the cost will depend on where you are travelling from in Medellin.  Ask at your hostel or hotel if this is the option you want to take.  We do NOT recommend taking a taxi to Parque Arvi from Medellin as you’ll miss out on the superb views from the cable car systems that the Medellin Metro offers you.

Parque Arvi cable car

How to take the metro to Parque Arvi

For full details on how to use the metro in Medellin and how to buy tickets – read our post here.

First, take the metro to Acevedo station (A line)

From wherever you start your metro journey in Medellin you need to arrive at the Acevedo metro station.  This is on the A line of the Medellin metro.

At Acevedo transfer to the K Line Metrocable line to Santo Domingo

From Acevedo, you need to go upstairs and keep right to transfer to the K line metro cable car to Santo Domingo station.  Be sure to follow the transfer area, as this means that you will get your travel all the way to Santo Domingo for the single ticket fare.

At Santo Domingo transfer to the L Line to Parque Arvi

You need to buy a ticket for the L Line.  The ticket from Santo Domingo to Parque Arvi costs 10,000 pesos per person each way.   This cable car ride to Parque Arvi from Santo Domingo takes about 20  minutes.  Even if you don’t spend much time in the Park it is worth taking this cable car trip (if the weather is clear), as the views are quite stunning.

Views from the cable car to Parque Arvi

The line from Santo Domingo to Parque Arvi is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 0900 until 1800.  On Sundays and public holidays, the line is open from 0830 to 1800.  The cable car to Arvi Park is closed on Mondays as the park is closed on Mondays.

How to Return from Parque Arvi – what to know

Check the last car time as you arrive at the Parque Arvi cable car station.  Usually, the cable car closes at 1800, and you will want to arrive there by 1730, as there are usually lines to leave the park.  If you arrive after this time you will need to take a bus to return to Medellin.

Tickets to Parque Arvi Cable car

What to Wear to Parque Arvi

Parque Arvi is located at a higher altitude than Medellin – you will be spending time at between 2200 and 2600 metres above sea level.  Parque Arvi is typically colder than Medellin, so bring layers.  There’s also the potential for a little more rain here than Medellin.

We recommend bringing the following to Parque Arvi

  • Wear walking shoes/sneakers
  • Layers – including bringing a warmer layer
  • Sun cream
  • Sunglasses
  • A sunhat
  • Check the forecast to see if you need a waterproof jacket
  • Cash – the ATM here (Bancolombia) is notoriously unreliable
  • Water/snacks – although of course there are vendors and Tiendas here to replenish your supplies.

Parque Arvi FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Parque Arvi Medellin – if you have a question that we haven’t answered in this article then please drop us an email or post your question in the comments and we’ll answer it for you here.

What are the opening hours of Parque Arvi?

Parque Arvi is usually closed on Mondays.   If the Monday is a public holiday then the park is open but closed on the Tuesday of that week.

How much does it cost to visit Parque Arvi?

Parque Arvi is free to enter.  If you choose to take the Medellin Metro cable system to Parque Arvi, then the cost of transport is your standard metro ticket (2,355 pesos), plus 10,000 pesos each way on the Santo Domingo to Parque Arvi cable car.  You can book guided hikes, bike riding, horse riding and other activities in Parque Arvi, and these all have a cost attached to them.

How do I get to Parque Arvi?

The easiest way to get to Parque Arvi is to take the Medellin Metro and cablecar system – there are details included above in this article.

How long does it take to get to Parque Arvi?

It depends on where you travel from in Medellin.  From Poblado metro station it will take about 60 minutes.  The cable car from Santo Domingo to Parque Arvi takes about 20 minutes.

How long to spend in Parque Arvi?

We recommend Parque Arvi as a day trip from Medellin, but the length of time you spend here in Parque Arvi will depend on the activities that you want to undertake.

Is there an ATM in Parque Arvi?

Yes.  There’s an ATM near the metro cable station, but it is notoriously unreliable.  We recommend taking cash out from Medellin.  Read our full guide to ATMs in Colombia here.

Is there anywhere to buy food and drink in Parque Arvi?

Yes.  There are cafes and restaurants in Parque Arvi.

Where Else to Go as a Day Trip from Medellin

While there are many things to do and places to explore in Medellin, it’s also a great place to base yourself to spend time in the surrounding area.  Full details of our recommended Medellin day trips are here – including how to get to Guatape – the number 1 day trip from Medellin – and how to visit the stunning community of Comuna 13, as well as how to explore Medellin and surrounds using the fabulous Medellin metro system.

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