Korea to Japan – On the Kampu Ferry-11665

The Korea – Japan Ferry – Take the Boat Korea-Japan

There are a number of ways in which you get from South Korea to Japan. The easy option is to ...
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Mazda Factory Tour FI

How to Take the Free Mazda Factory Tour Japan

Japan is famous for her factory tours.  One of the best that we visited was the Mazda Factory Tour at ...
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Saijo sake testing Japan

Saijo Sake Tour – Japan’s Sake Brewery Town Tasting Tips

If there is one drink that represents Japan, it is sake. And as this is its origin, there is no ...
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stunning Japanese Castles to visit

7 stunning Japanese Castles that you must visit in Japan

There are hundreds of Japanese castles scattered throughout the country. These magnificent buildings, donjons, housed feudal lords and samurais and ...
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Cup noodle museums japan

How to Visit Japan’s Cup Noodle Museums and Factories

Taking a factory tour while visiting Japan is like a right of passage. And in the country where instant noodles ...
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Kinosaki Onsen Ryokan

How to Visit Kinosaki Onsen – Ryokan Experience & Top Things to Do

A visit to Kinosaki Onsen is a truly unique Japanese experience. You’ll be able to combine visiting a traditional picturesque ...
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Kamikochi – Hiking Trails + Virtually Visit Kamikochi National Park

Hiking Kamikochi National Park is an easy way to spend a day in the Japan Alps. It’s an easy matter ...
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Toyota Factory Tour Japan

How to Take a Free Toyota Factory Tour – Nagoya, Japan

It’s one of the iconic things to do in Japan – take a factory tour, especially as most of the ...
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asahi brewery tour

How to Take the Free Asahi Brewery Tour in Japan

If there’s one thing you must do in Japan, its take a factory tour. When you can combine a factory ...
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Japanese Food – What to Eat-4907

Japanese Food – What to Eat And Where

What's the Japanese Food you should eat? Everything. All of It. That's what a friend said when I asked "What ...
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Japanese Cherry Blossom Guide

Japanese Cherry Blossom Guide Sakura Season in Japan

The Japanese cherry blossom season is just one symbol of many of Japan’s cultural beliefs. The cherry trees bloom for ...
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stay in a ryokan etiquette

Ryokan Etiquette – Customs & Culture in Traditional Japanese Lodges

A ryokan is a traditional Japanese style accommodation, found throughout the country, especially near hot spring (onsen) areas. Ryokans are, ...
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Magome to Tsumago

Magome to Tsumago: Nakasendo Trail Day Hike

This guide details the Magome-Tsumago trail route. It is easy trail and it is well sign posted. Magome-Tsumago sign posting ...
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Japan Travel check list

Japan Travel Checklist for Planning Japanese Trips & Travel

As unique as it is stunning, friendly and welcoming a trip to Japan is unlike anywhere else that you’ve been ...
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Japan Travel Insurance

All You Need to Know About Japan Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides protection against unforeseen events. These can be medical issues, flight and travel cancellations, the provision of accommodation ...
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Things to do in Hiroshima

Essential Things to Do in Hiroshima – Activities, Museums & More

There are many reasons to visit Hiroshima and many things to do in Hiroshima, but for me, the reason that ...
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what to do in miyajima

What to do in Miyajima – How to Visit The Itsukushima Shrine Island

As one of Japan’s most scenic locations, a visit to Miyajima Island should be high on your list of things ...
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Japan ATM fees

Japan ATMs – Fees, Charges and how to save money

For all the modernity of Japan, this is still primarily a cash society. While you can prebook and prepay for ...
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Things to do in Nagasaki

Things to do in Nagasaki – Where to Visit, What to Eat

Nagasaki is one of the closest Japanese port cities to the Asian mainland and that location has played a big ...
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JR Pass Guide

The Ultimate Guide to the JR Pass and Japanese Train Travel

The Japan Rail Pass or JR Pass is designed primarily for tourists to Japan who wish to travel by train ...
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Things to do in Otaru

Things to Do in Otaru Japan – How to Visit Japan’s Northern Port Town

The small harbour city of Otaru is just 30 minutes by train from Sapporo on the northernmost island Japanese of ...
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Things to do in Nikko

Things to do in Nikko Japan – how to plan a Nikko Day Trip & Longer

Whether you take a day trip to Nikko or spend longer there, you’re sure to find activities, attractions and the ...
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japanese festivals

Seven of Japan’s Most Celebrated Events & Festivals

Festivals are deeply ingrained in Japanese culture, with approximately 300,000 held annually throughout the country. Each festival, or matsuri, features ...
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Japanese Cooking Class

Take A Japanese Cooking Class At Home or In Japan

Japanese food is renowned for being healthy and is increasing in popularity worldwide. Tokyo is known as one of the ...
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Best Japanese Snacks

The Best Japanese Snacks to buy online [Savoury + Sweet Snacks from Japan]

One of the easiest ways to understand the culture of a country is to experience it through food – and ...
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