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Cameron Highlands to Melaka: Bus Tickets & Prices

The route from Cameron Highlands to Melaka (aka Malacca) is a simple but long journey.  It’s necessary to take the bus from Cameron Highlands to Kuala Lumpur and then take a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka.  There are a variety of routes that you can take, but the most direct route is what we have detailed below.   Even the direct route takes a long time. From start to finish this route was 10 hours, we recommend you book your accommodation in Melaka ahead of time (and we have recommendations below). The key thing to remember when going to Melaka from Cameron Highlands is that the best connecting bus station in Kuala Lumpur is TBS – (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan).  It is possible to take connecting light rails between other bus stations, but it is much easier to change buses at this one station.




Easiest Way to go from Cameron Highlands to Malacca

You’ll need to book TWO buses – one from Cameron Highlands to Kuala Lumpur TBS station, then TBS to Malacca.

Book Bus to KL TBS Here

Book KL TBS to Malacca Here

Cameron Highlands to Melaka Distance

While the Melaka to Cameron Highlands distance is 360 kilometers, if you are traveling by bus, then you will need to transfer via Kuala Lumpur.  With bus driving speed and the transfer, you should allow most of the day to travel.  All long-distance buses to Melaka will have their final stop at Melaka Sentral bus station.  From there you will need to take a local bus or a taxi into the historic area of Melaka.

The total time taken between Cameron Highlands and Melaka was 10 hours.

Cameron Highlands to Melaka – How to Book Tickets

Cameron Highlands to KL –  TBS Kuala Lumpur

  1. Book your tickets from Cameron Highlands to Malacca online here.  
  2. First of all, book a ticket from Cameron Highlands to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) in Kuala Lumpur.
  3. Several companies go to KL from Cameron Highlands, you specifically want to go to the TBS terminal. You can see all the options here
  4. They run from the Cameron Highlands bus terminal – which is essentially the side of the road in Tanah Rata – to Kuala Lumpur.
  5. Prices for the journey from Cameron Highlands to KL are from 35 RM.  (We paid 38.5 RM in person in Cameron Highlands)
  6. The trip takes around 4 hours and 50 minutes and you can book a bus from 00:50 until 23:45 most days.
  7. Allow at least an hour between booking your next bus to take into account lateness and getting to the next bus stop within the station.

If you’re planning a stopover in Kuala Lumpur, then our guide on what to do in Malaysia’s capital city is here.

TBS KL to Melaka Sentral

  1. Book the TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) bus from KL to Malacca.  You can do that here
  2. The KL to Melaka takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes.
  3. Tickets for the bus from Kuala Lumpur to Melacca are from 11 RM.  (it depends on the size of the bus and the time of day it is traveling).  Again this route is run by multiple companies. Check the current prices here.

All of your bus tickets to Malacca can be booked online here, but as two separate journeys.  You can also buy the KL to Malacca bus tickets at the TBS station (if they have seats still available).  There are other KL to Malacca bus routes – and there are fewer buses to Melaka from TBS than other stations in KL, but we recommend this connection as it is a lot more direct.

Cameron Highlands to Melaka Bus Ticket Price

When we traveled from Cameron Highlands to Melaka we paid 38.50 RM per person for the first part of the journey and 25 RM per person for the second part of the journey, a total of 63 RM.  Booking your Cameron Highlands to Melaka tickets online can save you a decent amount of money.  If you book the cheapest buses your ticket can cost from 46RM. You can check the latest prices for the Cameron Highlands to KL TBS here.

Bus tickets from Cameron Highlands to Kuala Lumpur

How to Book Tickets – Cameron Highlands to Melaka

Buy a Ticket from Cameron Highlands to Melaka in person

We booked our tickets in person in Cameron Highlands at our hotel and were planning to cross KL and take a second bus from a second terminal.  An enterprising person on the bus sold us tickets for the second bus as we were on the journey. The bus to KL is run by CS Travel and Tours, easy to find on the main street in Tanah Rata, and should be the same price in person regardless of where you book the ticket.   It works out cheaper to book online though, and you can see the prices below.

The easiest way now to book tickets from Cameron Highlands to Melaka is online. but it’s in two parts. First, get your ticket from Cameron Highlands to KL, and then the tickets from KL TBS to Malacca.

Book Tickets from Melaka to Cameron Highlands Bus

The same bus operators run the routes in reverse.  So if you want to go from Malacca to Cameron Highlands by bus, then simply change your search criteria.  If you want to take a bus from Melaka to Cameron Highlands you actually need two buses.  The Malacca Cameron Highlands bus is actually two journeys.  You will first need to select a bus from Melaka Sentral to TBS (Kuala Lumpur).  Then you need a second bus from TBS to Cameron Highlands.

Book your Melaka to Kuala Lumpur Bus here (be sure to select TBS as the station to go into)

Once you have your ticket for the bus from Melaka to Kuala Lumpur, allow at least an hour between your scheduled arrival and the next departure, and buy a ticket from TBS to Cameron Highlands.

Book your bus from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands here (again be sure to select TBS as the station to leave from).  The Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands bus will likely drop you in the center of Tanah Rata, check with the driver, most hotels are centrally located.

Buy a Ticket from Melaka to TBS in person

If you do not want to book your ticket online you can always go to the Melaka Bus Station (this is known as Melaka Sentral) and buy a ticket for the bus from Melaka to KL.  Make sure that it is Melaka to TBS, which is where you will find the easiest transit to get the Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands bus.

Buying a ticket from KL to Cameron Highlands Bus in Person

When you get to the TBS bus station in KL, you can go to the desk and buy your ticket for the bus from KL to Cameron Highlands in person.

These buses fill up – there are a lot of seasonal workers here, this isn’t just a tourist bus!

We left Tanah Rata and the Cameron Highlands at 08:30, stopped at several other places in town, and were full 30 minutes later, with a single plastic stool in the aisle to cope with the one extra passenger.  The seats were relatively comfortable and remarkably intact.

Inside of a Cameron Highlands to Melaka bus

A police checkpoint en route lost us one passenger – the stop primarily being to check whether the Bangladeshi workers traveling to KL for the weekend had appropriate paperwork.  For once, in our travels, it was the Western tourists who were ignored.

What Are Malaysian Buses Like?

These large buses here in Malaysia are three seats across, two on one side and one on the other.  With armchair seats. leg and footrests.  It’s rather like being on those luxury buses in Korea.  But these have velour seats.  And a no-smoking sign, was observed by everyone apart from the driver.  And that’s great because as he’s at the front we all get the benefit of his secondhand carcinogens as it wafts back down the bus.

Malacca Sentral Bus Station

Our bus from TBS to Melaka Sentral was easy.  The bus from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka stops at the Inter-State Bus Station Park in Melaka.  This is right next to the domestic bus station.  This whole area is known as Melaka Sentral.

Melaka Sentral to Jonkers Walk

The modern bus station that meets you at Malacca Sentral is well-signposted.  The bus that goes from Malacca Sentral to Stadyhuis and the Jonkers Walk area is the Melaka Town Bus, the 17 route.  Tickets cost 1.50 RM each.  The Melaka bus 17 runs backward and forward all day.

The conductor is well used to tourists using this bus, so knows that virtually all of us want this fare and this destination.  He announces over the loudspeaker when we arrive, so there’s no need to obsessively watch Google Maps.

Malacca bus tickets for route 17

How Long from Cameron Highlands to Melaka?

So, 10 hours after we left Cameron Highlands, we arrived in Melaka, just in time to drop the bags at the hotel and head to Jonkers Walk, because it’s a Saturday night and the Jonkers Walk Night market will be in full swing. Want to know more about what to do in Melaka? Our guide is here.

Melaka tourist center

Where to stay in Melaka

If you’re arriving from Cameron Highlands you’ll likely arrive late.   We recommend booking into a great location, so you can step straight into the culture that is Melaka. There are a host of places to stay in Melaka – here’s our pick of the luxury places to stay in Melaka, mid-range places to stay in Melaka, and budget accommodations in Melaka.

The Majestic Malacca Hotel, Melaka: The Majestic Malacca Hotel is found in the best-rated area in Melaka right by the riverbanks. This five-star hotel in Melaka has rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, a four-poster bed, a seating area, air-conditioning, a desk, a private bathroom with a bathtub and a shower, free WiFi, and a flat-screen TV. This luxury Melaka hotel also has a casual dining experience at The Mansion which serves a variety of cuisines. The Gin O’Clock bar not only serves drinks but also allows you to try your hand at mixing your own gin-based cocktails. The Majestic Malacca Hotel is the perfect luxury hotel to stay at when in Melaka. Check room rates at Malacca’s Majestic Hotel here.

Imperial Heritage Hotel, Melaka: The Imperial Heritage Hotel is found in Jalan Merdeka in Melaka, surrounded by Melaka’s top attractions, and historical sites. The rooms at Melaka’s Imperial Heritage Hotel are equipped with air-conditioning, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a desk, black-out curtains, a coffee/tea maker, an in-room safe, and a private bathroom with a shower. There are different Asian cuisines served at their Salt & Sugar Restaurant, amazing breakfast at Cheng Ho Café, and a relaxing break at the London Bus Café. This mid-range Melaka hotel also has a Himalayan Crystal Salt room and a gym. If you’re looking for an excellent mid-range Melaka hotel, then the Imperial Heritage Hotel is a fantastic place to stay in Melaka. See rates and availability here.

The Nines Hotel, Melaka: The Nines Hotel is situated right at the heart of Melaka, conveniently nearby fantastic restaurants, hip cafes and bars, cool shops, and Melaka’s top attractions. This budget Melaka hotel has rooms with air-conditioning, flat-screen TV, a mini-fridge, a safety deposit box, a desk, a fitted wardrobe, an iron/iron board, and a private bathroom with a hairdryer. This budget hotel in Melaka also has a cafeteria, an air-conditioned shared lounge, and free WiFi. The Nines Hotel in Melaka is a great budget-friendly option with super service in Melaka. Want to read more reviews and check rooms and availability at the Nines Hotel? Check them out here.

Popular Routes in Malaysia

Malaysia Travel Tips

Final Words on Going from Cameron Highlands to Malacca

There’s no direct bus from Cameron Highlands to Malacca, you’ll need to change in Kuala Lumpur and the easiest way to do this journey is to first take a bus from Cameron Highlands (Tanah Rata) to Kuala Lumpur’s TBS terminal, then from there you can get a bus to Malacca. This is a long day, and you don’t want to arrive in KL and not be able to get a seat on a bus, so it’s definitely best to prebook.

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