Taking the Ferry from Stockholm to Turku

Taking the Ferry from Stockholm to Turku

Our Nordic road trip started in Sweden and took in Finland and Norway before returning to Sweden.  And our first overnight on this road trip was to head to Finland.  And that involves a ferry, well it does when you’ve got a car and you’re going on a road trip.  Although to call the boat we went on a “ferry” is a little understated.  This was an almost new boat and was sparkling, with some superb facilities.  Here’s our guide to taking the ferry from Stockholm to Turku, Finland.



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When you take the ferry from Stockholm to Finland, you have a couple of options and the first thing that you need to decide is where you want to go to in Finland.  While we’d initially considered taking the Stockholm to Helsinki ferry, we opted to go from Stockholm to Turku to make a superb addition to our Nordic itinerary.  The Finnish Archipelago Trail.  You can read about that here.

Where is Turku

As the oldest city in Finland and a previous capital, the city is located near the mouth of the river Aura.  Turku has been a city since at least 1229, when it was mentioned by Pope Gregory IX, and lost its status as the capital of Finland in 1812 when Helsinki became the Finnish capital.

Turku is about 170 kilometers (105 miles) northwest of Helsinki and about 300 kilometers (186 miles) to the east of Stockholm.

How to the Ferry from Stockholm to Turku

Two ferry companies run the route from Sweden to Finland and they both run ferries every day, all year round.  The ferry companies usually run one ferry during the day and one overnight, and as these boats are rather luxurious and the route that they take is incredibly scenic you may decide that you want to take the daytime sailing.  You can check the times and availability here.

This is definitely more like taking a luxury cruise than getting on a ferry.  Especially the boat that we chose to travel on.  The two companies that run this route are Viking Line and Tallink Silja.  

It takes about 10.5 hours to go from Stockholm to Turku on the ferry.   There’s an hour time difference between Sweden and Finland, so you lose an hour going from Sweden to Finland.  Don’t forget to put your watch forward if it doesn’t do it automatically.

Stockholm to Turku Ferry Times

The ferries from Stockholm to Turku run during the day, leaving Stockholm at around 07:00 to 07:45 and the evening at about 20:00.  Check current running times here.  Boarding the ferries usually starts around 1 to 2 hours before departure.  You can join the line in your car to board, and get to be the first on and have more time on the ferry.

Facilities on Board the Stockholm to Turku Ferry

These boats really are more like cruise ships than ferries.  Especially the newer ones.  The Viking Glory the boat that we took from Stockholm to Turku had amazing cabins, 10 restaurants cafes, and bars, a market hall, duty-free shopping, and even a gym and a spa.

Stockholm to Turku via the Aland Islands

The ferries from Stockholm to Turku go via the Finnish Aland islands, so if you’re planning a trip there, you can take this ferry.  If you’re taking the daytime ferry you’ll get to see the islands up close.  If you’re traveling during the summertime and take the overnight ferry, then if you stay up you’ll be able to see them too!  This isn’t called the Land of the Midnight Sun for nothing!

Stockholm Archipelago from the Stockholm turku ferry

How to decide on which ferry to take from Stockholm to Turku

As I mentioned, the two companies that run this route are Viking Line and Tallink Silja.  The prices between the two are very similar if not the same, so your decision will come down to several factors.

  1. The departure times of the ferry from Stockholm to Turku
  2. The departure location of the ferry in Stockholm
  3. The availability of places

1.     Departure Times – Stockholm to Turku Ferry

Both ferry companies depart within an hour of each other, on both the daytime and the overnight ferry to Turku from Stockholm.  So you may opt for a slightly earlier, or later trip.  You can check the timetables for the ferries:

2.     Departure location of the Ferry in Stockholm

You can see on our map of the ferry port departures that there’s quite a difference between where you catch the ferries to Turku in Stockholm.   If you’re on foot, then you’ll need to navigate public transport, unless you’re staying somewhere close by.  If you’re driving, then the traffic in Stockholm can be rather sticky.  There are lots of road works going on (and will be going on for several years as the city repairs and replaces the Slussen (Water locks) to maintain the locks connection between Lake Malaren and the Baltic Sea.

3. Availability of places on the ferry

There are limited tickets available on the ferries.  And especially if you’re traveling at holiday times you’ll want to prebook your tickets well in advance.  If you have a car or want a particular type of cabin, then check availability here.

Map of Ferry Ports from Stockholm to Turku

You can see the full map of ferry ports in Stockholm and Turku here.

Map of Stockholm to Turku

Our Experience Taking the Ferry from Stockholm to Turku

We booked our tickets on the ferry with Viking Line, as they had availability and at the time Tallink Silja was not running an overnight ferry.  As we traveled this route in June, we decided to take the overnight ferry, figuring that we’d see lots of the sights, as it didn’t actually get dark at all, in the time we were in Sweden and Finland.

For that reason, we also took an outside cabin – with a great picture window so that we could see the sights from bed!

Arriving at the Viking Line Dock in Stockholm

We arrived at the dock in Stockholm about 90 minutes before departure and joined the line.  Note that you need to go to the passenger terminal (see our map) and not follow the Viking Line signs as they lead to the cargo terminal. 

Check-in is very easy, drive through the different lines and booths and you’ll be asked what type of fuel your vehicle runs on, and given your cabin details if you’ve booked one.  Then it’s simply a matter of waiting in line until waved onboard. 

Boarding the Ferry from Stockholm to Turku

As we were waiting in line for our boat, the Viking Glory arrived, and seemed to turn and maneuver more easily than our rental car did, and then pulled alongside the dock.  Our guide to renting a car in Sweden is here.   

The Viking Line Ferry from Stockholm to Turku

And so then we pulled forward and drove up the ramp, and after parking in our designated spot on the ferry, we headed to our cabin.

Cabins on the Ferry from Stockholm to Turku

The cheapest cabins are inside cabins, but we’d opted for an outside cabin, with, it turned out, an amazing picture window.  So if you don’t get to check out Stockholm’s archipelago on a cruise, which is part of our 2 days in Stockholm itinerary, don’t worry, if you’re traveling in the summertime you’ll be able to see it from the ferry. It’s stunning!

Picture Window on an outside cabin

There are a variety of cabins available, for different prices.  And you also do not need to take a cabin.  If you’re a foot passenger, (or even if you’re not), then you can use the (paid-for) lockers available as you ascend the stairs from the car decks.

Lockers on board the VIking GLory

Our cabin had four bunks (two lower and two upper), full clean and new bedding, a small desk, a private bathroom with an amazing shower, and great towels too. 

Cabin with sofa and one bed down

No wonder some people use this as overnight accommodation when staying in Stockholm!

four bunk outside cabin Stockholm to Turku

There’s a wake-up call about an hour before the boat docks in Turku, which gives you enough time to get a shower, pack and get some breakfast before heading to the car deck and driving off.  In Finland.

Bathroom in outside Cabin Viking Line

WiFi on board the Stockholm to Turku Ferry

Yes.  There’s WiFi on board the ferry. And it worked the whole time we wanted to use it.

Restaurants, Cafes, and Food on the Ferry from Stockholm to Turku

There are 10 (yes, you read that right TEN) different restaurants and cafes onboard the Viking Glory, the newest ship in the Viking Line fleet. 

Cafe Bar on Board the Stockholm to Turku Ferry

And they’re pretty affordable too – you’ll find some sample menus and prices here.

Seating Areas on the Stockholm to Turku Ferry

There is a fabulous outdoor café and bar with amazing views, that looks and feels just like a cruise ship.  And it’s the perfect place to watch the Stockholm Archipelago float by.

Cafe Bar on the Viking Glory

Entertainment on the ferry from Stockholm to Turku

There’s a nightclub, bars, a casino, and entertainment (for all ages) on the Viking Line boats from Stockholm to Turku, so you don’t have to just go to bed and wake up the next day!

Shopping on the ferry from Stockholm to Turku

There’s an enormous duty-free shop here on the ferry too.  So you can pick up pretty much anything for about 40% off the shore-based pricing.  The boats are tax-free because of the route that they take.  They all stop at the Aland Islands (they’re a province of Finland that speaks Swedish, but they’re also exempt from the EU VAT).

Archipelago Spa and Wellness

As if that’s not enough, then there’s an amazing spa here too, with a hot tub, sauna, and snow cave.  As well as quality treatments that you can buy.  If you’re missing the gym, then you can get a workout in the gym next to the spa too.

FAQS about taking the Stockholm to Turku ferry

Here are all the things we looked up before booking the ferry from Stockholm to Turku.  If you have another question that we haven’t answered about the ferry from Sweden to Finland send us an email or drop us a question in the comments.

How long is the ferry from Stockholm to Turku?

The ferry to Turku in Finland from Stockholm in Sweden takes about 10.5 hours.  If you’re looking up that answer on Google and wondering why it looks like it’s 11.5 hours, that’s because there is an hour time difference between Sweden and Finland. 

How much is the ferry from Stockholm to Turku?

The cost of the ferry from Stockholm to Turku depends on the ticket you buy and the time of year.  You can take this ferry as a foot passenger, you can take vehicles onboard, and you can take a cabin or you can simply stay in the restaurants, cafes, or rest areas on board.

Do you need to take a cabin on the overnight ferry from Stockholm to Turku?

No.  You do not have to buy a cabin on the ferry to Turku from Stockholm. 

Are there toll roads when you arrive in Finland?

No.  The Finnish Government has decided that roads are free, the taxes paid here fund the roads.  There are no toll roads in Finland.  There are no toll bridges in Finland.  You can just drive straight off the ferry and get started on your journey. We started by taking a trip around the Finnish Archipelago, and then explored Turku. Our guide to Turku is here.

Arriving in Turku Finland

Travel Tips for Sweden

Final Words on Taking the Ferry from Stockholm to Turku

This is a fabulous way to travel between countries and it was the perfect start to our Nordic road trip.  We’ve taken some really interesting ferries over the years and this was truly the most luxurious, The Viking Glory entered service in March 2022, and it’s one of the most climate-friendly boats in the world.  The route from Stockholm to Turku is fabulous, and it’s hard to fall asleep watching the archipelago go by, but the cabins are super comfortable and the boat has everything that you need (and more!)

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