Bangkok to Koh Chang

How to go from Bangkok to Koh Chang (or Koh Chang to Bangkok)

While we’re in Bangkok at the moment we’re heading towards Cambodia, overland, but before we leave Thailand we want to head to a few islands.  This time we’re going to the Trat Islands, located in the southeast of the Gulf of Thailand.  We’re going to be visiting all of the main islands of this group, and this route – Bangkok to Koh Chang – is a popular route.  If you’re moving on from these islands to Cambodia, then Koh Chang is the best island from which to make your approach to Cambodia, you’ll have more chance of making it there in one day.  Koh Chang is the biggest island of this group and the busiest.  It’s also the easiest of the Trat islands to get to from the mainland as it’s the closest.  This guide covers you whether you’re going from Bangkok to Koh Chang or Koh Chang to Bangkok as you’ll need to know the best way to travel between these two destinations.  There are several options for transport between Bangkok and Koh Chang, but what’s the best way to go from Bangkok to Koh Chang?  And what are the options for traveling to Koh Chang from Bangkok?  Here’s our guide on how to get to Koh Chang from Bangkok.


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Where is Koh Chang

Koh Chang is off the coast of Thailand in the Gulf of Thailand, in the Trat Sea.   Koh Chang is in the group of islands known as the Trat Islands and it’s the one that is the closest to the mainland.  It’s also the busiest of these islands.  Koh Chang is about 350 kilometers (217 miles) from Bangkok and only 40 kilometers (25 miles) from mainland Thailand.  Koh Chang is the most northerly of the islands.  On the west coast of the island is where you’ll find the backpacker hangouts of Lonely Beach and White Sands Beach.  There’s partying, waterfalls, snorkeling, and dive trips.  The east coast of the island is quieter. 

There are two main ferry piers on Koh Chang, Koh Chang Pier in the north of the island where the ferries from Trat arrive, and the Bang Bao ferry pier at the south end of the island where you’ll find the ferries that go to Koh Wai, Koh Mak, and Koh Kood.  You can only take ferries from either the Thai mainland or to the other islands in the group.  It is not possible to get a ferry from Koh Chang to Cambodia.

How to Go from Bangkok to Koh Chang – Transport Options

In this guide on how to go from Bangkok to Koh Chang, we’ll cover the fastest way to travel go from Bangkok to Koh Chang, the easiest way to go to Koh Chang from Bangkok, and the cheapest way to get to Koh Chang from Bangkok.  Our guide on Koh Chang is here.

We’ve visited the other islands in this group on this trip –Koh Mak and Koh Kood too.  We’re heading onward to Cambodia and our route has been driven by the onward journey too.  Our guide to Koh Kood is here, and you can read about Koh Mak (my favorite island in this group here)

How to get to Koh Chang from Bangkok

For transport from Koh Chang to Bangkok, then you have several options.  There is no airport in Koh Chang, the closest airport is at Trat, 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) from the Aow Thammachat ferry pier that goes to Koh Chang.  It’s possible to fly to Trat from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK), and then take a transfer to the ferry pier.

There are no trains in this part of Thailand, so there’s no train from Bangkok to Koh Chang, which leaves either a bus and ferry to Koh Chang or a private transfer from Bangkok to Koh Chang.

You can book through trips overland from Bangkok to Koh Chang here.  If you book a through ticket from Bangkok to Koh Chang then the connections are guaranteed.  This is the simplest, easiest (and cheapest) way to go to Koh Chang from Bangkok, the only challenge is the early start.  Read on to find out more about that.

If you want to look at the individual parts of the overland trip to Koh Chang from Bangkok then keep reading.  Traveling independently means that you’ll be able to have a little more of a lie-in than the early morning bus departures.  Through tickets from Bangkok leave Khao San Road at 5 am.  You can get a later bus that leaves Bangkok airport at 7 am.

Ferries leave from the mainland near Trat to Koh Chang from 6 am until 6:30 pm.  These are car ferries and they run every 45 minutes or so at peak times.

You are very, very unlikely to save money by booking individual parts of the trip.

You can see the various bus and train stations as well as the ferry pier at Trat and on Koh Chang in the map later in this article.

Bangkok to Koh Chang – Independent Travel Options

Here are the options for getting to Koh Chang from Bangkok by NOT taking a through ticketed bus+transfer+ferry+transfer.  As there is no airport on Koh Chang, you need to get to the ferry pier called Thammachat.  This ferry pier is 30 kilometers (19 miles) from Trat bus station and 17 kilometers (10 miles) from Trat airport.

Bangkok to Trat by Bus

You can take a bus from Bangkok to Trat.  Buses and minivans run from either Ekkamai or  Mochit Bus Terminals in Bangkok.  You can take a minivan from Ekkamai to Trat at 05:00 or 07:15 and arrive at Trat Bus Terminal in time to get a taxi or a songthaew to the ferry terminal.

Check times, dates, and prices for vans from Ekkamai to Trat here

From Mochit there is a single bus and a single minivan each day from Bangkok to Trat.  The bus to Trat from Bangkok leaves at 07:30 and the minivans leave at 05:00.  You can book tickets online for this bus here.

Trat to Aow Thammachat Ferry Pier

From Trat Bus station you can then take a songthaew or a taxi to the ferry pier at Thammachat.  Expect to pay about 60 THB for a songthaew to go to Thammachat from Trat.  You’ll pay more if the truck is not full.  The journey from Trat bus station to the pier is 20 kilometers and it takes about 30 minutes.

Thammachat Ferry Pier to Koh Chang

Ferries from the mainland to Koh Chang run from 6 am until 6:30 pm and they run every 45 minutes or so.  The ferry takes about 30 minutes and an adult ticket is 80 THB.  You’ll pay 120 THB to take a car on.  Tickets for scooters on the ferry to Koh Chang cost 40 THB or 80 THB for a big bike.

Onboard the Koh Chang Ferry

Bangkok to Trat by Plane

The airport at Trat means that you can fly down from Bangkok to Trat.  The flight takes about an hour and flights to Trat from Bangkok are from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK).  Flights tend to be expensive and are limited.  Normally I’d say that flying to Koh Chang from Bangkok is the quickest way to get to the island, but you’ll have to factor in getting to BKK and check-in times.  

In 2023 there is just one airline that flies from Bangkok to Trat – Bangkok Air

  • Check prices for the 11:40 flight from Bangkok to Trat here
  • Check prices for the 15:00 flight from Bangkok to Trat here

Trat Airport to Thammachat Ferry Pier

From the airport, you’ll need to take a taxi to Thammachat Ferry Pier.  It’s 52 kilometers to Thammachat Ferry Pier from Trat Airport and it will take about 30 minutes.  A taxi will cost around 1400 THB from Trat Airport to Thammachat Ferry Pier.

Ferries from Thammachat to Koh Chang

The ferry from Thammachat to Koh Chang takes about 30 minutes, as Koh Chang is only 5 kilometers (3 miles) from Thammachat ferry pier.

Koh Chang Ferry from Trat

The first ferry to Koh Chang from Thammachat is at 0600 and the last ferry each day from Thammachat to Koh Chang is at 18:30

Mainland Thailand from the Koh Chang Ferry

Bus + Ferry from Bangkok to Koh Chang

The easiest (and cheapest) way to go to Koh Chang from Bangkok is to take a bus and ferry combination ticket.  The most popular combination ticket is also the easiest way to get to Koh Chang from Bangkok. 

There are several different options when it comes to bus and ferry combinations from Bangkok to Koh Chang.  The main differences are the departure time and location, although check if your ticket includes a transfer to your hotel, as not all do

05:00 Khao San Boonsiri arrives at Koh Chang at noon (includes hotel transfer) – book here

07:00 Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) arrives at Koh Chang at 15:00 (no transfer included) – check availability here.

The Boonsiri Bus for Koh Chang leaves from 62 Tanee Rd, which is right next to Khao San Road.  (see the map for the exact location).  Buses arrive outside about 15 minutes before departure time.

Boonsiri Offices Khao San Road

The Boonsiri ticket from Bangkok to Koh Chang includes:

  • Bus from Khao San to Thammachat Pier
  • Bottle of Water on the Bus
  • Ferry from Thammachat to Koh Chang
  • Transfer from Koh Chang ferry pier to your hotel or resort on Koh Chang.

The benefits of a through ticket to Koh Chang from Bangkok are that you can’t miss the ferry.  All your transfers are included.  You get a snack, water, and breakfast.  It’s easy and far faster than trying to do this independently unless, of course, you’re going for a private transfer!

This is also the cheapest option for going to Koh Chang from Bangkok.

The bus + ferry from Bangkok to Koh Chang leaves at 0500 and you will arrive at your Koh Chang Hotel by about 12:00.  Transfers to (all the main hotels) on Koh Chang are included.

If you decide not to get a transfer, or are going somewhere else on the island, then songthaews wait at the ferry pier on Koh Chang.  There’s also a scooter rental place right at the ferry pier on Koh Chang too.

You’ll need to check in for your bus at least 15 minutes before bus departure time in Bangkok. 

There’s also a bus from Bangkok to Koh Kood departing at the same time.  They have different colored neck tags, so make sure you get on the correct bus!

Seats are numbered and are allocated when you check in.  You’ll be handed your two-part tickets and a colored and numbered (your seat number) neck tag.  Seat numbers are on the back of the seats.

Seats on the Boonsiri bus to Koh Chang are comfortable.  There’s plenty of legroom and little recline, but not enough to land you in the lap of the person behind.  The bus has good (but not overly fierce) air conditioning and there are curtains for when the sun comes up.  There are also seat belts.

Check availability, prices, and book seats on buses+ferries from Bangkok to Koh Chang here.

Taxi from Bangkok to Koh Chang Private Transfer

Taking a private taxi to Koh Chang from Bangkok is the most comfortable way of getting to the island.  You’ll need to time your private transfer to Koh Chang to arrive in time for one of the ferries.  This is the way to avoid the really early start, but you’ll still want to be out of Bangkok sooner rather than later to avoid the traffic.  A private transfer from Bangkok to Thammachat takes about 4-5 hours.

Private transfers to Thammachat pier from Bangkok cost 4100 in 2023.  You can check current rates and book a taxi here.

Map of Bus Stops, Airports, and Ferry Piers for going from Bangkok to Koh Chang

You can also see the train station and bus stops from Bangkok to Koh Chang here

The quickest way to get from Bangkok to Koh Chang

The quickest way to get to Koh Chang from Bangkok is to take a private transfer, which takes 4-5 hours.  However, it’s also the most expensive way to go to Koh Chang. You can check private transfer prices from Bangkok to Koh Chang here.

The easiest way to go to Koh Chang from Bangkok

The easiest way to get from Bangkok to Koh Chang is to take a bus+ferry+transfer.  You’ll just need to decide what time you want to leave Bangkok.  Boonsiri Ferry offers a great service and you can book a ticket that leaves Bangkok at 05:00 and arrives at Koh Chang at 11:45-12:00

The cheapest way to go from Bangkok to Koh Chang

The cheapest way to get to Koh Chang from Bangkok is to take the bus and ferry – reserve your seats here.

The best way to go from Bangkok to Koh Chang

Honestly?  Just book the through bus, ferry, and transfer ticket.  It’s much, much easier than the other options.

Where to Stay on Koh Chang

Pick the area on Koh Chang based on the type of stay that you want on this island.  If you’re looking for party and beach bars, then the area of White Sands is a great option.  For backpacking deals on rooms, food, and drinks, then head to Lonely Beach.  For a quieter stay, there are options at the north of the island nearer to the ferry to the mainland.

Here are our picks for where to stay in Koh Chang

Evergreen Resort, Koh Chang

Evergreen is a new Koh Chang resort and is just lovely.  It’s in the north of the island, with a great pool and super new rooms.  All room deals come with a great breakfast (and they have several options).  The A/C in the rooms is great, and the beds are comfy with daily maid service if you choose.  The staff are great here and they have free bicycles for use, and brand-new scooters to rent (with helmets).  Evergreen is a great mid-priced Koh Chang place to stay with fab facilities and a free shuttle to White Sands Beach (and the ferry as well!).  You can book rooms there on Agoda (here), or check rates and availability on

KC Grande Resort and Spa, Koh Chang

This is a glorious beachfront resort at White Sand beach on Koh Chang. Choose from hillside rooms, poolside, or Oceanside.  All rooms have a stunning contemporary design and comfortable beds.  Rooms have robes, and some have outdoor spa baths, just the ultimate in luxury.  There’s nothing that they don’t provide here.  If you have an early start you’ll get a packed breakfast.  The infinity pool is lovely and the staff are just amazing.  This is a truly special place to stay on Koh Chang.

Check rates and availability on booking here – or find the best price on Agoda here.

Paradise Cottage, Koh Chang

With an outdoor pool and a 10-minute walk from Lonely Beach, Paradise Cottage is a great budget option close to Lonely Beach, Koh Chang.  You can opt for a room with a fan or take the A/C option.  Views are spectacular here and the staff are really helpful.  The individual villas or cottages are lovely too.  The cabanas on the beach are brilliant for sunset too!    You can grab a room here on Agoda, or check the rates on here.

Popular Routes in Thailand

Want to know more about different forms of transport in Thailand? Our guide to Thailand transport is here. And here’s how to travel some of the popular routes around Thailand, your options, and how we did it.

Travel Tips for Exploring Thailand

Final Words on How to Go from Bangkok to Koh Chang

Going to Koh Chang from Bangkok is easy and this is a well-traveled route.  It’s made even easier by being able to book through tickets that include a bus, a transfer to the boat, a fast boat, and a transfer on the island.  The best through tickets also include a snack, water, and your breakfast while you wait for the transfer to the boat.  It’s a very slick operation.  If you leave Bangkok at 5 am you’ll be on the beach in Koh Chang by lunchtime!  Easily!

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